David Giertz Advises Young People On Retirement

Are you a young person who is smart enough to care about the future? You may think that retirement is too far away to start preparing for, but the truth is that the earlier you start, the better prepared you will be. It will come eventually, after all.

David Giertz recommends that you use compound interest. This way, your savings will continue to increase every year. When it actually becomes time to retire, you will be left with a lot more money than you ever thought possible.

In addition, you should probably start a side gig. This is something that you can do from home or in your free time, whenever you get a chance. It may not be enough for a full time income, but as long as you have some sort of steady income stream, you will be more secure when you retire.

Finally, you should definitely pay off all your debts as soon as possible. This is such an important step for preparing for retirement. If you are not healthy financially, then how can you be ready to retire? You can not. You need to pay off your student loans and any other debt or credit card debt that you may have.

David Giertz is well known in the financial world. He has years of experience working for companies. He worked for Nationwide Financial, managing their sales and distribution department. He grew it by almost seven billion dollars in revenue. He was also at CitiGroup for ten years. David Giertz started out as a Financial Services Advisor and worked his way up the ranks until he became Executive Vice President of Sales. He has been helping with a number of organizations in the community. He is a certified business coach by WABC.