Historic Holiday But Some Feel Donald Trump’s Name Does Not Bear Celebrating

The third Monday of February marks the holiday now called Presidents’ Day, and originally, the day was set aside to honor the nation’s first Commander in Chief George Washington. His birthday is actually on February 22, and it used to be remembered on that date.

As the years went along, some states decided to morph the holiday celebrating Washington into a multi-occasion for favorite dead presidents. Washington’s birthday developed into Presidents’ Day by including Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, and it was suited for a Monday holiday to give workers more 3-day weekends.

Today, the national holiday is symbolic of honoring all American presidents, past and present, but the name of Donald Trump appears to be causing some issues.

Some people don’t consider President Donald Trump a “real president,” says a report in Saturday’s Daily Beast.

The publication wrote a searing piece on the 45th Commander In Chief, saying that he may sit in the Oval Office and reside in the White House but that he does not represent the United States. The reporter, Joy-Ann Reid, called Trump hollow and one who leads with zero moral authority.

Reid urged readers to make their opinions heard at the voting booth come November and vote in a Democratic Congress to make things right, establish the need for sanctions against Russia. and toss around the idea of impeaching President Trump.

On Monday, Presidents’ Day, Reid encouraged people to focus on the celebration of “the persistence of hope.”

Reid isn’t alone in her frustration with President Trump. ‘Not My President’s Day’ rallies are being planned again this year on Monday as most have the holiday off.

Protestors in cities like New York will gather to “not” celebrate President Donald Trump. Last year, thousands took to the streets to offer their opinions on the Trump White House, saying that his beliefs are not shared by the majority of the people.