This Is How Securus Technologies Reduces Crime

Securus Technologies, founded in 1986, provides solutions to prisons and other correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies to help them do their job. It is based in Texas and Georgia. It employs over two thousand people.


They serve over twenty six hundred correctional facilities from all over the United States. They have invested over six hundred million dollars in order to improve technologies for law enforcement. For example, one of their technologies is a system that is designed to control contraband cell phones.


They also provide telephone and calling services to inmates around the country. Their cell defender technology was developed in conjunction with Harris Corporation. Its Wireless Containment Solution prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to a network. They serve over one million inmates.


Recently, their customers have come out with comments about their service. The comments happened to be raving reviews about how Securus Technology helped them reduce crime. It has helped one law enforcement agency tap phones in order to catch a rogue employee who was dealing with illegal contraband. Other facilities have been able to crack down on the usage of drugs, alcohol and other forbidden substances.


When there is a threat or a complaint of harassment, customers are able to use the technology to prevent it. In middle of an investigation, one customer was able to use the alert feature to nab and capture the suspect. Using the LBS feature, countless satisfied sheriff officers have been able to nab those who deal with illegal cash, drugs and other substances. Once, an inmate was talking with siblings and they were discussing what the younger sibling should say about a murder case. This helped the particular law enforcement agency crack the case and catch the suspect. It has helped countless other agencies take care of all their inmates and prevent illegal things from happening.


Securus Video Visitation Building a Bond Between Inmates and Loved Ones

When I came across an article about Securus video visitation software, I was reminded once again how far technology has taken us, and just how important our advancement has been in communications. When you consider how easy it is to keep in touch these days, you may not think about what that can mean for incarcerated individuals and their loved ones, but it is a very important area that needs to be taken into consideration. Securus Technologies makes it even easier for inmates and their loved ones to keep in touch and stay connected during a time when lines of communication and be difficult to sustain.


Visiting an incarcerated loved one can be emotionally draining and time consuming for anyone, but when you add children into the equation, it becomes something that many would rather not participate in at all. Often times inmates and their children go weeks or years without communication, but with Securus video visitation all of that can change for the better. Inmates and their loved ones can now use video visitation software that allows visits to be performed online, meaning an inmate’s family can visit their loved one from the comfort of their own home.


While watching a visitation video I was blown away by a heartwarming video visit between a daughter and her incarcerated father. In the video the father was helping his daughter with her homework, while encouraging her to follow her dreams of going to collage. They laughed and spoke lovingly with one another as if it were just an everyday video call. I have never seen anything as incredibly touching, as this father daughter bond during a very difficult time.


Securus Technology is making inmates and their family’s visitation experience one that will not leave them feeling empty and disconnected, but full of meaning, hope and cherished memories. Birthdays, graduations and other milestones can now be shared even when a loved one can not be physically present. I imagine all of the children that now aren’t forced to feel alone while their parents are away and spouses left with peace of mind knowing that they can see loved ones even if they can’t travel. Video visitation is opening up a new world of communication for inmates and the people that love them, and this advancement is only the beginning.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.