Rocketship Education: Taking On The Achievement Gap

When devastation strikes, families struggle to escape with their lives and health. Almost all personal possessions are lost or destroyed. Tragedies of this magnitude are almost impossible for many people to recover from completely. This problem is especially noticeable among lower-income populations. These families don’t have the funds necessary to replace the lost items or even put deposits on new housing. Sometimes a family can become homeless for months or years following disasters such as floods. This is due to a chain reaction beginning with the loss of their home and other vital necessities followed by their inability to maintain employment or locate affordable replacement housing.

These hardships do not just affect lower income populations while they happen, they can diminish a child’s ability to learn. The stress robs children of the focus necessary to succeed in school which then can follow them for the rest of their lives. This is one of many factors contributing to an achievement gap in these populations. Rocketship Education is a specialized Charter school dedicated to tackling this, and other factors that lead to this achievement gap. They believe that every child can succeed with hard work and the right support. This nonprofit seeks to eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime.

This achievement won’t come easily but it is a fight Rocketship Education is willing to take on. They believe the best approach is to create a sustainable system that combats these factors. Their major focus is to help create parents who are involved and supportive of their child’s education. As well they hope to create a community that supports involvement and relationships between the school, teachers, parents, and students. One major way they’ve shown their dedication to this goal is requiring that instructors meet with parents at least once in their home. Another way that Rocketship has shown its dedication to family support is its response to flooding in San Jose. The school reached out to nonprofits and was able to raise over $60,000 it then distributed this money to help stabilize student’s families. By this action, Rocketship was able to prove its dedication to Community success.