Nick Vertucci Uses NVREA to Mold a New Generation of Real Estate Owners

The family environment that was full of love while Vertucci was growing up, was removed from him aged ten when his father passed on. While the family did do that well before, the passing of his dad definitely made it more difficult. His mother who had remained her family’s only benefactor had to make difficult adjustments. She had to work harder for longer in order to provide for her family. Vertucci agrees that it is that family love he missed a lot as a teenager. As he turned 18 years, Nick Vertucci was already undergoing tough times living off a van.

Conditioned to be tough by life, Vertucci ventured to make life on his own soon afterward. He began his first entrepreneurial venture by selling computer parts. For a time things went on well as his venture did pretty well. The freedom that came with running his own business allowed him to start his family in his early twenties.

Financial crises are usually not friendly to small businesses. They don’t spare even the bigger ones either. The Dot-com crash of two thousand literally crashed on Nick Vertucci’s head. His business like many other startups went under. For the next one and half years, Nick Vertucci lived a hard life that saw him sink into debt after debt.

It was during this difficult moments that Nick Vertucci was invited to a real estate seminar by his friend. This seminar would later prove to be the turning point of his life. Looking back, Nick Vertucci now accepts attending the seminar was perhaps the best decision he ever made in his life. After the seminar, the rest is probably history.

The years that followed saw the emergence of Vertucci the real estate mogul. He had learned the tricks of the game so well that a few years later he opted to help others learn the art and science of real estate. That desire led to the creation of Vertucci Real Estate Academy in January 2014. Currently, the academy popularly known as NVREA is one of the most sought-after real estate academies. In just a few years it has been ranked one of the top academies in the industry.

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