Susan McGalla: A woman with vision

Susan McGalla an amazing woman and personality who could fit in every role and do her all responsibilities with full devotion. She was an entrepreneur, executive consultant and inspiring young leader for all the women out there, philanthropist, activist, motivational speaker was some of the roles she was seen in. She started her career with full devotion, hard work, determination and got all the success and fame in her path. Currently, she is the Vice President of Pittsburg Steelers handling the responsibilities of creative development and business strategy.

She is also the institutor of P3 Executive Consulting, a prominent working advisory services firm in financial and capital markets with both sell-side and buy-side analysis services. The company provides details consulting services to the buyer and the seller as well, so both can get all the possible information and tactics require to do better business. The company also provide expert advisory services in marketing, branding, talent management, omni-channel execution and product merchandising to strategy, and P&L/ operational efficiencies.

Susan McGalla is a motivation to a lot of women out there who want to broaden their perspective and work in different fields, such as women who want to make their name in the financial and retail world. She shares her experiences with all the women out there on how to become successful in one field and how to grow a business, she inspires women in all ways, she believes that hard work always pays off, all you have to world is to love what you do and work hard. She gave a lot of motivational speeches on different occasion including Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburg, Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series, and more. She also explains how her parents always encouraged her and supported her to peruse her dreams from childhood and taught her how to be independent and courageous and good presenter so that the audience should know how devoted you are towards your field. Because of that, McGalla was always confident and comfortable to work with both men and women, she believed in gender equality and women can do everything if they have will power.

Joseph Horne Company was the first company she joined in 1986, in store network department she was appointed to different marketing and managerial positions where she worked responsibly. 1n 1994 because of her constant hard work she became Chief Merchandising Officer of American Egle Outfitters, a leading clothing retailer and later on was promoted as a president because of her brilliant performance. As the president of the company, she launched 77 other brands and later on left the company and started working as an independent consultant to the retail industry. In 2011, she started working with other organizations again and work seal was one of them, a retail network working on women footwear and accessories and then found her own organization named of P3 Executive Consulting. She never stopped working hard and kept following dreams.


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Fabletics Helps Women Find Their Athletic Style

A lot of people are talking about getting to the gym and working out. Women, in particular, are going to be the ones that are interested in looking cute for their workout. So many women are going to be able to engage in improving their health by working out, and they want to work out in stylish clothes. This is something that Kate Hudson recognizes as a mental motivator to anyone that is trying to join the gym. This is why her Fabletics brand is doing so well. Kate Hudson has recognized the thing that many other clothing retail entrepreneurs do not recognize for fitness clothes.

So many companies have sold athletic clothing two women that does not look much different than what men are wearing. Kate Hudson realized that this would be a golden opportunity for her to create a brand that was comfortable but also stylish. She knew this would be something that would take off because she had already started working on a clothing line, and her connection with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler would give her the perfect opportunity to build a brand that could withstand the test of time. This is what she hopes to do with Fabletics. She hopes that this brand will continue to reach a large crowd of consumers that are interested in working out on a regular basis. There are a ton of female consumers that have already started patronizing the brand through the website. Now there are even more that are interested in patronizing this brand through the physical stores. That may be the main reason that she is so excited about opening more stores.


Kate Hudson has definitely managed to become a force in the athletic clothing industry with Fabletics. She has shown many people that there is a great amount of variation to athletic clothing, and people are impressed by the way that she has managed to build to an exciting clothing line.


Kate has managed to stay above the crowd by connecting the brand to her celebrity. This is what has helped a lot of people recognize this company. There is also a partnership that has been established by Kate Hudson with Demi Lovato. This is another celebrity that is giving a lot of people interest in Fabletics. She is creating a limited edition brand of the Fabletics clothing that has also captivated the youth. Kate Hudson has been able to find ways like this to make herself very prominent in the athletic clothing industry. It appears that she is a true fan of athletic clothing that connects many people of many different age groups.


It is always good to have an Innovative streak when it comes to selling clothes because consumers always crave new concepts. Kate Hudson knows that she cannot continue doing the same thing over and over again. She realizes that everyone that is interested in her brand will be more than happy to see the innovation that she has with her clothing line.

