WSJ’s Interview With David Giertz: The Authority On Financial Advising Weighs In On Social Security

The Wall Street Journal has recently published a video interview with longtime financial advisor David L. Giertz. The interview chiefly deals with social security, and how current and future retirees are potentially receiving a raw deal by way of uninformed local financial advisors. Giertz says the controversy stems from these advisors lacking a comprehensive understanding of the multitude of rules that compose the fine-print of the social security program. According to David Giertz, there are nearly three thousand laws, rules, addendums that compose the current U.S social security program, and its a surplus of information that eludes the majority of low-end financial advisors. Giertz concludes the interview by explaining the various ways this negatively affects our parents and grandparents, be it by way of ill-preparation, or funds being lost outright.

These words aren’t to be taken lightly, considering their source: David L. Giertz has nearly three decades of consulting experience. This experience comes from the very top rungs of the industry to boot. Giertz is without question the authority on the subject, having served as Nationwide Financial’s chief advisor for the bulk of his career. In this time frame, Giertz has increased the companies revenues by nearly 48% in certain regions, a substantial increase that clued the company into his incredible insight.

This financial expertise was well-earned. A recipient of an MBA from the University of Miami, Giertz’ knowledge is built on a foundation of similarly brilliant individuals. In addition to academic success, Giertz served a nine-year tenure on the board of Millikin University’s financial board, yielding them similar gains to those he provided Nationwide. These years of experience have resulted in Giertz’ being hailed an inspiration, visionary, and respected figure within the advisory space. Giertz’ decades of success and impeccable reputation have built massive amounts of credibility for both himself and his potential ventures.