How Alexandre Gama Built Up Neogama Into A Top Ad Agency

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian publicist and entrepreneur who founded the marketing agency called Neogama. This firm was created by Mr. Gama in 1999 and is now considered one of the top 20 most influential and powerful advertising firms in all of Brazil. Alexandre led Neogama to a Cannes Festival Lion award for marketing in the first year of Neogama’s existence. This is a record that remains to this day in the world of Brazilian advertising. Neogama was also the fastest growing ad agency for its first three years in Brazil.

In 2002 Alexandre Gama agreed to merge his startup agency with more established global marketing firm based in the UK called BBH. The resulting merging company was called Neogama/BBH and Alexandre became a majority share holder in the new company. After the merger with BBH, Mr. Gama continued to guide the ad agency to bigger heights. The firm he operated, won 2 golden Cannes Festival lion awards in one year, setting another Brazilian record. Neogama/BBH also won an agency of the year award from a highly acclaimed Brazilian newspaper. Recently, Alexandre Gama has gotten back the rights to Neogama and has focused on developing the firm in the Brazilian market instead of a more global approach as before.

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Deutsche Bank Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg Is Attracting New Talent To The Banking Industry

Being an executive recruiter isn’t easy these days. The Baby Boomers are retiring, and a whole new generation is waiting to take over. The Gen-Xers are in control in the business world now, but the Millennial generation is the group that will lead the world over the next three decades. Millennials are an interesting group. Work is not as important as it was for Baby Boomers. Many people in their twenties and thirties believe college did nothing for them but put them in debt. Executive recruiters are employing new strategies to motivate Millennials. Julie Zuckerberg, the lead recruiter for Deutsche Bank, is one of the modern-day recruiters that knows how to deal with and hire Millennials. Zuckerberg has an impressive work and education history. She attended City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studies philosophy. Being an executive recruiter for the banking industry does take some philosophical learning as well as psychological discipline. Julie Zuckerberg has both. Deutsche Bank is a great employer and Zuckerberg is a great recruiter.



Julie didn’t become a great recruiter overnight. She learned how to talk to the people in the new workforce. She got to know the talent and the desires of current bank employees. Employees are the first group she looks at when there is an open position. Zuckerberg believes that promoting and making lateral moves from within build confidence, morale, and appreciation for the company. Julie plays close attention to social media sites. She finds potential new employees from people that do the same job in the banking industry. Trained people usually produce results faster when it comes to increased productivity and performance. At times, Zuckerberg also likes to get employees involved in the hiring process. Employees help identify possible candidates faster, and they can contribute information and details about a prospective employee before the interview process begins. Failing to use employee information during the hiring process can be a mistake, so Zuckerberg likes to have an open dialogue with employees when there is a position available.



Recruiters like Julie Zuckerberg use several different strategies in today’s business world to attract new talent. Julie is very active in several professional organizations. She maintains a close relationship with university placement offices, other recruiters, and executive search firms across the country. Deutsche Bank does have an excellent employment package, so Julie does have an advantage when she searches for outside talent. Plus, Deutsche Bank has an excellent reputation as a great employer, and that helps keep people around longer. Keeping Millennials in entry-level positions is a challenge, but Julie is able to interact with her new hires to keep them motivated and happy. Zuckerberg is busy recruiting even when she’s not officially on the clock, but she still finds time to appreciate art exhibits, good food, and spending time outdoors. Julie is an avid photographer and runner, so when she’s not working she’s running and taking photos for her collection. Zuckerberg is a well-rounded individual. She has to be in order to perform in the high-stress banking industry.

