President Donald Trump on American and World Events

President Donald Trump is considered to be a lot of different things by many different people. However, most people do not see him as a historian. During the president’s first six months in office and during his campaign to become president; Trump made many references to various events in American and World history. A news writer for CNN Politics by the name of Gregory Krieg highlighted some of the historical references that were made by Trump.

The president commented on Napoleon’s defeat to the Russians. He believed that Napoleon was indeed a brilliant general and ruler but that he was cheated from victory by Russia’s icy weather. Speaking on Russia, Trump also commented on how the Russian’s cold weather saved them time and time again from certain doom by foreign powers. This is especially true when the Nazi’s tried to overtake their country during World War II. Once again, the icy Russian weather stopped Hitler’s Nazi’s forces in their tracks.

President Trump made references to former President Andrew Jackson. He stated that if President Jackson came around years later, the Civil War probably would not have been fought. That’s because President Jackson was a slave owner. You can draw your own conclusions off this comment.

References to Fredrick Douglas was made by the president. He stated that Douglas had done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more. Then, the president commented on Hillary Clinton’s time as First Lady during the 90s. He stated that Clinton was not able to get a health care bill passed in her name like Obama. Apparently, he wanted everyone to know that Hillarycare never existed.

Trump even claimed that he signed more bills during his six months in office than any other president. While historians state that this is not true because President Harry Truman signed more bills in his first 100 days than Trump did in his first six months. President Trump mentioned many historical events and situations during his brief political career. His insights into American and world history truly are unique and original in a Donald Trump kind of way. After all he is the president and how he views the past does matter.