Passing A Milestone Anniversary In UFO History

Say the name “Roswell” and people immediately think of UFOs. The obscure town in New Mexico made a name for itself just over 70 years ago when the local newspaper reported on scraps of a UFO being found in the area. The Huffington Post covered the story of how a small town newspaper ended up printing one of the most iconic headlines in American history.

A local rancher in the Roswell area is the one who got this story kicked off. He stated that he had discovered debris of an unidentified flying object on his property and reported it to the Roswell Army Air Field. A major from the Army come onto the rancher’s property and recovered a “saucer-like object” which was taken back to headquarters. That object was never returned. The official story from the military was that it was nothing more than a downed weather balloon, but that story does not satisfy the curiosity of many.

The rancher’s son later told the press that his father showed him the materials before they were taken away. His statement is that the pieces did not appear to be a weather balloon to him. He reported strange markings and writing on the materials.

These statements and the strange circumstances around the whole case fuel the fire for those who want to believe that this is a case of an unidentified flying object being covered up by the U.S. Government. It is also possible that the official story is accurate or that the object was some kind of military experiment (either U.S. military or that of a foreign power). In any case, the government has kept a tight lid on this story since it very first happened. They do not appear to be any more willing these days to talk about it than they were back when it all took place.

Netflix Steals the Spotlight by Posting Unprecedented Stock Prices

Netflix recently grabbed the headlines when its stocks recorded an all-time high compared to its competitors. After surpassing expectations by posting better stock prices in the second-quarter financials coupled by increased subscriber growth, the company had undeniably established its dominance in the Wall Street stock exchange. With a remarkable increase in traded shares by 10.7 percent, Netflix’s valuation unsurprisingly shot up to $77.1 billion according to verified statistics from CNBC.

Current Valuation

On the other hand, multinational corporations such as Walt Disney and Time Warner stood at $164.3 billion and $76.9 billion respectively. More importantly, Apple also recorded an impressive valuation at $778 billion. According to Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, the company’s unprecedented success is directly attributed to increased subscriber subscription from 3.2 million to 5.2 million.

Similar comments have also been echoed by Todd Juenger, a Bernstein analyst, who reiterated that Netflix’s outperforming stock highly boosted the company’s price target to $203. If the enterprise managed to reach its 4.4 million target, then it would be on course to gaining $14.6 million in the first three-quarters of the 2017 financial year. In a nutshell, the company would still surpass the 12 million mark in the event they experience sudden shortages during the same accounting period. Moreover, Netflix had successfully gained more subscribers compared to competitors such as Starz, Showtime, and HBO during their lifetimes.

To sum it up, Juenger concluded by placing adequate emphasis on the subscriber potential which is much larger than the domestic market, and the scale advantage currently possessed by Netflix compared to its competitors.

In the wake of such astronomical figures, Juenger opted to increase his stock value by $10 to $190 in an attempt to reap maximum proceeds. Such a move is widely considered to “having a buy” in the company as vast opportunities lie ahead in the long-term plans of the enterprise.

President Truman Once Threatened A Music Critic

The news headlines of today leave a lot of us scratching our heads in befuddlement. We are lead to believe that these are extraordinary times and that nothing of the sort has ever happened in the past. It might come as a shock to you, but this is not exactly true. While there may not be an exact match to the personality and quirks of President Donald Trump in history, there are some Presidents who have done things similar to what the current Commander in Chief does. has the blaring headline “PRESIDENT HARRY S. TRUMAN THREATENS MUSIC CRITIC!!!” on one of their articles about the controversy.

The issue in that day was that the President had a daughter who was in a musical performance that was attended by music critic Paul Hume. That particular critic did not particularly care for the concert nor his daughter’s performance in it and wrote up a negative review of the event. When this came to the President’s attention he was furious.

The President cared about this review not just because he felt that it was an attack on his daughter, but also because he was extremely protective of her emotions. He did not want her to see this and feel dejected in any way. The actions that he took next may have been ill advised.

President Truman actually threatened bodily harm to Mr. Hume. He stated in a letter sent to the critic that he would personally beat him up. This of course is absurd behavior from anyone, let alone a President. Hume decided that this was exactly the kind of thing that the press needed to hear about, and he shopped the letter around until he was able to find an outlet that would publish it. They did, and the story took off all throughout the country. It must have surely altered the opinion of the President in the minds of at least a few Americans at the time and even today.