OSI Group – Bringing Superior Quality Food Products since 1909

OSI Group is an American company who has made extensive progresses within the food production industry over the years since 1909 when it was founded. It was founded by Otto & Sons which was formerly known to be Otto Kolschwsky Meat Market until 1928. The company adopted its current name, ‘OSI Group’ in 2004 before which it was known to be OSI Industries after another name change in 1975.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It has further administrative centers and industrial facilities in American, European and Asia Pacific Zones including Germany, China and the United Kingdom. OSI Group is recognized for providing high quality products and comprehensive solutions to foodservice businesses and retail food brands worldwide. The company focuses on producing value-added protein items as well as other food items for breakfasts, brunches, lunches and snacks that comprise of appetizers, desserts and entremets. The products manufactured and processed are fresh, frozen or cooked meats, poultries, differently styled sausages, seafood, vegetables, pizza pastries, fruits, dairy cheese, sandwiches as well as kettle and smoked food items.

OSI Group’s History of Food Processing Innovation

Otto Kolschwsky, a German immigrant began the family venture that today has risen to being a global, prominent food manufacturing and supplying company known as OSI Group. Its journey began from being a small meat market in Illinois. It took near about eight years for this small business to become a large, locally acclaimed meat business. The company achieved a huge opportunity to showcase its skills when the newly emerging McDonalds startup made a corporate deal with it.

OSI Group became the chief supplier for its ground beef patties to McDonalds restaurant’s Illinois branch. With such a major, remarkable deal in hand, Otto and Sons expanded its business and firmly maintained its reputation with the construction of their first meat processing plant in Chicago. This processing plant of theirs was recognized in the food industry for its innovative approaches and mechanisms. These methods and machineries were able to develop perfectly shaped meat patties. The company stored food items by freezing them with liquid nitrogen.

OSI Group’s Recognition of Industrial Successes by Forbes

OSI Group attained a prestigious position within Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List. From 2011 to 2016, they had elevated their position within the list from the 136th rank to the 58th rank for maintaining a constant superior quality in meat production. It was also acknowledged for being able to supply their products worldwide to renowned fast food chain restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut and similar others.

OSI Group also offers employment to over 20,000 people worldwide. For more information on OSI Group’s company culture and hiring process, click here.

Billionaire George Soros the Philanthropic Political Activist

George Soros is a Hungarian and among the most successful businessmen in the United States. He was born on August twelve 1930. His businesses are widely spread, and he serves as the chairman of Soros Fund Management. George Soros is on the list of top 30 richest people the world has. He has been involved in political activism fighting for good governance, and he is also in a lot of philanthropic activities. He has for a long time supported America progressive and liberal politics. George Soros has contributed over eleven billion USD towards philanthropic activities. In the late 1980s and early 1980s, Soros had a very vital contribution that saw Eastern Europe transition swiftly from being a communist country to a capitalist. Soros attended London School of Economics, and he earned a bachelor of science and a master of science in philosophy in 1954.

Even at 85 years, George Soros is still active in day to day running of his family businesses. In the recently concluded United States elections Soros was actively involved and supported Hilary Clinton and democratic activities and even other candidates who were vying for different political seats. George Soros contributed twenty-five million dollars which were a very good way to show his support for Hilary Clinton. In the 2004 elections in the United States George Soros supported democratic causes by contributing twenty-seven million US dollars. George Soros is a risk taker entrepreneur and will never back off whenever an opportunity to increase his worth comes across he recently got an estimated twenty-four billion US dollars from currency trades that many investors are wary of. George has never allowed fear to hold him back an attribute that should motivate any entrepreneur. George Soros had plans to attend the first Democratic convention to watch Hilary Clinton accept the Democratic nomination, but he had to closely follow how Europe economic situation is, making him cancel the Democratic convention.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

