OSI Group – Bringing Superior Quality Food Products since 1909

OSI Group is an American company who has made extensive progresses within the food production industry over the years since 1909 when it was founded. It was founded by Otto & Sons which was formerly known to be Otto Kolschwsky Meat Market until 1928. The company adopted its current name, ‘OSI Group’ in 2004 before which it was known to be OSI Industries after another name change in 1975.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It has further administrative centers and industrial facilities in American, European and Asia Pacific Zones including Germany, China and the United Kingdom. OSI Group is recognized for providing high quality products and comprehensive solutions to foodservice businesses and retail food brands worldwide. The company focuses on producing value-added protein items as well as other food items for breakfasts, brunches, lunches and snacks that comprise of appetizers, desserts and entremets. The products manufactured and processed are fresh, frozen or cooked meats, poultries, differently styled sausages, seafood, vegetables, pizza pastries, fruits, dairy cheese, sandwiches as well as kettle and smoked food items.

OSI Group’s History of Food Processing Innovation

Otto Kolschwsky, a German immigrant began the family venture that today has risen to being a global, prominent food manufacturing and supplying company known as OSI Group. Its journey began from being a small meat market in Illinois. It took near about eight years for this small business to become a large, locally acclaimed meat business. The company achieved a huge opportunity to showcase its skills when the newly emerging McDonalds startup made a corporate deal with it.

OSI Group became the chief supplier for its ground beef patties to McDonalds restaurant’s Illinois branch. With such a major, remarkable deal in hand, Otto and Sons expanded its business and firmly maintained its reputation with the construction of their first meat processing plant in Chicago. This processing plant of theirs was recognized in the food industry for its innovative approaches and mechanisms. These methods and machineries were able to develop perfectly shaped meat patties. The company stored food items by freezing them with liquid nitrogen.

OSI Group’s Recognition of Industrial Successes by Forbes

OSI Group attained a prestigious position within Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List. From 2011 to 2016, they had elevated their position within the list from the 136th rank to the 58th rank for maintaining a constant superior quality in meat production. It was also acknowledged for being able to supply their products worldwide to renowned fast food chain restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut and similar others.

OSI Group also offers employment to over 20,000 people worldwide. For more information on OSI Group’s company culture and hiring process, click here.