Greg Secker Serves the People

Even though Greg Secker is one of those people that few others see but many wish to be like, in the sense that his life is something of a success story starting with good quality origins, he proves himself to be also more than that. What makes him more than the sum of his parts is the fact that his efforts are spent making others more than what they start out to be as well. That statement deserves just a little bit of explaining, even though it is absolutely tue.

In a nutshell, his service and purpose is evident through works with the Knowledge to Action Group, Learn to Trade and the Greg Secker Foundation. It is all about teaching people about the skills he acquired while working on the trading floors of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). It is also about providing those who desire the knowledge the power to truly understand what it means to trade within an economic market. It comes down to supplying new swimmers, so to speak, with the floaty devices they need until these “nubes” master their own technique.

In doing so, Greg conducts much of his business from home, which basically means that after years of honing and refining his skills, he now truly sits in the captain’s chair. It’s not as if he does this for self-centered purposes, because he performs this way for the benefit of others. To truly reach his maximum effectiveness, his fingers must be on the pulse of more than one project at a time. Such is the nature of the organizations Secker heads. So, he heads his foundation from home and uses facetime for speaking engagements.

When it comes to the implementation of ideas and getting the best out of execution, he uses a visualization method of seeing what needs to be done and looks to the future as well as the past for guidance. Along with this vision he also recommends falling in love with a project to see that it gets done. He is laser focused about giving back the power to the people and working together to achieve goals rather than fighting and scratching in the name of competition.