Events in the American History

The narrative that shared experiences often shape the Americas’ identities is true. Many notable historical happenings cannot go down the drain just like that. Among them are those that seem to be of more significance than others among the Americans. Below are only a few of examples.



The Gulf War – August 1990 to the 28 February 1991



A survey by the Pew Research Center and A+E Networks’ History channel found that about 10% of respondents in this survey put this experience among the top 10 experiences that shape America’s history. The war happened during President George H.W. Bush presidency. The study revealed that up to 10% of men placed this historic event on their top 10 list as compared to their female counterparts, which was 8%.



The Orlando shooting June 12, 2016



This was an organized mass shooting where 49 people lost their lives and more than 50 maimed. Millennials and Latinos are reported to have been among the highest population that ranked this event high. This attack happened in Pulse nightclub in Orlando during the Latin Night and is said to have targeted the Latinos, since 90% of those killed were the Latinos.



The Iraq Invasion



Also termed as the Second Gulf War, the war begun in 2013 when the US-led coalition invaded Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein. The battle then lasted for about a decade, as an insurgency cropped up which seemed to oppose the occupying force. It is estimated that more 600,000 got killed within the first four years of war.



Afghanistan War



As a result of the 9/11 attacks, the then US president George W. Bush demanded Taliban to arrest Osama Bin Laden and immediately dismiss Al-Qaeda. Initially, the US forces had been backed by Canada and the UK in the Afghanistan invasion, and later 40 more nations and all NATO member states joined the fight.