Creating Change Overseas: Lime Crime Brings Vegan Cosmetics to China

Lime Crime is an cosmetics manufacturer that has recently launched overseas in China. It was not easy to get involved overseas, however Lime Crime has made the necessary partnerships to succeed. Their management team described having to put all ideas out the window when it came to this emerging market. What they learned along the way made a big difference.

As a vegan cosmetic brand it was difficult to get recognition at first. In China, the national law required that animal testing be completed on each item. However, Lime Crime did not agree with this and was not interested in completing such trials. Nevertheless, they were able to launch based on a loophole in the law establishing that non-tested items must be shipped directly from the United States.

This wasn’t the last of the challenges when Lime Crime attempted to expand into Chinese markets. Even before launching, a number of counterfeits were identified overseas. This was problematic because LimeCrime was not involved with the creation of these fakes. They also were not able to verify the source or ingredients in these imitation products, which may have contributed to unpopular reactions.

Battling these counterfeit products was challenging, but Lime Crime established a good way around the problem. They partnered with an American fashion brand, Revolve. This company became the official carrier of the Lime Crime products. Customers knew that they were getting the authentic versions when reaching Revolve’s website, instead of wondering about other potential vendors.

Despite initial setbacks, customers in China soon caught on to the amazing vegan products that Lime Crime has. They were able to generate a significant amount of interest even before reaching the overseas markets. The results were amazing, as people were anticipating the release of the Lime Crime products through email subscription and by following them online.

Creating the hype in China was much different than in other markets, management of Lime Crime explained. Nonetheless the steps that they took to address incumbent issues made it possible to get promising results this quarter and the potential for even better sales next year.