People close to George Soros said during the elections he was involved in politics than he had ever been citing it to a lot of faith he had in Hilary Clinton whom they have over twenty-five years relationship. He was also not supporting the president-elect Donald Trump who he accused of causing fear. Michael Vashon who advises George Soros on political issues said that Soros contributions in the just ended elections were exceptional though for a long time George Soros has been supporting democratic activities. He even motivated more rich political activists to contribute to Hilary Clinton campaign which was a good sign for her. Among the other activists who got motivated by George Soros contributions and gave good cash for Clinton’s campaign were Tom Steyer an environmentalist, Don Sussman a New York hedge funder and Heim Saban who runs media business. The money the rich activists contributed went a long way to help Hilary Clinton campaign successfully. Though Clinton didn’t win, the elections losing to Donald Trump. George Soros doesn’t regret he contributed to a good cause. George Soros never seems at any time to stop funding the democratic activities he didn’t want John Kerry to win in 2004 and even at that time he committed billions that saw Bush re-elected. He has numerous international foundations that he has supported for a long time. George Soros has a big heart, and his good deeds and commitment to serve and help the needy is a challenge to us to do what we can to our position to help a needy person.

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Hire A Competent Legal Whistleblower Claim

The Dobb-Frank act was enacted in 2010, by Congress, to protect whistleblowers and create laws that would prosecute Security Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation violations. SEC laws are very complex and change consistently with the need for more extensive prosecution and protection for the individual that provides information. Thousands of individuals around the world depend on the transparency of the financial sector and have neglected to trust in retirement or the stock market. When you’re worried about your employer retaliating about information that you may provide, concerning financial fraud, hire a SEC whistleblower attorney to take your case and help you win your claim.


Securities laws have two main objectives that they push to the general public that include transparency and the release of information to a hire authority when suspected fraud, misrepresentation, or deceit is taking place. Labaton Sucharow was one of the first legal firms in the nation that decided to dedicate his entire practice to SEC laws. This also gave him an opportunity to implement and amend SEC laws to work towards more financial support for his clients. In fact, he is responsible for one of the largest SEC claim payouts in U.S. history.


SEC laws require that 10-30% of any money collected, over a million dollars be awarded to the whistleblower. In fact, a SEC attorney can help you collect from other agencies that use your information to file further claims and collect from the accused. For example, if law enforcement decides to prosecute and collects money, the whistleblower is entitled to a financial portion. Your information has saved the SEC time and money towards an independent investigation. More importantly, a quality attorney will be concerned with protecting your rights. Hire a legal professional to fight for your rights, when you need them.


Hiring a professional will help you maintain your privacy, when you’re filing a claim. It can help you protect your job position, in the event, that you hand over key information that leads to prosecution. Often times, you’ll be given a free consultation that will allow you to sit down with a SEC whistleblower lawyer and get answers to all your questions. They have the opportunity to brief you about your case and tell you where you stand. You should maintain your client-attorney privilege to make sure that your information doesn’t leave outside the room. Visit your local online directory for more details on SEC laws and representation today.

The Launching of a New and Powerful Application

Davos Real Estate Group, the leading provider of financial advice to the Latino community,m has recently stated that they will launch a new application known as the Davos CAP Calculator for clients to download and use on their Android and Apple devices. This interesting and useful application can be used to estimate the return on real estate investments, furthering the companies ability to offer their services of advice without actually having to directly communicate with their clientele. This application will not only make services easier for their customers to understand and handle, but it also means that the founder of the company, David Osio, will be able to rest easier at night knowing that he has once again proven himself as a fighter for the people and their rights in the United States and beyond.


David Osio is a dedicated and humanitarian minded man who calls the South American country of Venezuela his home. Born and raised in Venezuela, Osio began his professional career as a lawyer publicly defending the rights of clients who may not have been able to defend themselves. His life had been based on the concept of assisting others and offering advice for the decisions they should make, an idea that led Osio to the United States and to the birth of his conglomerate corporation, Davos Financial Group.


Osio created Davos Financial Group as a way to provide high levels of quality financial advice to the Latin American community. Many individuals with Latin American backgrounds in the United States do not speak English or know how the market works correctly, meaning that Davos Financial can step in and provide the level of support that they need. Osio and his company offer advice such as whether or not a client should invest in starting their own business, what housing prices are fair when it comes to family planning, and what sort of investment opportunities their clients should take advantage of and way. This not only builds trust in Davos Financial, but also allows customers to feel like they have more decision making abilities and control of their financial lives.


