Madison Street Capital: Redefining the Financial Sector

Madison Street Capital is a middle-market finance firm that helps companies make sound and profitable decisions. The Chicago based company has advised numerous businesses around the world gaining a reputation for its professionalism and confidentiality.

They provide merger and acquisition services with their team of highly experienced staff members. In 2017, Madison Street Capital facilitated the merger between DCG software and Splitfire group. DCG Software has for over 20 years offered software solutions in Britain and the U.S.

Also, Madison Street Capital also helps firms acquire credit when the need arises. Ranging from operational lending, revolving credit facilities to secured lending facilities. The company helps their clients obtain loans and if successful, get a fee for their role as a financial arranger. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

In 2014 MSC helped a medical product manufacturer called Vitalcare get a commercial loan. Vitalcare’s management is quoted publicly praising MSC for their role in helping them select a great lender given the market conditions at the time and the company’s financial books.

The globally known Madison Street Capital has over the years helped businesses create capitalization structures that ensure increased profitability and client satisfaction. Their unparalleled connections with financial and strategic decision makers make them ideal for any financial advise a firm may need. Read more: Madison Street Capital | INC

A huge and sensitive software security provider ARES Security Corporation hired MSC as their sole financial advisor in a complex investment project. The minority recapitalization and subordinated debt transaction were critical for the firm’s future financial path. Offering computer security solutions to governments around the world and crucial systems to nuclear power plants, ARES was a sophisticated yet satisfactory and happy client.

With offices in the United States, Africa, and Asia, Madison Street Capital continues to redefine hedge fund management. While most hedge fund managers have been struggling to get new capital due to mediocre strategies in 2015 and increasing liabilities, MSC has continued with unparalleled performance.

Their team of highly trained and experienced professionals creates strategic asset management alternatives to accommodate market downturns. Such innovations make Madison Street Capital stand out in the highly volatile and sophisticated financial jungle.

The firm has a liberal stance on corporate social responsibility. For example in 2011, there was a weather disaster in several States of the U.S. Madison Street Capital donated to United Way and the Redcross to help victims of the disaster with food and shelter.

United way has been working in the affected areas of Midwest, East, and Gulf coasts to ensure full recovery and economic independence by 2018.They have been assisting in school and hospital building and working with local communities and government agencies.

MSC is one of the key partners in the financial institutions working to revive the regions.