Securus Technology Leads in the Provision of Security Protection Technology

Securus Technology is located in Dallas. The company was founded in 1986, and it has regional offices in America, Texas, and Dallas. The profit-making organization offers technology solutions to correctional facilities. The company has contracts with more than 2600 prisons in the U.S and an estimate of 1000 employees. The firm acquired Syscon Justice Systems in 2007, making its brand stronger.


Securus Technology introduced a system that controls contraband cell phones. Customers have shown specific appreciation for this development through letters and emails. In 2016, the company partnered with Harris Corporation to create the Cell Defender technology, and in 2017, it developed the Wireless Containment Solution that is meant to stop contraband cell phones from connecting to a mobile network.


Securus is recognized as one of the leading providers of technology solutions for security problems in the U.S market. Due to their dedication and commitment to meeting customer needs by always being innovative and leading in the market, the firm has built a brand over the years and largely gained customer loyalty. The competitors in the market cannot match up to Securus Technology because of its large clientele base and the remarkable customer loyalty they have. It is almost as if 99% of the clients of Securus Technology are return customers.


One of the remarks from the customers of Securus Technology that has caught the attention of many people in the market is the client who recognizes Securus for its LBS software. The LBS software together with other resources of law enforcement has enabled the sheriff department to recover millions of illegal money and assets. Thanks to the software, the recovery of lost assets has been made easy. According to the client, the LBS innovation is the best in the market and is a good reason to continue working with Securus Technology.


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  1. There are lots of firms offering technology solutions to correctional facilities. However, Securus Technologies has always been on the lead. That is why has made some list of great innovations this firm has put in place to make sure the prisons are secured. Also they have been able to draw inmates closer to their families and loved ones.

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