Davis Osio, through his actions and the forming of his company, seek to become the main support structure for their Latino American customers. By providing high levels of trustworthy and reliable service to their clients they form a more cohesive society where everyone involved can smile and flourish.

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Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions Inc. and the Services that it offers

Wealth Solution is an American firm the offers excellent investment and retirement advisory solutions. It has been operational since 1994 when it was created by Richard Blair. The main offices of the company are located in Austin, Texas, and it has been offering services as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA).

The company has been providing its services by using various strategies, which ensure that the clients are satisfied. Mr. Blair is highly knowledgeable, and he knows that it is essential for individuals to have competent plans for them to accomplish their dreams. He has dedicated his career to offering top-notch retirement and investment guidance to his clients who are mainly based in Austin.

The solutions of Wealth Solutions Inc. have been ensuring that individuals can create, safeguard, and control their investments. Mr. Blair utilized the standing skills that he has in finance in offering advice to the clients of the Wealth Solutions Inc. He is also renowned for being a holder of various titles such as CES, RICP, CFA, and CAS.

The Strategies of Richard Blair’s company are made up of three primary pillars that are essential in servicing the clients. They help in examining and comprehending the financial capabilities of people and their retirement goals. The approaches have been critical to the company since they assist in creating tailored plans for the clients.

According to BrightScope, The Richard Blair Wealth Solutions’ first pillar is for directing individuals to determine their monetary needs. It is crucial in knowing the capability, aim, progress plans, and risk reception of the individual. The company forms the best policies for the clients by working to understand their financial backgrounds.

The second pillar that the firm uses is essential in developing durable approached that can address the investment requirements of the customer. The strategies that are created are usually personalized to deal with the investment objectives and the financial needs of the clients.

Blair understands how the investment portfolios of the customers can be controlled to make maximum returns in favorable markets and to feel the least impact when the markets are low. The final pillar of Wealth Solutions Inc. helps in catering for the clients’ investment requirements.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has been known as a top financial advisor in Austin. His main clients have been individuals who have a high net worth, family enterprises, and small businesses. Mr. Blair was inspired by his teaching background to start the advisory services company.

Doe Deere’s Impact On Makeup

Doe Deere Ideamensch
Just about every young girl starts to take a serious interest in makeup in their early teens. However, Doe Deere admits that her interest in beauty, fashion, makeup, and colors began at a much earlier age. The Russian born CEO of Lime Crime was actually training at this young age for her eventual career in beauty and makeup. Doe Deere is the well-known CEO and founder of Lime Crime. Certainly, she is very outspoken about the impact that Lime Crime has on the makeup industry. In a recent article, she shared her thoughts on success and making it big in the real world.

The Road to Success
Clearly, Lime Crime’s affect on the makeup industry is felt world-wide. Lime Crime was one of the first makeup companies to primarily focus on the Internet and online sales. They said that it couldn’t be done, but Doe Deere proved them wrong. She proved very successfully that it was possible to sell makeup primarily online to individuals that really loved bold and bright colors. Certainly, the Unicorn Queen’s passion for bright colors drove her to even greater success.

Big Dreams
Doe Deere shares that her big dreams began at a very young age. She always had a vision of achieving success on her own terms. Doe Deere firmly believes that most children grow up with big dreams. However, they stop believing in their dreams along the way and give in to societal pressures to think in a more practical way. For example, a young girl might wish to hold on to her big dreams to becoming president of the United States or even president of her own makeup company. People around her might try to squash those dreams because they don’t believe in her vision. Deere believes in firmly holding on to those dreams.

Moving to America
Doe Deere had to move to America to achieve her dreams. She lived in New York for several years. Her first big dream was to play in a rock band. She achieved that dream. After achieving that goal, her thoughts turned to creating her own makeup company. She actively pursued that dream. The result was Lime Crime, a makeup company that specialized in very original colors. Deere’s advice to other young women is to simply follow your heart. She believes success is very achievable, if you bring your own special talent along. Furthermore, it is important to feel that your vision is valuable too.

