Securus Technologies, the leading Tech Company

We are a company founded in 1986 to be a leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions to ensure the safety of people. We tend to acquire Jpay Inc an action we have justified by signing a definitive stock purchase agreement. We have launched apps which are meant to educate people, and the company is currently operating in more than 33 state prison systems.


Working with the prisons is an advantage for the company because we can provide anything that requires high-tech software to operate in either a modern prison or jail. Jpay has been our role model due to its inventiveness in the industry for many years and the success that they have achieved throughout the years, therefore the need for us to work with them regarding production and workforce.


If you want high-quality products, best priced and products that provide the best security, look no more, Securus technologies have it all.Having partnered with Jpay makes us share their vision, company culture and value their management team, and this helps the merged company achieve the set goals.


We are a company committed to serving and providing quality high-tech products and services to our customers, hence making the world a safe place for all to live.We have recently received Better business bureau (BBB) accreditation being rated as an A+ company, the highest rating that any company would receive.


In addition to this remarkable accreditation, we have received formal accreditation due to being able to put an action in what we say and issue in print. We are focused on what matters, and that’s why we introduced a technology system meant to control band cell phones.


By 2016, our managed access solutions had led to receiving approval in more than five departments of correction facilities. We have also partnered with Harris Corporation on a technology known as Cell defender.

Securus Technology Leads in the Provision of Security Protection Technology

Securus Technology is located in Dallas. The company was founded in 1986, and it has regional offices in America, Texas, and Dallas. The profit-making organization offers technology solutions to correctional facilities. The company has contracts with more than 2600 prisons in the U.S and an estimate of 1000 employees. The firm acquired Syscon Justice Systems in 2007, making its brand stronger.


Securus Technology introduced a system that controls contraband cell phones. Customers have shown specific appreciation for this development through letters and emails. In 2016, the company partnered with Harris Corporation to create the Cell Defender technology, and in 2017, it developed the Wireless Containment Solution that is meant to stop contraband cell phones from connecting to a mobile network.


Securus is recognized as one of the leading providers of technology solutions for security problems in the U.S market. Due to their dedication and commitment to meeting customer needs by always being innovative and leading in the market, the firm has built a brand over the years and largely gained customer loyalty. The competitors in the market cannot match up to Securus Technology because of its large clientele base and the remarkable customer loyalty they have. It is almost as if 99% of the clients of Securus Technology are return customers.


One of the remarks from the customers of Securus Technology that has caught the attention of many people in the market is the client who recognizes Securus for its LBS software. The LBS software together with other resources of law enforcement has enabled the sheriff department to recover millions of illegal money and assets. Thanks to the software, the recovery of lost assets has been made easy. According to the client, the LBS innovation is the best in the market and is a good reason to continue working with Securus Technology.


Securus Technologies – Giving Law Enforcement Officers an Edge Over the Competitors

Securus Technologies is a premier company in the field of inmate communications and correctional technology. The company has been serving in the prison sphere for close to three decades and has received rave reviews from its patrons, investors, and customers, for excellent products and services. One of the primary reasons why the company has achieved such tremendous success is because of its excellent customer service and a broad range of products and services. Securus Technologies continues to add new products and services to its inventory to ensure it stays ahead of the competition. Recently, the company also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service, which shows the level of commitment of the company to its clients.



In the field of inmate communications, Securus Technologies is ranked as one of the best in the field. Around 2,600 correctional agencies use the services offered by Securus Technologies, and more than a million inmates depend on the products and services provided by the company. It shows the outreach of the enterprise in the industry, and its ability to handle large volumes in the inmate communications industry. The combination of advanced products and services with attentive and responsive customer service has helped Securus Technologies reach to the top in no time.



Securus Technologies recently published a press release on the internet, where it showed the excerpts from the letters sent by the law enforcement officers. The press release showed the admiration of the law enforcement officers for the company’s products and services. The law enforcement officers feel that the enterprise’s products and services are highly efficient in providing a safe environment for carrying out their tasks. It also helps with catching the offenders with ease and reduces crime rate overall in the society. Securus Technologies continues to build new technology to ensure that the law enforcement officers have the edge over the criminals.



This Is How Securus Technologies Reduces Crime

Securus Technologies, founded in 1986, provides solutions to prisons and other correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies to help them do their job. It is based in Texas and Georgia. It employs over two thousand people.


They serve over twenty six hundred correctional facilities from all over the United States. They have invested over six hundred million dollars in order to improve technologies for law enforcement. For example, one of their technologies is a system that is designed to control contraband cell phones.


They also provide telephone and calling services to inmates around the country. Their cell defender technology was developed in conjunction with Harris Corporation. Its Wireless Containment Solution prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to a network. They serve over one million inmates.


Recently, their customers have come out with comments about their service. The comments happened to be raving reviews about how Securus Technology helped them reduce crime. It has helped one law enforcement agency tap phones in order to catch a rogue employee who was dealing with illegal contraband. Other facilities have been able to crack down on the usage of drugs, alcohol and other forbidden substances.


When there is a threat or a complaint of harassment, customers are able to use the technology to prevent it. In middle of an investigation, one customer was able to use the alert feature to nab and capture the suspect. Using the LBS feature, countless satisfied sheriff officers have been able to nab those who deal with illegal cash, drugs and other substances. Once, an inmate was talking with siblings and they were discussing what the younger sibling should say about a murder case. This helped the particular law enforcement agency crack the case and catch the suspect. It has helped countless other agencies take care of all their inmates and prevent illegal things from happening.


Securus Video Visitation Building a Bond Between Inmates and Loved Ones

When I came across an article about Securus video visitation software, I was reminded once again how far technology has taken us, and just how important our advancement has been in communications. When you consider how easy it is to keep in touch these days, you may not think about what that can mean for incarcerated individuals and their loved ones, but it is a very important area that needs to be taken into consideration. Securus Technologies makes it even easier for inmates and their loved ones to keep in touch and stay connected during a time when lines of communication and be difficult to sustain.


Visiting an incarcerated loved one can be emotionally draining and time consuming for anyone, but when you add children into the equation, it becomes something that many would rather not participate in at all. Often times inmates and their children go weeks or years without communication, but with Securus video visitation all of that can change for the better. Inmates and their loved ones can now use video visitation software that allows visits to be performed online, meaning an inmate’s family can visit their loved one from the comfort of their own home.


While watching a visitation video I was blown away by a heartwarming video visit between a daughter and her incarcerated father. In the video the father was helping his daughter with her homework, while encouraging her to follow her dreams of going to collage. They laughed and spoke lovingly with one another as if it were just an everyday video call. I have never seen anything as incredibly touching, as this father daughter bond during a very difficult time.


Securus Technology is making inmates and their family’s visitation experience one that will not leave them feeling empty and disconnected, but full of meaning, hope and cherished memories. Birthdays, graduations and other milestones can now be shared even when a loved one can not be physically present. I imagine all of the children that now aren’t forced to feel alone while their parents are away and spouses left with peace of mind knowing that they can see loved ones even if they can’t travel. Video visitation is opening up a new world of communication for inmates and the people that love them, and this advancement is only the beginning.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.