Susan McGalla: A woman with vision

Susan McGalla an amazing woman and personality who could fit in every role and do her all responsibilities with full devotion. She was an entrepreneur, executive consultant and inspiring young leader for all the women out there, philanthropist, activist, motivational speaker was some of the roles she was seen in. She started her career with full devotion, hard work, determination and got all the success and fame in her path. Currently, she is the Vice President of Pittsburg Steelers handling the responsibilities of creative development and business strategy.

She is also the institutor of P3 Executive Consulting, a prominent working advisory services firm in financial and capital markets with both sell-side and buy-side analysis services. The company provides details consulting services to the buyer and the seller as well, so both can get all the possible information and tactics require to do better business. The company also provide expert advisory services in marketing, branding, talent management, omni-channel execution and product merchandising to strategy, and P&L/ operational efficiencies.

Susan McGalla is a motivation to a lot of women out there who want to broaden their perspective and work in different fields, such as women who want to make their name in the financial and retail world. She shares her experiences with all the women out there on how to become successful in one field and how to grow a business, she inspires women in all ways, she believes that hard work always pays off, all you have to world is to love what you do and work hard. She gave a lot of motivational speeches on different occasion including Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburg, Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series, and more. She also explains how her parents always encouraged her and supported her to peruse her dreams from childhood and taught her how to be independent and courageous and good presenter so that the audience should know how devoted you are towards your field. Because of that, McGalla was always confident and comfortable to work with both men and women, she believed in gender equality and women can do everything if they have will power.

Joseph Horne Company was the first company she joined in 1986, in store network department she was appointed to different marketing and managerial positions where she worked responsibly. 1n 1994 because of her constant hard work she became Chief Merchandising Officer of American Egle Outfitters, a leading clothing retailer and later on was promoted as a president because of her brilliant performance. As the president of the company, she launched 77 other brands and later on left the company and started working as an independent consultant to the retail industry. In 2011, she started working with other organizations again and work seal was one of them, a retail network working on women footwear and accessories and then found her own organization named of P3 Executive Consulting. She never stopped working hard and kept following dreams.


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Susan McGalla: American Businesswoman

Susan McGalla has a very impressive list of accomplishments under her name. She is a well known American Businesswoman, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She began her career at a company called Joseph Horne Company, in 1986. She was working for this company as a marketer and also worked in various managerial positions as well. In 1994, she left Joseph Horne Company and began her career with American Eagle Outfitters. She started with American Eagle as a divisional merchandise purchaser for women’s clothing. She worked at this company in various managerial positions as well, but eventually worked her way up to becoming the president and chief merchandising officer.

At first, she was the president and chief merchandising officer of the American Eagle brand. Eventually, she became the entire company’s president and chief merchandising officer, and was able to oversee the company launch new brands such as 77kids and aerie. In January of 2009, Susan decided to leave American Eagle Outfitters. After she left she went on to becoming a private consultant for the retail and financial investment industries. With her background and years of experience in the retail business, she thought that she would be a perfect fit to help consult on investment opportunities in the retail market.

Later in 2009, McGalla was appointed to the Board of Directors of HFF Inc, which is a large provider of the commercial real estate and capital markets in the United States industries. Susan because the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc in the beginning of 2011. Wet Seal Inc is a corporation that is also in the retail business, but focuses on budget clothes. In 2012, McGalla decided to found a private consulting company called P3 Executive Consulting. Since then, she has become the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the widely known football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ms. Susan McGalla has had many years of experience in the fashion industry, which is why she decided to found a professional executive consulting firm where she can help other companies on whatever they may need in this category as well. She is on the board of Trustees for the University of Pittsburgh, and is on the council for the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Susan McGalla is a very busy woman, but still manages to find time to spend with her husband and children. Her husband works as a wealth manager.