Dr. David Samadi Debuts New Health Show

The media has a role to inform and educate its audiences on different subjects. While medical issues have had their share of coverage, the comprehensiveness of topics covered may be too hard for the general audience to understand. A new online show by Dr. David Samadi, House Call with Dr. Samadi, aims to bridge this gap by giving quality coverage on medical issues affecting both men and women. These include physical and mental health, exercise, and nutrition. It highlights and demystifies procedural elements, modern healthcare issues, recent developments, and offers tips on prevention.The program, which airs at 12.30 PM on Sundays, is a live broadcast that takes an interactive approach. Dr. David Samadi features experts in health and wellness as guests on the show. Those invited to participate in the discussions are experienced in their fields and have accomplishments ranging from peer-reviewed products to having published works.

The diverse views given reinforce the viewers’ understanding and ensure that information given is accurate.The audience also has an opportunity to contribute to the show by asking questions via live call-ins or email. Some of these are answered promptly during the show while others are pushed forward to the next one. The show is broadcast live via alternative media and can be streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Dr. Samadi’s website. David Samadi is a licensed doctor and is in active practice. He is a member of the American Medical Association and other professional bodies. He took his undergraduate studies at Stony Brook University where he attained a degree in biochemistry. He furthered his education earning a medical degree and specializing in urology.

He later ventured into robotic surgery, which he has been practicing for over ten years and is his current specialty. He takes credit for developing the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART) for treatment of prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi also has many publications and presentations to his name. At Lenox Hospital, he serves as the Chief of Oncology and Chairman of Urology.His medical background is backed up by a rich experience in the media. He has had a strong online presence, which earned him invitations as a guest to various T.V. shows including Fox News. The exposure drove him to start the Global Health News radio, which was broadcasted weekly to the residents of New York. These two fields merge to give Dr. David Samadi authority in handling issues on his new show.

Dr. McKenna Switch to Medical Mobile Application

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of OVME a consumer-facing technology-enabled medical aesthetic company that is evolving to elective health care. He is a licensed medical surgery doctor by the Florida state board of medical examiners. He graduated from Tulane medical school, after which he began practicing medicine with his father while launching an investment company, boutique and real estate firm. He developed a wellness and aesthetic based medical practice which was later to the NSE. He is a member of entrepreneur’s company and previously served as board affiliate of the New Orleans jazz celebration and the New Orleans industrial development board.

Having worked in the medical aesthetic industry for more than ten years, he built his practice which he then sold, and this led to the birth of OVME as he noticed many chances to exploit in the current industry. He blends his long working hours with training in Jiu-Jitsu as well as keeping a balance with his family. Before setting up goals, he likes to visualize them and combine them with hours of meditation which has been tested method of success. He attributes the growth of his company by surrounding himself with smarter people. To know more about him click here.

After the havoc caused by hurricane Katrina, he participated in the rebuilding of the city through the development of low moderate income housing. Cryptocurrency is one of the alternative options to entrepreneur and despite being a voluminous reader he heavily discourages smoking. OVME promises to bring Uber-like services to its Botox patients by simply downloading their application. The company faces little or no competition in the market. OVME will outsource its doctors by targeting midlevel practitioner on Facebook, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who can do procedures depending on the state.

He featured in the CBS show Doctorpreneur which highlights the entrepreneurship spirit in health care .away from his work he dedicates his time to his family. He recommends that aspiring entrepreneurs should read the amazing book by Napoleon Hill as it dives deep into the power of visualization. His major influences are Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg, and Barrack Obama. Aside from being a doctor and an entrepreneur he is a passionate patient advocate and dedicated community servant.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsmarkmckenna