Talkspace: Help Is On The Way

As someone that suffers from mental health, I can tell you firsthand how hard it is and how much it can change someone’s life. I can also tell you how hard it is to find a good therapist and to find help. Everyone is tight on money these days, and with therapy, it is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. If someone were uninsured, they would be in the poor house if they had to pay the outrageous cost of going to a therapist. However, what are they supposed to do? They can’t just sit there and not do a single thing about it.

Talkspace is showing people that not every single person in the mental health profession is cold and heartless and only looking out for your money. These are people that are approachable and kind. Many people suffer from social anxiety. Because of this, it can be difficult to talk to someone in person or even muster up the strength to see a therapist. They never get the help they need and something bad could happen to them. That is the last thing that Talkspace wants, which is why they have phone and text options at great prices. There is also a video option. The major thing is they want to give people options.

They don’t want them to feel like no one is going to help them and they are all on their own. This is a new way to do therapy and many are saying it is a better way to do therapy because it is cheaper, easier, and they are there at a moment’s notice. With a regular therapist, you might have to wait days to hear back from them. At that point, it might be too late for someone that is suffering.