Using Lime Crime Diamond Crushers To Bring Out The Best Of Your Features

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel they can no longer pull off certain cosmetic looks. It should never be this way. For as long as you can apply makeup, you should feel free to feel as young as you like and wear the things that make you feel young at heart.

One of the popular trends that people tend to overlook and feel like they are incapable of pulling off outside of their teenage years is the Diamond Crushers line by Lime Crime. Maybe you feel like the holographic glitter lip gloss is best applied to teenagers however you will be surprised to learn that even those women who are in their 30’s and 40’s are pulling off the look.

The Diamond Crushers lip toppers are available in 6 fun shades and can be used over top of all colors of lipstick. The formula is jammed packed with glitter and is just one of the latest crazes brought on by Lime Crime.

Many celebrities are seen wearing the products offered by Lime Crime and the Pinterest account will display a number of individuals who rock out the glitter lips with colorful ombre hair and bold eyes. When you combine that with contour and bold expressions, you receive the right amount of shade all over.

Users of the Diamond Crushers talk about the various reasons as to why they love the brand. From the fact that it doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky to the way that it easily spreads onto your lips without much fuss.

Now if you want to go for that over the top, bold new look. You will want to try the Diamond Crushers in Trip shade. You can use the lip gloss shade over top of many different lip stick shades to bring out the best of the purple and blue shades. If you like the look that the two products leave, if you want to go even bigger and bolder, try adding a super shiny top gloss to enhance the beauty already there.

As you can see, there are various products offered by Lime Crime that will leave you feeling beautiful at the end of the day. No matter your age.