Madison Street Capital: Redefining the Financial Sector

Madison Street Capital is a middle-market finance firm that helps companies make sound and profitable decisions. The Chicago based company has advised numerous businesses around the world gaining a reputation for its professionalism and confidentiality.

They provide merger and acquisition services with their team of highly experienced staff members. In 2017, Madison Street Capital facilitated the merger between DCG software and Splitfire group. DCG Software has for over 20 years offered software solutions in Britain and the U.S.

Also, Madison Street Capital also helps firms acquire credit when the need arises. Ranging from operational lending, revolving credit facilities to secured lending facilities. The company helps their clients obtain loans and if successful, get a fee for their role as a financial arranger. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

In 2014 MSC helped a medical product manufacturer called Vitalcare get a commercial loan. Vitalcare’s management is quoted publicly praising MSC for their role in helping them select a great lender given the market conditions at the time and the company’s financial books.

The globally known Madison Street Capital has over the years helped businesses create capitalization structures that ensure increased profitability and client satisfaction. Their unparalleled connections with financial and strategic decision makers make them ideal for any financial advise a firm may need. Read more: Madison Street Capital | INC

A huge and sensitive software security provider ARES Security Corporation hired MSC as their sole financial advisor in a complex investment project. The minority recapitalization and subordinated debt transaction were critical for the firm’s future financial path. Offering computer security solutions to governments around the world and crucial systems to nuclear power plants, ARES was a sophisticated yet satisfactory and happy client.

With offices in the United States, Africa, and Asia, Madison Street Capital continues to redefine hedge fund management. While most hedge fund managers have been struggling to get new capital due to mediocre strategies in 2015 and increasing liabilities, MSC has continued with unparalleled performance.

Their team of highly trained and experienced professionals creates strategic asset management alternatives to accommodate market downturns. Such innovations make Madison Street Capital stand out in the highly volatile and sophisticated financial jungle.

The firm has a liberal stance on corporate social responsibility. For example in 2011, there was a weather disaster in several States of the U.S. Madison Street Capital donated to United Way and the Redcross to help victims of the disaster with food and shelter.

United way has been working in the affected areas of Midwest, East, and Gulf coasts to ensure full recovery and economic independence by 2018.They have been assisting in school and hospital building and working with local communities and government agencies.

MSC is one of the key partners in the financial institutions working to revive the regions.

Jose Auriemo Neto takes reins from father, guides JHSF to unimaginable heights

When Fabio Auriemo founded his real estate development company, JHSF Participacaoes, in 1972, he could scarcely have imagined the heights to which it would one day rise. JHSF Participacaoes is now the leading developer of high-end luxury properties in the country of Brazil, with operations in almost every state in the country and brands owned overseas. Today, JHSF Participacaoes can rightfully claim to be one of the chief sources of Brazil’s remarkable economic expansion over the course of the last 30 years.

And no one was more instrumental in this transformation of the once tiny development company then Fabio Auriemo’s son, Jose Auriemo Neto. After taking over at the company that his father founded in 2001, Jose Auriemo Neto quickly began taking on some of the most ambitious and aesthetically stunning projects that the country had ever seen. Many of these projects created thousands of jobs and were able to shower the local economies in which they were built with millions of dollars in yearly economic activity. It is not an exaggeration to say that JHSF Participacaoes has been a major force for driving economic development all throughout the state of Sao Paulo.

One of the more economically significant projects that JHSF Participacaoes has engaged in has been the General Motors Brazilian Proving Grounds, the largest automotive proving grounds ever built in Latin America and a source of more than 100,000 jobs in the area. This project not only attracted vast amounts of capital from General Motors and other important automotive firms, but it also was able to directly create permanent jobs at a time in history when many people found it difficult or impossible to win steady work. Click here to know more about JHSF.

Such projects as these illustrate how Auriemo Neto has decided to run his company. Rather than simply looking at whether or not a given project can profit the firm and himself, Auriemo Neto always takes into account the larger macroeconomic circumstances, only choosing those projects that will have identifiable benefits for the surrounding community.

Alexandre Gama’s Knowledge

Question your own values and morals to see if there’s anything that needs to change. There, for you’ll find plenty of material to get you started – if you are truly honest with yourself. Alexandre Gama claims that it’s not an option in today’s world world. He claims the same for his own countrymen in Brazil, where he takes his very roots.

Now is the time to get started. Who knows what tomorrow may hold, and if the country will hold for another day? Avoid Telemundo and other similar companies as they are nothing but lies fabricated to look like truth. This has been Gama’s experience.

