Lime Crime Makeup Takes the Fashion Industry by Storm

The Lime Crime Makeup line is continuing to raise the bar in the highly fashionable hip scene with their unique and colorful vegan and gluten-free beauty products. Whether you want that subtle look for the office or something bold and flamboyant for that evening date, They offer a unique line of products for anyone to wear! What’s not to love with their cute and witty product names that remind you of your childlike-innocence. Names like Unicorn, Rainbow, Polly Pocket, Queen and more, along with their bright and fun product packaging; they attract all ages, and types of people. Most notably is their vast array of top selling Diamond Lip Toppers which have become a social media rave! These cool lip toppers glimmer and sparkle are long-lasting and never feel heavy or dull on your lips. And with so many unique colors, you can easily pair your favorite topper with some of their other trendy makeup and accessories as well.


For instance, consider pairing the Lit Rose Gold Lip Topper with a Sugar Plum or Pink Lemonade Pocket Candy Eye Shadow Palette that boasts of five different shades to accent your eyes and blend in with your lip topper. And for even bolder moves, consider Lime Crime’s Unicorn semi-permanent hair dyes for dark hair. With sassy colors like Seawitch (Teal), Squid (Purple), Charcoal (Black), try their Chestnut (Maroon) color for a whole new look! Whatever chic and stylish look you’d prefer, they have a vast array of makeup products – no matter the gender – that fits any lifestyle, age, trend, or look! From eye shadows, pop-on nails, hair dyes, blush, lipsticks and lip glosses; they have it all and are captivating the world. Look out for more Lime Crime colors, styles and gender-free trends in a store near you.