OneLogin and Envoy’s New Standard for Visitor Registration

Envoy is a company located in San-Francisco. The company has developed a software which allows its office visitors to sign in through an iPad. Envoy has automated the visitor registration process that includes host notifications and digital NDA. The movement of employees into and out of Envoy can be a challenge especially for the IT administrators who have to ensure there is a secure system and smooth –end user experience. Envoy has worked with One Login to create an automated user that is available to the Enterprise customers.

The system for cross-domain identity management simplifies the user management. The SCIM enabled applications can be used to accelerate the application rollout through synchronizing the user attributes. The management of employees and guest application users like contractors can be a big challenge for the IT department in any organization. There are usually several people in different teams performing duplicate work, and yet all employee records should be up to date for all systems. At Envoy, customers get the most from the visitor registration when the records are accurate and frequently updated, making them easy to manage. This system also allows workers to create visitor invites and get host notifications alerting them when their guests arrive.

Customers use the OneLogin integration as a source of truth and syncs all the employee data in the Envoy directory. According to Wells Riley, Head of Product at Envoy, the integration ensures that any changes made in the directory are sent to Envoy. This does not only improve the overall office security but also saves time since only the current employees are selected as host whenever visitors login. Wells also explains that the reason why Envoy adopted SCIM is that it is a standard that will help Envoy’s scale.

OneLogin supports the adoption of access management and open identity which offers user provision and single sign-on. According to Wells, the timely partner support and clear API documentation of OneLogin makes it straightforward to integrate with Envoy. They are always excited to work with partners who share their vision for creating an effortless experience at work, and OneLogin shares the same thought.