Farm To Table – Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen Stratagem

When people think of restaurant chains they almost invariably think of hamburgers and fries and when people think about “healthy,” or, “green,” food they are almost invariably going to be thinking of some kind of strange vegan tofu product. Yet the curious food chain Sweetgreen is neither of these things and yet one of the most fast rising restaurant chains in Washington, D.C. What makes Sweetgreen really unique is the fact that it serves only luscious, hearty salads and fruit beverages, all of which are cultivated, directly, from local farms. But the success of Sweetgreen is derived from more than just a food niche and vertical integration, it is also to be found in the marketing strategies employed by the companies’ founder, Nathaniel Ru.


Ru and his friends started the company due to the fact that there were very few places in the Washington area where one could go that offered healthy and fulfilling food but that was also lively, festive and fun. Therefore Nathaniel Ru and his friends created the Sweetgreen salad chain, operating off of the ethos that it was not just what you did that people wanted to buy but also the particular way in which you did it. Today the chain is a smash-hit success story with stores in Boston, New York, Philly and Washington; the reason for their success lay in their company policy. As the companies director of digital marketing, Theresa Dold states, “From the beginning the company [Sweetgreen] was more than just about salads. Sweetgreen was started with a deeper purpose.” That deeper purpose was inspired by the software company Apple, whose ethos has always been firstly and primarily about the “why;” why they should make something, rather than beginning with “what” they should make and then inserting the “why” in latter.


Another reason that the company has become so successful can be discerned from Nathaniel Ru’s recent public statements concerning the impact he desired the company to have from the outset. Mr. Ru stated that everything the company did should take into consideration the needs of the community – hence the usage of direct sourced farm products – and that it should last in that fashion far longer than any of its owners. To further this communal spirit, Ru even arranged various Sweetgreen music festivals – which might strike many as strange – which took place at local farm markets. They weren’t popular at first but Ru kept on at it, selling Sweetgreen products at little vendor stalls during these events and today these gatherings make-up the areas largest music festival. In this way Sweetgreen has kept itself from becoming some kind of cold, metallic corporate entity and instead, become part of the vibrant canvas everyday canvas of inner-city life.


The Cutting Edge Marketing Opportunities by Market America

Market America Miami is an ad company and equally, serves as an online retailer. Therefore, you would only categorize it on the same business level as Amazon, MIT or QVC. The company boasts of having a range of products totaling over 35 million goods and services, and an additional 2500 products specifically Market America-branded. They include products such as Ultimate Aloe Juice and Isotonix range of goods just to mention two.


Founded in 1992 by James and Loren Ridiger, the company has its headquarters in Greensboro, NC. Since it was incorporated, the company has been able to conduct successful sales of various products. These include; electronics, water filtration solutions, garments, flowers, coffee, videos, books and much more, through partnerships with third party firms that promote the products on their websites.


Through this partnerships, Market America Miami is but one the renown regional offices in the U.S. Other international quarters are located in Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, U.K, Mexico, Singapore, and Malaysia.


It was only in January 2017, Market America Miami, managed to organize a World Conference in Miami, Florida, which was held at American Airlines Arena, hosted by the Hilton Miami Downtown hotel.


Market America Miami plays host to professional personnel. To that effect, the company has managed to invest in a conducive work environment that has elicited positive reviews from former and current employees. Below are some sentiments by a few of the staffs.


“For the hard worker, Market America Miami is the best place to be.”


“Market America Miami honestly spends considerably in I.T Development tools through adequate staffing and state of the art technology.”

Is Scrapping Off Obamacare Necessary? The Probable Impacts on Healthcare

The State of Healthcare in the United States

According to the recent data from the United Nations, America has a total population of approximately 326,574,820 people. 4.5% of the population can’t access healthcare due to the high cost involved

The government is obliged to ensure that all its citizen have the access to affordable healthcare. In 2009, Barrack Obama became the President of the United States. The Senate passed a legislation to ensure that every citizen is covered by a health policy. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law by the president.

Obamacare’s Role in Provision of Better Healthcare

The Obamacare was a significant milestone in ensuring that all Americans were well covered. Those who could not afford to purchase the policies from the insurance firms were allowed to purchase the policies from the government. The government set aside $5 billion for the high-risk pool individuals.

