North Carolina is Indebted to Imran Haque, a Top-Notch Doctor

Horizon Internal Medicine is one of the top medical practices in the entirety of the Tar Heel state – formally known as North Carolina. There are two facilities under Horizon Internal Medicine’s management, one in Ramseur and another one in Asheboro, the former truly being a small town, although Asheboro is quite small, as well. Fortunately for the people who live in rural North Carolina, Dr. Imran Haque has provided them an unmatched quality of healthcare over the past sixteen years, earning a license to practice internal medicine back in 2001. He’s passed continuing education requirements and exams to maintain his license each and every year since his debut in 2001, something that not every doctor can take pride in.

Dr. Imran Haque is often reviewed positively by his hundreds – if not over a thousand in total – patients, with good reviews found all across the world wide web. He’s known for providing basic healthcare services, like preventative checkups and wellness exams, although his specialty is in cosmetic procedures, ranging from Botox to dermal resurfacing using high-tech laser-emitting equipment. While the vast majority of his patients are familiar with Imran Haque’s story, not everyone is, especially those who haven’t come around Horizon Internal Medicine‘s two facilities or any of the hospitals Imran Haque has staff privileges at. Let’s dig into it.

Imran Haque first went to medical school in 1994, choosing Universidad Iberoamerican, a school in the Caribbean islands. UNIBE, for short, is unarguably the best such school on the tropical island chain, from which he earned a medical doctorate in 1998 – with honors.

In 1998, the same year he graduated, Imran Haque found an available position in a residential program for learning internal medicine at the University of Virginia. After three years there, he moved to North Carolina – the rest is history.