Jeremy Goldstein offering knockout options

Companies both big and small are beginning to cut stock options from employee benefits packages. Many complex factors have played in a part in companies decisions. There are three main concerns about this type of compensation. (1) The accounting expenses negates any expected gains.(2) When the stock value falls suddenly, employees will not have enough time to execute their options, while the company accountants must report all associated expenses. That opens up stockholders to the threat of possible option overhang. (3) Stock options provide employees with a coin-toss type of compensation.


Despite the concerns made and the criticisms, there are advantages of options being a form of equity compensation. First, employees only benefit if the stock value increases. Options create incentives for employees to keep the stock value high. Second, stock options are easy to understand to employees. Third, easiest to administer under the strict Internal Revenue Service regulations.


For those who continue to want to offer options, there is a solution called the “knockout” stock option. The option is similar to its counterpart, by having similar vesting features and time limits. However, the option will automatically be terminated if the price of the stock falls below a set level. The knockout options result in lower accounting expenses in comparison to traditional stock options. Knockout options eliminate the obstacles that come with stock-based compensation.


In order to further consider offering options, the company executives need to meet with auditors to discuss any potential consequences relating to the offering of these options to employees. Jeremy Goldstein believes company need to wait half a year before offering new options, otherwise it may impact their quarterly financial statement negatively. When companies go with options instead of offering shares, they draw less tax burdens.


Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced financial lawyer consultant. He advises corporate executives when it comes to business issues such as corporate governance and executive compensation. He is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Prior to starting his boutique firm, he was partner at Lipton, Rosen and Katz, from 2000 to 2014. Jeremy Goldstein has over 15 years of experience as a lawyer. He has been influential in several major corporate transactions involving many top companies such as Chevron, United Technologies, Duke Energy, Verizon and GM. Jeremy Goldstein is based in New York City, New York and has become one of the country’s top business lawyers. He continues to help companies in need of advice on employee compensation. Learn more:

Hire A Competent Legal Whistleblower Claim

The Dobb-Frank act was enacted in 2010, by Congress, to protect whistleblowers and create laws that would prosecute Security Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation violations. SEC laws are very complex and change consistently with the need for more extensive prosecution and protection for the individual that provides information. Thousands of individuals around the world depend on the transparency of the financial sector and have neglected to trust in retirement or the stock market. When you’re worried about your employer retaliating about information that you may provide, concerning financial fraud, hire a SEC whistleblower attorney to take your case and help you win your claim.


Securities laws have two main objectives that they push to the general public that include transparency and the release of information to a hire authority when suspected fraud, misrepresentation, or deceit is taking place. Labaton Sucharow was one of the first legal firms in the nation that decided to dedicate his entire practice to SEC laws. This also gave him an opportunity to implement and amend SEC laws to work towards more financial support for his clients. In fact, he is responsible for one of the largest SEC claim payouts in U.S. history.


SEC laws require that 10-30% of any money collected, over a million dollars be awarded to the whistleblower. In fact, a SEC attorney can help you collect from other agencies that use your information to file further claims and collect from the accused. For example, if law enforcement decides to prosecute and collects money, the whistleblower is entitled to a financial portion. Your information has saved the SEC time and money towards an independent investigation. More importantly, a quality attorney will be concerned with protecting your rights. Hire a legal professional to fight for your rights, when you need them.


Hiring a professional will help you maintain your privacy, when you’re filing a claim. It can help you protect your job position, in the event, that you hand over key information that leads to prosecution. Often times, you’ll be given a free consultation that will allow you to sit down with a SEC whistleblower lawyer and get answers to all your questions. They have the opportunity to brief you about your case and tell you where you stand. You should maintain your client-attorney privilege to make sure that your information doesn’t leave outside the room. Visit your local online directory for more details on SEC laws and representation today.