Nick Vertucci Teaches People To Make Money Using Real Estate

Nick Vertucci was broke and unemployed when he first became involved with real estate. Shortly afterward, he went from being broke to being a multimillionaire by following a few simple steps. Often he didn’t have to do very much more than clean up the properties and offer them to the right people to make thousands of dollars in profit. Opportunities like these still exists today and Vertucci teaches students in his NV Real Estate Academy the steps he took and more to help them to live prosperous lives through finding, upgrading and selling real estate. It’s Nick Vertucci’s way of giving back.

Nick Vertucci made some bad choices as a teen. As a result, he was forced to live in his van until he got himself on his feet. Eventually, he was able to turn used computer parts into a lucrative computer business. He saved his money and bought a house. He met a woman, fell in love, got married and had a few children. Then the bubble burst, his customers disappeared and his company shut down. For the next 18 months he could barely scrape up the money to pay his bill and take care of his family. He was unemployed, depressed and the future looked bleak.

A friend begged Vertucci to accompany him to a real estate seminar. Vertucci relented and went. It was the best decision he ever made. He came home with an effective plan for using real estate to make money. Using the information from the seminar, Nick Vertucci was able to buy and sell many properties and turn his life around financially. He then spent the next 10 years researching more and better ways to find real estate, get the money to buy it and locate willing and able buyers. He was determined to help others make money through real estate like his friend had done for him.

After gathering and testing lots of information on buying and selling real estate, Nick Vertucci created the NV Real Estate Academy. Through the academy Vertucci teaches people countless methods for making money using real estate.