After the expiry of President’s Obama term, the new government, headed by President Donald Trump, suggested an abolishment of the Obamacare.

Debate on Obamacare

There is heated debate on the need, or lack of it thereof, of having Obamacare. As the debate rages on, it is imperative that we analyze the possible impacts that the abolishment of the law would have.

Before the adoption of the program, approximately 40.3 million Americans were uninsured. The program has significantly improved the number of insured citizens. This means that the United States has improved its healthcare provision to the citizens.

Impacts of Abolishment of Obamacare

If the Obamacare is withdrawn, the number of uninsured citizens is likely to surge past 40.3 million. The healthcare of these individuals will be taken care of by other sectors of the economy. This means that America is likely to have the largest budget ever for the healthcare sector. This will affect the budgets of other fundamental economic building activities.

The change of the Obamacare will have an impact on every individual in the United States. The nation should look for ways to make the Obamacare better and reduce the $5 billion high-risk budget.

American History: Actor Tom Receives a Prestigious History Award

Actor, director, writer, narrator and producer Tom Hanks ranks as a superstar in the U.S. film industry. With an impressive body of creative works to his credit, he has developed immediate name recognition in the United States and internationally. For instance, the left-wing Buzzfeed website recently listed his name as one of the answers in a movie trivia quiz. (Spoiler alert for Question #8: Yes, Tom Hanks starred in these four films: Toy Story 3(2010), The Polar Express (2004), Bridge of Spies(2015) and Apollo 13(1995).)

Works Offering Insight Into U.S. History

Many of Tom Hanks’ films relate to significant historical topics. For example, he has contributed to films and documentaries about the sacrifices made by American military personnel during the Second World War (Saving Private Ryan(1998), Band of Brothers(2001), The Pacific(2010)). He has also been involved in cinematic productions relating to the space program (Apollo 13(1995)) and the tense Cold War Era (Bridge of Spies(2015)).

This July, the National Archives Foundation decided to recognize his contributions to films addressing U.S. history by honoring Tom Hanks with its annual Records of Achievement Award. He will appear at the nonprofit organization’s award ceremony on October 21st at the National Archives Museum in Washington, D.C.

A Great Honor

The 61-year old actor has won numerous honors during his career. He has accepted Oscar Awards from film industry peers twice. He also received the 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom Award.

Tom Hanks issued a statement expressing his appreciation for the Records of Achievement Award. He described himself as “dazzled” to participate in the awards ceremony this autumn. Previous recipients include producer Steven Spielberg and historian Ron Chernow.

Colonel Robert Gould Shaw Long Lost Sword Is Found in An Attic In Boston

The Civil War is still a topic of conversation. People want to know about relatives who fought in that devastating time in American History. Once people find out about their relatives, and how they had to live, history becomes a sad place to be, especially in 1861 through 1865. Both sides went through extraordinary circumstances. One man continues to be a topic of conversations. His name is, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. Hollywood even put Shaw’s story on the big screen in the movie, Glory.

Colonel Shaw’s memory is alive once more, thanks to a recent discovery in an attic in Boston. Shaw’s Union sword was sitting in a distant relative’s attic. The Massachusetts Historical Society has the sword now. And the society will put it on display to commemorate the anniversary of Shaw’s death. He died during a battle outside of Charlestown, South Carolina in 1863.

Shaw was a 25-year-old white officer when he got the news he would be the commanding officer of an all-black unit. White officers usually were in charge of black troops during the war. Shaw’s sword became a Confederate soldier’s trophy after the battle. But two years later the sword found its way back to Boston and Shaw’s parents. But the sword went to Robert’s sister, Susanna Minturn because Shaw didn’t have kids. No one knew where the sword went when Susanna died. The Massachusetts Historical Society knew the sword could still be in Boston, but the society had no clue where it was until one Minturn’s relative’s found it in their mother’s attic in 2017.

The Union’s attack on the Confederate fort outside of Charleston was a miserable defeat, but the memory of Shaw and the 600 black Union soldiers that lost their lives in that battle are an important part of American History. The Civil War gave black men the opportunity to show they had the fortitude to do what white soldiers could do, and in many cases, they did it better, according to historical accounts given by men who were still around when the shooting stopped.