Limecrime Makeup Hues Are Making Bold, New Statements

Controversial makeup brand, Limecrime is known widely for the production of bright makeup which violates all the rules of makeup. The people who love Limecrime are known to others as unicorns and the CEO and Founder, Doe Deere is played as the Queen of Unicorns.


Born in Russia and raised for much of her childhood years, Doe Deere moved to the United States when she was only 17 years old. During the move to New York, Doe held the dream of being a musician. Her dream was lived for a number of years and it was this life lesson that helped to teach her the much needed life lessons which are used in the business world today. The music helped her to understand the need for marketing skills and to appreciate those who come to events. Learn more:


Doe Deere was recently interviewed by Guest of a Guest where she was approached about her business decisions and decisions surrounding her personal life. Speaking for the love that she held very early on for makeup, Doe was only 13 when she first started out helping her friends. What started as applying of temporary tattoos turned into something bigger when she learned a marketing skill at such an early age. During the temporary tattoo faze, Doe learned that by wearing the temporary tattoos herself, she could sell more to the kids in school and on the playground.


Doe Deere has always loved business. During her stay in New York, Doe Deere met her husband while playing in a band. The love they have for the business is a passion the two of them hold. Today, Doe Deere’s husband is the President of the Company Limecrime.


While being interviewed, Doe Deere spoke about the importance of being in touch with one’s self for being special while trying to overcome your fears and self esteem. The business, Limecrime was first launched in the year 2008 and was the idea of Doe while trying to find makeup that would be as bold as her personality. What started out as first being a pigmented makeup, she went on to create other products to her cosmetic line. The experience she has in marketing and business is what helps to make her successful in the business world. Doe Deere first started out by selling her items on the website E-Bay. She learned how to focus, be influential and be kind while producing makeup lines.


Deutsche Bank Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg Is Attracting New Talent To The Banking Industry

Being an executive recruiter isn’t easy these days. The Baby Boomers are retiring, and a whole new generation is waiting to take over. The Gen-Xers are in control in the business world now, but the Millennial generation is the group that will lead the world over the next three decades. Millennials are an interesting group. Work is not as important as it was for Baby Boomers. Many people in their twenties and thirties believe college did nothing for them but put them in debt. Executive recruiters are employing new strategies to motivate Millennials. Julie Zuckerberg, the lead recruiter for Deutsche Bank, is one of the modern-day recruiters that knows how to deal with and hire Millennials. Zuckerberg has an impressive work and education history. She attended City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studies philosophy. Being an executive recruiter for the banking industry does take some philosophical learning as well as psychological discipline. Julie Zuckerberg has both. Deutsche Bank is a great employer and Zuckerberg is a great recruiter.



Julie didn’t become a great recruiter overnight. She learned how to talk to the people in the new workforce. She got to know the talent and the desires of current bank employees. Employees are the first group she looks at when there is an open position. Zuckerberg believes that promoting and making lateral moves from within build confidence, morale, and appreciation for the company. Julie plays close attention to social media sites. She finds potential new employees from people that do the same job in the banking industry. Trained people usually produce results faster when it comes to increased productivity and performance. At times, Zuckerberg also likes to get employees involved in the hiring process. Employees help identify possible candidates faster, and they can contribute information and details about a prospective employee before the interview process begins. Failing to use employee information during the hiring process can be a mistake, so Zuckerberg likes to have an open dialogue with employees when there is a position available.



Recruiters like Julie Zuckerberg use several different strategies in today’s business world to attract new talent. Julie is very active in several professional organizations. She maintains a close relationship with university placement offices, other recruiters, and executive search firms across the country. Deutsche Bank does have an excellent employment package, so Julie does have an advantage when she searches for outside talent. Plus, Deutsche Bank has an excellent reputation as a great employer, and that helps keep people around longer. Keeping Millennials in entry-level positions is a challenge, but Julie is able to interact with her new hires to keep them motivated and happy. Zuckerberg is busy recruiting even when she’s not officially on the clock, but she still finds time to appreciate art exhibits, good food, and spending time outdoors. Julie is an avid photographer and runner, so when she’s not working she’s running and taking photos for her collection. Zuckerberg is a well-rounded individual. She has to be in order to perform in the high-stress banking industry.