The First National Museum For African Americans Opened Up Only in 2016

Black people have a long history in America that reaches back hundreds of years into the past. They have provided the cheap labor that this country needed in its early days to rise above other countries and become a world power. They have fought in all of our wars. Their cultural presence has seeped into the cultural fabric of our nation on many different levels.

During the the 1960s and 1970s, the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, as well as a general change in American culture, awoke Americans to the plight of Black people. Black people, themselves became empowered. Ever since then, a lot of attention has been put on how society can help Black people and fix the wrongs that have been imposed on them by slavery and racism.

You would think that after all of this, there would have been a national museum dedicated toward African Americans decades ago. If you thought this, you were wrong. In fact, a national museum showcasing this subject only came about a year ago, in 2016.

In 2016, the National Museum of African American History and Culture opened its doors for the first time. Since this was a historic event, there was a dedication by President Barack Obama and a three-day celebration.

The idea for this museum first came about in the early 1900s when a group of Black people who had served in the Civil War advocated for such a place. A number of decades later, there was a group of congressmen who pushed for 15 years to have a museum about African Americans built, thought they were never successful.

Government officials did not think that it was an important priority to build an African American museum. Politicians complained that it would be too expensive to build. Others said that if the African Americans got their way, the government would probably be forced into paying large sums of money for museums about other racial minorities. Some politicians expressed very obvious bigotry in their explanations.

In 2003, George Bush signed into law the National Museum of African American History and Culture Act, which established the plan to build the museum. The government, various charitable organizations and the Black community funded the construction of the museum.

Important Eras and Events in American History

When compared to powerhouses like France and Britain, the United States comes out as a very young nation. But since it was founded in 1776, the United States has gone on to make vital developments that have led to it becoming an important global leader. Its history can be divided into various eras. The following are some of the periods that helped shape the modern-day America.

Exploration Age

It is an age that lasted between the 15th and 17th centuries. The exploration era took place at a time when the Europeans were orbiting the globe in search of natural resources and new trade routes. The exploration age led to the Spanish, British, and French forming numerous colonies all over North America.

Colonial Era and Federalist Period

The colonial era is one of the most fascination in American history. It started when the European powerhouses created colonies in the North American region to when America attained her independence from the colonial masters. It primarily focusses on the 13 British colonies.

The federalist period occurred when John Adams and George Washington were the presidents. Both were Federalist party members. But Washington later included members from the Anti-Federalist party in the government.

The Age of Jackson

It is an era that occurred between 1815 and 1840. This was when the American people started taking part in elections. Presidential powers were also greatly increased during this period, which paved the way for the powerful presidential office in use even now. Even with the increasing democratization of the nation, the American president still enjoys enormous powers.

The Cocoanut Grove Disaster that Shaped the History of Boston

A 15 minutes disaster that happened in Boston 75 years ago and people seems to forget. A rapid inferno consumed an entire nightclub, Cocoanut Grove with people inside. The 1942 disaster is the second deadliest building fire in the American history. Well, the dust has settled, and hardly can people remember the exact location of the night-club. Today, the area is filled with Bay Village apartments. The sands of time have covered an event of utmost importance locally and internationally. The inferno consumed 492 people (mostly young adults), and an additional 400 were hospitalized. Reports show that the names of the deceased filled 11 pages. It’s the second worst disaster after Chicago’s Iroquois Theatre blaze that claimed 602 lives. Worst of all it was a non-natural disaster.

How it happened

Cocoanut Grove was among the largest nightclubs in Boston at the time. On that particular night, it was estimated to hold more than 1,000 people. However, its legal capacity was 460. According to the Globe, a busy boy had lit a match with an attempt to find the socket. The fire spread through the basement along the ceiling. Within minutes, the fire had spread through the first floor. Everyone panicked and rushed to the doors. However, most of them were closed to prevent people from skipping with their bills. Most of the survivors were in the lower basement. The club burned so fast that there is only one picture of the raging flames.

The Silver Lining

The quick spread of the fire was as a result of an extremely flammable gas that leaked from an air conditioning system. As a result, it was passed that buildings should have automatic sprinklers and illuminated exit signs. Revolving doors were banned. However, their use would comprise of an additional two doors adjacent to them. The two doors should open on the outside. Medical response to burn victims revolutionized.
On Saturday, over 400 people attended the 75th-anniversary event. Marshall, a local surgeon and the Coconut Grove Memorial Committee chairman, hopes to have a free-standing memorial built in the nearby Statler Park. This history is far too significant to get lost.

Securus Technologies, the leading Tech Company

We are a company founded in 1986 to be a leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions to ensure the safety of people. We tend to acquire Jpay Inc an action we have justified by signing a definitive stock purchase agreement. We have launched apps which are meant to educate people, and the company is currently operating in more than 33 state prison systems.


Working with the prisons is an advantage for the company because we can provide anything that requires high-tech software to operate in either a modern prison or jail. Jpay has been our role model due to its inventiveness in the industry for many years and the success that they have achieved throughout the years, therefore the need for us to work with them regarding production and workforce.


