Walk the Earth and Board the Earthship

More and more we are warned about leaving our carbon footprints all over planet Earth. More and more this message resonates with people to the point of influencing their travel destinations. Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, founders of Wild Ark have made it their mission to educate and invigorate ecotourists by offering guided expeditions into areas like Botswana, Kenya, Sabi Sands and Alaska where the eco-conscious vacationer enjoys a sustainable trip that explores the ecosystem of their destination choice.

Imagine tracking zebra herds, bird watching or taking a photography course and not only avoiding a carbon footprint, but also knowing your experience will help fund conservation efforts in the area you’ve chosen to explore. You will return home with a sated conscious and rested soul while your neighbors return home with tales of hours spent waiting on lines on asphalt to get onto a rollercoaster.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Earthship Biotecture? What comes to mind when you hear you’ll be staying in Taos, New Mexico in a structure made from dirt-filled tires and other recycled materials that acts as a passive solar panel? The Earthships were way ahead of their time, designed in the 1970’s by Michael Reynolds, architect and environmentalist. Ecotourists can get a taste of living off the grid, growing their own vegetables and using water collected from rain and snow. Your utilities will be made on site by using solar and wind for electricity which is stored in batteries. After rain falls onto your Earthship, it is used four times over before being filtered into the contained sewage treatment system.

If your stay at the Earthship was Earth-shattering for you, you can consider attending the Earthship Academy, an educational experience which combines hands-on building with classroom and lab time. Most students go on to build their own Earthship homes.

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