High Fibre Diet Reduces the Risk of Arthritis

A healthy life is founded on a healthy diet. An individual should pay close attention to detail so as to eat well. A healthy diet should in every possible way be balanced. Making sure that a diet has enough fibre is one of the most important factors. Many benefits are accompanied with consuming fibre including reducing the potential for defects such as colon cancer and keeping one’s digestive system in shape. A recent study has suggested that by consuming enough fibre in every meal has extra benefits that better an individual’s overall health as they age.

Joint Health
Joint problems are usually associated with ageing individuals. When the cartilage in the joints starts wearing down, these individual get arthritis. This medical condition is excruciating, and it prevents individual from doing their daily activities as it impairs their mobility. A recent study has indicated the possibility of preventing the risk of suffering from arthritis. The research was conducted with more than six thousand people in separate studies involved. The results were astounding as the individuals who consumed more fibre reduced the risk of getting arthritis during their lifetime by more than 30 per cent. A smaller study further indicated the reduction of the risk by sixty per cent. The study showed that as the individuals consumed more fibre, risk of getting arthritis decreased further.

Numerous Possibilities
Although researcher is not completely certain how consuming more fibre benefits people, indications of multiple benefits have however been seen. Individuals who consume more fibre are felt full faster and longer and hence eat less. Eating less translates to a better management of weight. Overweight people tend to place more stress on the body. By consuming a diet that is rich in fibre, it helps in checking body weight which ensures less stress on the knees.