Important Eras and Events in American History

When compared to powerhouses like France and Britain, the United States comes out as a very young nation. But since it was founded in 1776, the United States has gone on to make vital developments that have led to it becoming an important global leader. Its history can be divided into various eras. The following are some of the periods that helped shape the modern-day America.

Exploration Age

It is an age that lasted between the 15th and 17th centuries. The exploration era took place at a time when the Europeans were orbiting the globe in search of natural resources and new trade routes. The exploration age led to the Spanish, British, and French forming numerous colonies all over North America.

Colonial Era and Federalist Period

The colonial era is one of the most fascination in American history. It started when the European powerhouses created colonies in the North American region to when America attained her independence from the colonial masters. It primarily focusses on the 13 British colonies.

The federalist period occurred when John Adams and George Washington were the presidents. Both were Federalist party members. But Washington later included members from the Anti-Federalist party in the government.

The Age of Jackson

It is an era that occurred between 1815 and 1840. This was when the American people started taking part in elections. Presidential powers were also greatly increased during this period, which paved the way for the powerful presidential office in use even now. Even with the increasing democratization of the nation, the American president still enjoys enormous powers.