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Michael Zomber Has A Passion For Antique Collecting

There are many things that people enjoy doing. One of the most interesting to some people is collecting antiques. The type of antiques can range from basic collectibles to collectibles that have enormous monetary value. While the fun of collecting is what draws many people to collecting, some people have a passion for collecting that goes beyond just fun. One of these people is Michael Zomber.

As a collector, Mr. Zomber is considered an antique collector of weapons from various historical periods. His passion for collecting covers numerous historical periods. However, his primary area of focus regarding collecting antiques is weapons. In particular, he has an interest in guns and swords. With almost 30 years of experience collecting antiques from all over the world, Mr. Zomber has acquired a great deal of knowledge concerning history as a whole. Also, he has gained a lot of knowledge concerning antique weapons.

Mr. Zomber has shared his knowledge of history on many occasions with the History Channel, which calls on Mr. Zomber for historical information and knowledge related to various aspects of history. However, on numerous occasions, the focus of the information and knowledge provided by Mr. Zomber for the History Channel is concentrated on weapons from various times in history.

An accomplished antique collector, Mr. Zomber is widely known as an author. With several published books on his resume, Mr. Zomber has a large following of readers who enjoy his literary work. Mr. Zomber has written a variety of novels that cover a wide spectrum of literary work. All of his novels have been remarked on by people inside and outside the literary world.

In addition to his antique collection and his numerous published novels, Mr. Zomber also along with his wife own and operate a film production company. Through his production company Mr. Zomber provides films that educate and highlight historical events and items that he feels people would have an interest in learning about in detail.

Michael Zomber is an educated man who has learned inside and outside the academic world. His is happy to share his wealth of historical knowledge with the world along with his talent.

The Mega IAP Worldwide Services Acquisition

In Nov 2015 IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. acquired DRS Technologies’ (DRS) Aviation and Logistics business found in Oklahoma City. Also acquired is the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business located in the Aberdeen Proving Ground. A&L offers aircraft repair management, logistics and assignment support services. TCNS provides engineering, information technology on as well as communications solutions to the US Department of Defense among other agencies. IAP has integrated the unique abilities and talent of A&L and TCNS businesses as a vital part of its long-standing growth strategy.

Acquisition Goal
IAP Worldwide Services CEO, Doug Kitani said that the acquisition was meant to increase the services that IAP delivers to its customers worldwide. It was expected to double the size of company’s addressable market. The acquired companies were hereafter integrated into a new single unit, the Aviation & Engineering Solutions, and IAP’s already existing National Security Programs. The addition of this successful aviation, communication, as well as networking technologies units from DRS, was a natural fit for the IAP. They expanded their portfolio of services and solutions to the US and other international government agencies.

He added that they established a strategy earlier in 2015 based on organic growth considering customer-focused discipline, lean operations together with innovation in their core government services segment on The inorganic growth is realized by acquiring and integrating firms that complement their core business. The acquisition demonstrated the support of IAP’s investors and board as well as their company’s long-term mission of serving its government clients. The news were reported in the PR Newswire.

About IAP
IAP Worldwide Services has been a leading international services firm for over 60 years. The firm gives a wide range of services and solutions to the US and international government organizations. It is a world-class leader in offering seasoned program management solutions. It leverages and integrates its potential to provide safe, innovative as well as reliable solutions to meet their customers’ varied and complex challenges. IAP’s headquarters is physically in Cape Canaveral and operates in over 100 locations in more than 20 countries globally. IAP also has offices in the Washington, DC, Panama City, United Kingdom and in the Middle East.

At IAP, they always search for collaboration opportunities with suppliers and other firms who share its commitment to solving their clients’ complex problems. They firmly believe in liaising with a diverse range of companies who can add value to their services. They also welcome the expertise they give to their customers. They gain access to previously inaccessible industries and viable markets.