How San Diego Business Leader Brian Bonar Proves The City Is A Great Place For Entrepreneurs

Each year something a little strange and wonderful happens in the city of San Diego. People come from many of the country’s corners and many of those people are dressed in elaborate costumes that are meant to call to mind of some of the world’s most celebrated and imaginary icons.

These people, known as cosplayers, spend time designing, sewing, embroidering and painting their costumes and themselves to look like characters as commonplace as Superman and Batman.

Many other cosplayers create costumes that are meant to pay homage to characters like Marvel comic book superhero Storm, the ring-wielding guardian Green Lantern and the zombie-fighting and apocalypse-surviving sword fighter Michonne of the Walking Dead. Cosplayers also come to the world-renown convention to pay homage to the sorts of characters that many comic book and film enthusiasts love to hate: villains.

There are people who have learned to perfect the vivid red manic smile of Batman’s arch-nemesis The Joker and the pigtails of his accomplice Harley Quinn who both recently starred in the DC film Suicide Squad.

Oftentimes many people can be seen walking through the halls of the large comic convention dressed as the icon villain Darth Vader from the film franchise Star Wars. They can also be seen dressed in the distinctive green dress and pink rabbit-eared hat of the lovable antagonist of the wildly popular family cartoon comedy Bob’s Burgers who is known as Louise Belcher.

San Diego is not just a home for people who have a deep affinity for comic books though. It is also a place where people who have a wide range of business interests can find a community of welcoming enthusiasts that they can learn from and grow with.

San Diego local Bonar is one of these people. While it is not certain that you will run into Bonar if you attend the San Diego Comic Con, you will definitely come to know him if you are involved the city’s flourishing business services sector or its restaurant sector. Brian Bonar is a member of the senior leadership of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

He also lends his many years of experience to the company Truecept where he is the company’s most senior leadership officer. Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept are both involved in delivering crucial services to other businesses.

Some of these services involve offering the kinds of insurance that companies offer to the people that they hire, the technologies that they depend on to be able to get the paychecks that their staff have earned from their work into their hands in a timely manner and the capacity to help companies that need qualified professionals to fill an opening while they spend time looking for a long-term team member to fill the role permanently. Bonar has also invested in a local restaurant known as Bellamy’s.