Nathaniel Ru Takes Sweetgreen to Many Different Locations

Nathaniel Ru
Nathaniel Ru has been able to change the game when it comes to eating healthy food. He has shown people that there is something different to consider when it comes to fast food menu. People are seeing the Sweetgreen menu through more than 40 different locations in New York and California, and there seems to be even more growth on the way.


Nathaniel Ru has made a living out of presenting his vision to the world. Everyone may not have known that he would be as successful as he has been with the Sweetgreen franchise, but it is clear that he has a vision that people want to see more of.


It has been difficult to get people to consider the benefits of eating healthy, but Nathaniel seems to have done this in a very effective way. It appears that people are going to be more impressed with the concept of eating healthy because they have access to better menu options. It is one thing to tell children that they need to eat healthier and only present them with bland vegetables and fruit options. It is another thing to create a vision like what Nathaniel Ru has created and presented in a delectable way.


This is what he has done with Sweetgreen. He has given people access to menu items that are appealing. Nathaniel has also lured teens and young adults through the Sweetgreen Music Festival. There is even a Sweetgreen iOS app that allows people to create their orders online. All of these different things have played a part in captivating the youth and giving them a desire to know more about Ru and Sweetgreen. This franchise has become a very successful restaurant because it has been promoted well. Typically, this is going to be the thing that makes any restaurant chain thrive. If it is promoted well people will receive it well. Nathaniel Ru has to made lots of people see the value of Sweetgreen.


Fresh fruit and vegetables have become the cornerstone of Sweetgreen, and this concept has become the force for bringing forth a new type of restaurant environment. People are definitely going to be impressed with what Nathaniel Ru has done, and there are so many more people that are going to want to invest in Sweetgreen because Nathaniel Ru on to something big. He is changing the way that people see healthy food.

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