If you want high-quality products, best priced and products that provide the best security, look no more, Securus technologies have it all.Having partnered with Jpay makes us share their vision, company culture and value their management team, and this helps the merged company achieve the set goals.


We are a company committed to serving and providing quality high-tech products and services to our customers, hence making the world a safe place for all to live.We have recently received Better business bureau (BBB) accreditation being rated as an A+ company, the highest rating that any company would receive.


In addition to this remarkable accreditation, we have received formal accreditation due to being able to put an action in what we say and issue in print. We are focused on what matters, and that’s why we introduced a technology system meant to control band cell phones.


By 2016, our managed access solutions had led to receiving approval in more than five departments of correction facilities. We have also partnered with Harris Corporation on a technology known as Cell defender.

Forbes Contributer Discusses Retirment Crisis In American History

In a financial article recently published by Forbes Magazine, contributor Ed Swindle discussed several of America’s most famous retirement emergencies and how they correlate to modern hardships. According to the Forbes article, the United States retirement system is set to collapse within the next two decades or so, placing the security of many seniors in jeopardy. For decades, politicians have argued about the necessary steps to implement to ensure that seniors who have paid into the retirement system are able to receive financial benefits during their elder years. This has been to no avail, however, as partisan politics have continued and no long term solution has been implemented.

Several times in American history have made a significant impact on the future of the national retirement system. In the early 1940s, the 401K plan was introduced as a suitable alternative to the traditional pension plans that were in place for the average American worker. Because 401K plans were funded by the employer while pension plans were funded by the employer, these plans became attractive to large corporations and employers. Slowly but surly, 401K plans began to replace traditional pension plans in almost every major American industry. By the time the 1962 fiscal year ended, only 20 percent of the American public was still enrolled in an employer funded retirement pension fund. The majority of the country had moved to 401K plans.

As a result of the combination of a national move to personally funded 401K plans and the ill supported social security system implemented by the federal government in the 1960s, financial predictors began to predict a large scale failure of the American retirement system. Right on schedule, American politicians and legislatures began to attempt to divert the blame for this coming crisis onto the opposite political party, when the fact remains that the last 8 congressional bi-partisan groups have made little to no effort to divert the coming disaster. Ed Swindle, the author of the Forbes article, suggests that families prepare individually for the retirement crisis because reliance on the government, at this stage, would be detrimental.

Brazilian rallying and the growth of Michel Terpins to this stage.

Goiás, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul are the three states that are part of the 25-year edition of the Sertões Rally.The rally has become the biggest rally event in Brazil and it continues to attract numerous participants.The rise of rallying in Brazil has been gradual and today it is a big event that is able to attract big financial sponsors as well as thousands of fans not only from Brazil as well as from around the globe.The quality of drivers at the Sertões Rally rivals any in the world and even betters them this is in part due to the different terrain that can be found along the routes that the rally drivers have to navigate on the different editions of the rally.

The rally has become better with every new edition and the 25th is no different and will be covering more than three thousand three hundred kilometers of all-around terrain. The route will comprise of 1,999 special terrain which basically means that there will be no shortage of terrain designed specifically to test navigational and handling skills of both car and driver.

The Bull Sertões Rally Team on board #322 a T1 prototype specially developed by the MEM motorsport developers will be what the duo of Michel the driver and Maykel Justo the navigator will be riding in.

The T-Rex has undergone various improvements that have seen it achieve better performance as well as more power. The suspension has also been greatly improved and the handling refined this will ensure that the car is able to complement the exceptional skills of the team and hopefully lead them to a deserved victory. A lot can be said about Michel Terpins but he has been able to grow as a driver and today is regarded as part of the best in Brazil.

He has shed off the image of only a cross country champion and now able to show his rallying skills and it is expected that this skills can only grow from here. He was named the chairman of the cross country championship and it’s thus a full tray for him even as he continues to take part in rallying.

Talkspace: Help Is On The Way

As someone that suffers from mental health, I can tell you firsthand how hard it is and how much it can change someone’s life. I can also tell you how hard it is to find a good therapist and to find help. Everyone is tight on money these days, and with therapy, it is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. If someone were uninsured, they would be in the poor house if they had to pay the outrageous cost of going to a therapist. However, what are they supposed to do? They can’t just sit there and not do a single thing about it.

Talkspace is showing people that not every single person in the mental health profession is cold and heartless and only looking out for your money. These are people that are approachable and kind. Many people suffer from social anxiety. Because of this, it can be difficult to talk to someone in person or even muster up the strength to see a therapist. They never get the help they need and something bad could happen to them. That is the last thing that Talkspace wants, which is why they have phone and text options at great prices. There is also a video option. The major thing is they want to give people options.

They don’t want them to feel like no one is going to help them and they are all on their own. This is a new way to do therapy and many are saying it is a better way to do therapy because it is cheaper, easier, and they are there at a moment’s notice. With a regular therapist, you might have to wait days to hear back from them. At that point, it might be too late for someone that is suffering.

