OneLogin: Protecting Corporate Data

OneLogin is an American tech company which provides identity and access management services through the cloud. The company was established in 2009 and their main goal is to create a secure system where businesses can store their data, back it up, and access it anytime they wanted. The company aims to simplify the process of accessing business data, but at the same time, applying high level of security to ensure that the data would not be lost or stolen. The proliferation of shadow IT experts inside the company premises gave rise to the use of products sold by OneLogin.

According to businesses, one constant problem that they are bumping into would be the unauthorized back-ups and changes to their data and digital documents. These are done by shadow IT experts, or those who are working inside the company that illegally copies files for backing up purposes.

Sometimes, these shadow IT experts are installing harmful software and application inside the company computer system for the purpose of backing up. Although their intention is to protect the company data from being lost due to hard ware break down and other reasons, they are actually doing more damage and risk to it because of the breach in security. OneLogin aims to stop the practice by using their products to give access strictly to authorized persons. The data will be stored in the cloud, and can only be accessed by those who were given the permission.

The world is changing at a fast pace, and businesses has to go with the flow for them to thrive. However, as the technology advances and new options are becoming available to the corporate world, thinking about how to protect the business interest is becoming a major issue because of hackers who can still the data and information stored inside the company premises. Without the help from the cloud, millions of information can be stolen overnight by the best hackers, and it can do serious damage to businesses around the world. The use of third party identity and access management services like OneLogin would eliminate this risk and will leave the business owners and the employees with a sigh of relief.

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OneLogin Offers New Technology For Better Businesses

The business world is rapidly changing. While every transaction used to be documented by hand and filed away to more than likely never be looked over again, this process has drastically changed in the age of the internet. More specifically, cloud technologies have greatly increased the amount of customer data that can be processed and the organization of that customer data as well.

Manufacturers often deal with many clients and many vendors to produce a product or a variety of products. This is the perfect application for cloud based identity and access management or IAM. This allows all contacts of a manufacturer to be neatly organized and well documented throughout their lifetime as a partner of any company. One of the most respected companies that specializes in cloud based IAM is OneLogin.

Not only does OneLogin allow your company to organizes the information of thousands of potential vendors but it also is able to keep that information safe. Cyber security has quickly become one of the top priorities of major businesses across the globe because so much is at stake. If your information is not properly protected it puts not only your own company’s sensitive information at risk but also the sensitive information of all the companies that it does business with and has on file. Despite the fact that OneLogin offers extremely secure data storage it is a relatively simple system to operate. All too often with security comes complication which greatly reduces the productivity of the business and the business’s vendors.

Utilizing a service like cloud based IAM from OneLogin saves a company money and improves their bottom line. Saving countless labor hours on tedious administrative costs allows those employees to be utilized in other, more effective ways to help grow the business even larger. Companies like OneLogin are changing the way the world does business regardless of business size. Their unique technology streamlines the process of doing business with other which means more transactions can be processed and more money can be made. In order to survive in the business world, companies must continue to adapt to the technologies of tomorrow.

OneLogin and Envoy’s New Standard for Visitor Registration

Envoy is a company located in San-Francisco. The company has developed a software which allows its office visitors to sign in through an iPad. Envoy has automated the visitor registration process that includes host notifications and digital NDA. The movement of employees into and out of Envoy can be a challenge especially for the IT administrators who have to ensure there is a secure system and smooth –end user experience. Envoy has worked with One Login to create an automated user that is available to the Enterprise customers.

The system for cross-domain identity management simplifies the user management. The SCIM enabled applications can be used to accelerate the application rollout through synchronizing the user attributes. The management of employees and guest application users like contractors can be a big challenge for the IT department in any organization. There are usually several people in different teams performing duplicate work, and yet all employee records should be up to date for all systems. At Envoy, customers get the most from the visitor registration when the records are accurate and frequently updated, making them easy to manage. This system also allows workers to create visitor invites and get host notifications alerting them when their guests arrive.

Customers use the OneLogin integration as a source of truth and syncs all the employee data in the Envoy directory. According to Wells Riley, Head of Product at Envoy, the integration ensures that any changes made in the directory are sent to Envoy. This does not only improve the overall office security but also saves time since only the current employees are selected as host whenever visitors login. Wells also explains that the reason why Envoy adopted SCIM is that it is a standard that will help Envoy’s scale.

OneLogin supports the adoption of access management and open identity which offers user provision and single sign-on. According to Wells, the timely partner support and clear API documentation of OneLogin makes it straightforward to integrate with Envoy. They are always excited to work with partners who share their vision for creating an effortless experience at work, and OneLogin shares the same thought.