Securus Technologies, the leading Tech Company

We are a company founded in 1986 to be a leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions to ensure the safety of people. We tend to acquire Jpay Inc an action we have justified by signing a definitive stock purchase agreement. We have launched apps which are meant to educate people, and the company is currently operating in more than 33 state prison systems.


Working with the prisons is an advantage for the company because we can provide anything that requires high-tech software to operate in either a modern prison or jail. Jpay has been our role model due to its inventiveness in the industry for many years and the success that they have achieved throughout the years, therefore the need for us to work with them regarding production and workforce.


If you want high-quality products, best priced and products that provide the best security, look no more, Securus technologies have it all.Having partnered with Jpay makes us share their vision, company culture and value their management team, and this helps the merged company achieve the set goals.


We are a company committed to serving and providing quality high-tech products and services to our customers, hence making the world a safe place for all to live.We have recently received Better business bureau (BBB) accreditation being rated as an A+ company, the highest rating that any company would receive.


In addition to this remarkable accreditation, we have received formal accreditation due to being able to put an action in what we say and issue in print. We are focused on what matters, and that’s why we introduced a technology system meant to control band cell phones.


By 2016, our managed access solutions had led to receiving approval in more than five departments of correction facilities. We have also partnered with Harris Corporation on a technology known as Cell defender.