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The benefits of coffee have long been studied in various countries. The Annals of Internal Medicine published two recent studies one in American and the other in European. The studies reported that drinking coffee could lessen the possibility of dying from lifestyle diseases. The studies participants included over 185,000 Americans and more that 520,000 Europeans. The factors examined in the study were drinking of caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee daily and its association with different cultures. The studies found that the drinking of coffee was associated with a reduced death rate due to cancer, diabetes, kidney and heart diseases. There were Indicators that there are parallel results throughout the diverse cultures which offers a persuasive support to the line of reasoning that consuming coffee daily is good for all cultures. Read the reviews at

The statistics of the reports were based on a sixteen a (16) year study, with five years indicators, which implied that people who drank two to three cups a coffee per day had a 18% chance reduction of lifestyle disease deaths, than those who did not drink coffee. Smokers and nonsmokers were also noted in the studies, and other lifestyle factors that could have contributed to the results. The studies also noted limitations and no reasons why coffee seems to have health advantages. Shop now at

The positive results from these studies make coffee consumption an amazing benefit to health. There are all types of coffee, organic, freeze dried, coffee beans, and ground. Arabica, robusta, or black. You have drink it with or without sugar, milk. You can make it via filter, drip, French press, percolated, cold brew, iced, espresso, cappuccino, latte, liqueur, Irish mocha, or any way your taste buds crave. One of the leading brands in premium organic coffees is Organo Gold. Organo Gold manufacturers organic coffees and teas, promoting health and wellness. Founded in 2008, located in Richmond, British Columbia and offers an entire line of products which can be purchased online or through a distributor. Follow Organo Gold on Linkedin.

One of the key ingredients in Organo Gold beverages is ganoderma lucidum also known as red reishi mushroom, which adds a mild flavor. Ganoderma mushrooms are transformed into powder and added to the Organo coffees and teas and other products. It is noted that Ganoderma contains 400 nutrients, which promotes health and liveliness. Organo Gold a global marketing company, specializing in coffees and teas with natural ingredients. Organo Gold, taste the cup of life.