Vijay Eswaran, The Most Accomplished Person Of Malaysia Origin

Vijay Eswaran is more so like a superhuman. At the age of fifty-six, Vijay has had more success in life as compared to other people of his age group. Besides, Eswaran is a highly educated person with a degree in socio-economics. Other education accolades that Vijay holds include a certificate in Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and an MBA.

It is after many years of service in many companies that Eswaran decided to open his institution. In 1998, QI Group came to fruition, and Vijay became its founder and executive chairman.

The QI firm mainly centers in direct selling especially in sectors like lifestyle and leisure, luxury, real estate, transport, communication, logistics, and training and education.

A decade after its inception, QI Group has been able to open many branches all over Asia, and thirty more countries across the globe. Vijay Eswaran has also been responsible for the integration of e-commerce into marketing strategies, a move that has seen IQ Group greatly succeed and expand.  Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

The huge success experienced in this company has raised the profit margins to about seven hundred and fifty million dollars per year.

He believes that for businesses to succeed in today’s markets, they ought to synchronize modern technological advancements in their daily operations.

One of the things that have set IQ Group apart from other firms of its caliber is its ability to deliver services in a way that is unique to it. It is by applying these principles in life that we, also can become successful.

According to QBuzz, to give back to society, Vijay Eswaran helps people struggling with life reach a place of financial fulfillment. He does this through global lectures. Besides, he has also authored many books that educate people on how to become successful in life.

Eswaran has also been on the forefront to help humanity through his philanthropic works. Charities that have come up under his Vijay’s legacy include the Rhythm Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

These foundations advocate for human empowerment through education, success through arts and culture, and environmental protection.