Is Scrapping Off Obamacare Necessary? The Probable Impacts on Healthcare

The State of Healthcare in the United States

According to the recent data from the United Nations, America has a total population of approximately 326,574,820 people. 4.5% of the population can’t access healthcare due to the high cost involved

The government is obliged to ensure that all its citizen have the access to affordable healthcare. In 2009, Barrack Obama became the President of the United States. The Senate passed a legislation to ensure that every citizen is covered by a health policy. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law by the president.

Obamacare’s Role in Provision of Better Healthcare

The Obamacare was a significant milestone in ensuring that all Americans were well covered. Those who could not afford to purchase the policies from the insurance firms were allowed to purchase the policies from the government. The government set aside $5 billion for the high-risk pool individuals.

After the expiry of President’s Obama term, the new government, headed by President Donald Trump, suggested an abolishment of the Obamacare.

Debate on Obamacare

There is heated debate on the need, or lack of it thereof, of having Obamacare. As the debate rages on, it is imperative that we analyze the possible impacts that the abolishment of the law would have.

Before the adoption of the program, approximately 40.3 million Americans were uninsured. The program has significantly improved the number of insured citizens. This means that the United States has improved its healthcare provision to the citizens.

Impacts of Abolishment of Obamacare

If the Obamacare is withdrawn, the number of uninsured citizens is likely to surge past 40.3 million. The healthcare of these individuals will be taken care of by other sectors of the economy. This means that America is likely to have the largest budget ever for the healthcare sector. This will affect the budgets of other fundamental economic building activities.

The change of the Obamacare will have an impact on every individual in the United States. The nation should look for ways to make the Obamacare better and reduce the $5 billion high-risk budget.

InnovaCare: Putting Patients First

Many of society’s troubles are caused by greedy corporations. That’s not to say that individuals aren’t also to blame, but corporations are too profit-focused. That might be acceptable for companies that aren’t in charge of human health-related industry. When it comes to the modern managed care environment; it’s too complex.

That’s why InnovaCare Health has set to change the system and better today’s challenging healthcare environment. Everything that InnovaCare does leads to providing their patients with the best quality medical care. That also means they put always put their patients first. It’s the best way to create strong patient-provider relationships.

Much of InnovaCare’s success relies on patient satisfaction. The order contributing factor is leadership. When it comes to leadership, InnovaCare Health has one brilliant man that shines brighter than all others; Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto is the company’s current President and CEO. He’s the biggest contributor to InnovaCare’s success, other than their patients. Since joining InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto’s leadership made InnovaCare the number one provider of managed care in Puerto Rico. It’s the reason he was elected as the company’s CEO of Health Plans branch in Puerto Rico. Prior to joining InnovaCare, he worked with several other health care providers.

Since earning his medical degree from the State University of New York, he’s amassed over 20 years of experience, specializing in clinical and operational healthcare. He’s a practicing internist and pulmonologist, and he’s written dozens of articles about clinical medicine. There’s one other person at the company whose career rivals that of Dr. Shinto; Penelope Kokkinides. For over 20 years, Penelope Kokkinides has worked in the managed care industry, specializing in government programs. While her career isn’t as medically accomplished as Dr. Shinto’s; she has one advantage over him. She’s worked for InnovaCare before.

The first time Kokkinides worked for InnovaCare, she served as their COO. Upon her return, she was made Chief Administrative Officer. In a way, it’s a better position for her. She’s an expert at developing newer clinical programs and improving efficiencies.

Another achievement she holds over Dr. Shinto is having four university degrees. Penelope Kokkinides started with a Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University. She followed that up by earning a Master’s from New York University.

InnovaCare Health’s Great Mission

Healthcare management is something people don’t often think about. The only time people do think about healthcare management is when something happens to them or a loved one; and by that time, it’s too late. But, no matter when someone starts thinking about managed health care; it should be easy to get.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way the world works. The current healthcare environment is complex and filled with confusing regulations and products. Part of that confusion comes from profit-focused companies. Thankfully, InnovaCare Health is a company trying to redefine managed care. The best way they can do that is with brilliant leadership.

The strongest link in InnovaCare’s leadership chain is Dr. Richard Shinto. He’s one of the most qualified and well-accomplished members of the InnovaCare team. He used to split his time between InnovaCare and Aveta Inc., but in 2012, the company sold to another company. Now, all of his time is dedicated to InnovaCare.

Dr. Shinto has worked in managed care for over 20 years. Most of his expertise is in clinical and operational healthcare. For much of his career, he’s served as high-ranking officers in nearly every company he’s worked for. His success comes as surprise, considering his education history. Dr. Shinto holds several degrees from several universities. His main degree is his medical degree, which he earned at the State University of New York. He also holds a BS and an MBA; one from the University of California and the other from the University of Redlands.

The second strongest link in the InnovaCare leadership chain is the company’s newest Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. This is not Kokkinides’s first time working with the company. The first time around, she served as COO but left to pursue higher-ranking positions at other companies.

Now that she’s back, she hopes to take InnovaCare to new heights. Like the other members of InnovaCare’s leadership, she’s a brilliant addition. She’s more than qualified to create the best programs and work side-by-side with other corporations and local governments. She specializes in government programs like Medicaid.

She too has over 20 years of experience in the managed care industry. She’s one of the best in the world at developing clinical programs and overseeing every process and operation. All of her expertise focuses on improving efficiencies.