Pearl Harbor Anniversary Event Planned In Phoenix

While the Christmas season is in the air, there is also a memorable day in American history that one American president once said “will live in infamy.” That day is the remembrance of Pearl Harbor coming on December 7. Communities across the US usually host some ceremonies to commemorate the day including one that’s coming up in Phoenix, AZ close to the capitol building where the current memorial to the USS Arizona sits. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will be delivering remarks about the event and what it means for today, and will also put an honorary wreath on display, and then two aircraft from the WWII period will be flying over. This ceremony will take place on December 7 itself, but there are some counties that hold independent memorial services on the days leading up to the 7th.

Pearl Harbor is always going to be kept in US history as a tragedy most known for all the lives that were claimed and the loss of security many Hawaii residents and even US citizens may have been feeling upon hearing about the attack. But one thing the Pearl Harbor Museum in Hawaii notes is that the attack may have actually prevented much worse devastation from WWII considering the territories that the axis powers were gaining at the time. Had the US waited much longer, their getting involved in the war may have happened too late. As America has learned through the years from Pearl Harbor and into the 21st century with 9/11, there is never a time to be unprepared for attacks. Even though this is the holiday season and a lot of work is usually done leading up to it, it’s good to take a little time out of the schedule to visit a veterans memorial.