Dr. David Samadi Debuts New Health Show

The media has a role to inform and educate its audiences on different subjects. While medical issues have had their share of coverage, the comprehensiveness of topics covered may be too hard for the general audience to understand. A new online show by Dr. David Samadi, House Call with Dr. Samadi, aims to bridge this gap by giving quality coverage on medical issues affecting both men and women. These include physical and mental health, exercise, and nutrition. It highlights and demystifies procedural elements, modern healthcare issues, recent developments, and offers tips on prevention.The program, which airs at 12.30 PM on Sundays, is a live broadcast that takes an interactive approach. Dr. David Samadi features experts in health and wellness as guests on the show. Those invited to participate in the discussions are experienced in their fields and have accomplishments ranging from peer-reviewed products to having published works.

The diverse views given reinforce the viewers’ understanding and ensure that information given is accurate.The audience also has an opportunity to contribute to the show by asking questions via live call-ins or email. Some of these are answered promptly during the show while others are pushed forward to the next one. The show is broadcast live via alternative media and can be streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Dr. Samadi’s website. David Samadi is a licensed doctor and is in active practice. He is a member of the American Medical Association and other professional bodies. He took his undergraduate studies at Stony Brook University where he attained a degree in biochemistry. He furthered his education earning a medical degree and specializing in urology.

He later ventured into robotic surgery, which he has been practicing for over ten years and is his current specialty. He takes credit for developing the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART) for treatment of prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi also has many publications and presentations to his name. At Lenox Hospital, he serves as the Chief of Oncology and Chairman of Urology.His medical background is backed up by a rich experience in the media. He has had a strong online presence, which earned him invitations as a guest to various T.V. shows including Fox News. The exposure drove him to start the Global Health News radio, which was broadcasted weekly to the residents of New York. These two fields merge to give Dr. David Samadi authority in handling issues on his new show.

Represent Team Unicorn: A Lime Crime Story

Team unicorn has all of the rage now days, especially when it comes to hair care products. Have you ever heard of team unicorn? Are you familiar with cosmetic giant Lime Crime? Lime Crime is one of the very best up and coming cosmetic lines in society today, and its hair care products represents team unicorn. The exclusive club that’s known as team unicorn can only be entered by purchasing and applying the new hair dyes. These aren’t your standard dull hair dyes. They’re rich in color as well as deeply pigmented. Dark haired people such as brunettes don’t seem to have a lot of options when comes to dying the hair much darker than it already is and this is where team unicorn comes into play.

These new products have gained a lot of notoriety over the past few months. This company’s social media accounts have been blazing with activity thanks to the sneak peeks of the new hair dyes. They were released back on Oct. 24, and they have been consistently selling ever since. Doe Deere, founder of LimeCrime, is the very definition of eclectic, and her sense of style demands attention. This Russian-born beauty has put in plenty of hours brainstorming for new ideas. The all-new hair dyes have numerous benefits such as:

  • Provides Longer Lasting Shine
  • Are Easy To Apply
  • Leaves The Hair Silky Smooth
  • Are 100 Percent Vegan
  • And many more

It would be hard trying to find another brand that can give you these exact benefits, but this company does it with ease. This is the fall season and rocking purple hair is the current trend. These hair dyes bring in extra excitement for your daily lives as well as demands attention. Users will receive a gothic appearance in a sense, but rather in a good way. Whether your luscious locks are light to medium brown, or they’re a deep brown to black tone, you’ll definitely see the difference after the first use. All in all, LimeCrime is setting new standards, and it’s raising the bar even higher than before.

Here’s Why Greg Secker Believes Now Is The Best Time To Get Into Forex Trading

Have you been avoiding trading on the foreign exchange market? If so it may be time for you to start rethinking that strategy.

Now, more than any other time in history, there are some very good reasons investors should jump on the forex trading bandwagon. With wage growth at a stand still and interest rates still lingering at historic lows, it seems there would be no better time to break into forex trading.

By getting into forex trading you will have an opportunity to create a stream of income that can last a lifetime.

According to Greg Secker, the reason now is the best time to break into forex trading is because of all the turmoil currently going on in the world.

Economies all over the world are unstable and unpredictable. Inflation is on the rise and the stock market is no longer a reliable source of income.

If you want to weather this storm, Greg Secker suggests you start trading on the foreign exchange market today!

Who Is Greg Secker?

In the world of forex trading Greg Secker is known as a mover and shaker. If you are just starting out it will be wise of you to pay close attention to his advice.

After graduating from the University of Nottingham with a degree in agricultural and food science, Secker immediately went to work at financial services company Thomas Cook.

After working for others for a few years Secker decided it was time to step out and do his own thing. He started trading at home and eventually launched Learn to Trade, a company that provides seminars and workshops for those looking to break into the world of forex trading.

He also developed Virtual Trading Desk, the first real-time platform that allowed forex trading. SmartCharts, another software he developed, is widely recognized as the most effective trading software on the market.

While getting started with forex trading can be overwhemling, when you have access to the right information you can avoid some of the mistakes many newbies make.

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