Represent Team Unicorn: A Lime Crime Story

Team unicorn has all of the rage now days, especially when it comes to hair care products. Have you ever heard of team unicorn? Are you familiar with cosmetic giant Lime Crime? Lime Crime is one of the very best up and coming cosmetic lines in society today, and its hair care products represents team unicorn. The exclusive club that’s known as team unicorn can only be entered by purchasing and applying the new hair dyes. These aren’t your standard dull hair dyes. They’re rich in color as well as deeply pigmented. Dark haired people such as brunettes don’t seem to have a lot of options when comes to dying the hair much darker than it already is and this is where team unicorn comes into play.

These new products have gained a lot of notoriety over the past few months. This company’s social media accounts have been blazing with activity thanks to the sneak peeks of the new hair dyes. They were released back on Oct. 24, and they have been consistently selling ever since. Doe Deere, founder of LimeCrime, is the very definition of eclectic, and her sense of style demands attention. This Russian-born beauty has put in plenty of hours brainstorming for new ideas. The all-new hair dyes have numerous benefits such as:

  • Provides Longer Lasting Shine
  • Are Easy To Apply
  • Leaves The Hair Silky Smooth
  • Are 100 Percent Vegan
  • And many more

It would be hard trying to find another brand that can give you these exact benefits, but this company does it with ease. This is the fall season and rocking purple hair is the current trend. These hair dyes bring in extra excitement for your daily lives as well as demands attention. Users will receive a gothic appearance in a sense, but rather in a good way. Whether your luscious locks are light to medium brown, or they’re a deep brown to black tone, you’ll definitely see the difference after the first use. All in all, LimeCrime is setting new standards, and it’s raising the bar even higher than before.