Fabletics Is Competing Against Amazon With Shoppers Choosing New Athletic Wear Membership Plans

Have you ever walked into an athletic wear store and looked through all the racks only to find that there is nothing that you like? Have you ever been forced to purchase those plain, black yoga pants in order to hit the gym when asked? If so, you should check out Fabletics.


You have all heard about Fabletics, right? You know the commercials on television where you see actress Kate Hudson practicing a number of yoga poses with beautiful athletic wear. You can have access to those same types of workout gear when you signup for a membership plan with Fabletics.


Are you curious how a membership plan works for clothing? In recent years, many new businesses have learned that by providing a monthly shipment of clothing to their subscribers, just like with a magazine subscription. The difference being is that it is clothing instead of magazines.


You will signup for the membership plan which will then ship you monthly, a new outfit. It will allow you to be able to have sneak peaks at new designs coming up and it will use the lifestyle quiz to determine what future orders you will receive. The lifestyle quiz is just like having your own personal shopping buddy to help you determine what outfits are the best.


Fabletics has learned that it must compete with other virtual showrooms like Amazon. In the recent years, Amazon has been the leader in most sales of shoppers who are looking to purchase items for their home, beauty regimen, furniture and clothing. When the virtual store rooms have taken over, it can be difficult to compete for customers. Fabletics hasn’t had to compete much however.


When the idea came out for creating a workout wear line that would be shipped to members monthly, the idea was brilliant and they knew to pull it off, they would need someone who would be able to reach the target audience. The idea to pull Kate Hudson in was one that was an easy decision to make. Little did they know that when they brought her on, that she would be so actively involved with making sure that the business would be a success.


Fabletics had plenty of time to learn how to compete against other big names who supply customers with much needed retail items. The various levels of retail vary from clothing to electronics. Most major brands are now joining the membership club by allowing their customers to receive monthly shipments of all variety of retail goods.