This Is How Securus Technologies Reduces Crime

Securus Technologies, founded in 1986, provides solutions to prisons and other correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies to help them do their job. It is based in Texas and Georgia. It employs over two thousand people.


They serve over twenty six hundred correctional facilities from all over the United States. They have invested over six hundred million dollars in order to improve technologies for law enforcement. For example, one of their technologies is a system that is designed to control contraband cell phones.


They also provide telephone and calling services to inmates around the country. Their cell defender technology was developed in conjunction with Harris Corporation. Its Wireless Containment Solution prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to a network. They serve over one million inmates.


Recently, their customers have come out with comments about their service. The comments happened to be raving reviews about how Securus Technology helped them reduce crime. It has helped one law enforcement agency tap phones in order to catch a rogue employee who was dealing with illegal contraband. Other facilities have been able to crack down on the usage of drugs, alcohol and other forbidden substances.


When there is a threat or a complaint of harassment, customers are able to use the technology to prevent it. In middle of an investigation, one customer was able to use the alert feature to nab and capture the suspect. Using the LBS feature, countless satisfied sheriff officers have been able to nab those who deal with illegal cash, drugs and other substances. Once, an inmate was talking with siblings and they were discussing what the younger sibling should say about a murder case. This helped the particular law enforcement agency crack the case and catch the suspect. It has helped countless other agencies take care of all their inmates and prevent illegal things from happening.