Mike Baur, the man who bets on early stage start-ups in Switzerland

Today, start-up owners in Switzerland will tell you that it’s hard to convince investors to bet on them and fund them. For this reason, even the most promising start-ups are crushing and are hitting rock bottoms. It’s true that early stage start-ups are hard to wager on, mostly because they are tenuous and have an uncertain future. Most investors prefer putting their money on investments that have been tested and have cast-iron certainty. For a long time, Swiss start-ups owners have been watching powerlessly as their businesses crumble for lack of mentorship, seed capital and someone to guide them. However, that changed when Mike Baur started the Swiss start-up factory.

For three years, Swiss start-up factory has been supportive of ICT-based start-ups in Switzerland. The ICT accelerator has been providing financial and mentorship help to Swiss start-ups. What’s the drive behind Swiss start-up factory? The team that started it had a dream and ambition to propel start-ups that were distinctive and had the capability of changing the world. Mike wanted to support start-ups that promised to shake conventional norms, products, and business models to become global companies. Undeniably, Mike understood the challenges that most start-up owners face when coming up with what he has now become a haven for Swiss start-ups.

Swiss start-up factory is a one of a kind accelerator; the team behind it has rich resumes and vast knowledge and experience that come in handy during mentorship programs. What’s more, the team is brilliant and has unique capabilities of pinpointing exceptional start-ups even in their idea stage. Once a start-up qualifies to join Swiss start-ups factory, they are taken through a three months program. Throughout the three months, the start-ups are provided with seed capital, office space, coaching and also enormous entrepreneurial and investors network.

We all know how banks tend to stiffen their lending policies when it comes to start-ups, right? Well, Mike was once a banker and even those policies didn’t change his willpower and ambition to support upcoming start-ups. Mike has worked for almost 20 years in Swiss private banking and propelled to be an executive board member in one of the Swiss private banks. He is known for his fortitude and unwavering will to change the world. Mike believes that the youths have the power to modify the world. For this reason, he has invested a lot of time and money in youth mentorship and entrepreneurship. Without question, with people like Mike Baur, the future of Swiss start-ups is now brighter than ever.



Troy McQuagge Is The Winner At The 2016 One Planet Business And Professional Excellence Awards

USHEALTH Group, Inc. CEO is Troy McQuagge. Everyone in the company is delighted about the fact that he has been named as the Gold Winner. This means that he is CEO of the Year and has been nominated for the prestigious One Planet℠ Awards. These are global premier awards program that honors professional excellence in general. This is not limited to any industry as such. In fact, anybody from any industry can be nominated and win this award. In the same way, it is not limited to any country or any area specifically. Anybody belonging to any place around the world can apply for these awards. Any kind of organizations from anywhere in the world is eligible to submit their nominations. Hence they can be public or private, or even for-profit or non-profit firm. It can be a large company or a small one or just a start-up.

Troy McQuagge has been with USHEALTH since 2010. He started his work here by re-building its distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. He was able to achieve a lot of success here as he could re-tool the Advisors. This led to the election of Troy McQuagge as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. This happened in 2014. It was during his tenure that USHEALTH Group, Inc. managed to register exceptional growth and success.This is why this award cannot belong to Troy McQuagge alone. It has to belong to everyone in the company. After all, the growth and profitability that has been achieved in the highly competitive individual health insurance market cannot be contributed to one person alone. Each person in the company is responsible for this unique achievement.

Troy McQuagge stated that this award would motivate them to work harder and strive to provide better services to their esteemed clients. Presently the One Planet Awards are recognizing companies for their excellence in business and professional achievements. The categories include sections for executives, teams, as well as new products besides services. Next are categories that include PR, Marketing, along with Corporate Communications. Hence these are highly coveted awards for anybody, anywhere in any industry.

The Good Side of the Devos Family

According to a report released recently, Dick and Betsy DeVos have become acquainted with criticism and attention especially for the large political donations they make to the Republican Party. Over their entire life, the Devos family has given over $139 million to charitable causes. This makes their political contributions pocket change. According to a report by the federal government, Betsy and Dick DeVos made a donation of $5.3 million in the form of campaign donations in the year 2015. On the other hand, the family made a donation of $11.5 million to charity organizations in the year 2015.


The Family has been involved in the Republican Party politics for a while. In the year 2015, the larger Devos family made a contribution of $104 million to charity donations. This meant that the family became the 24th most generous family by the Forbes Magazine. This also meant that the family had spent a quarter of their wealth on donation. The family has an estimated wealth of $5.2 billion, and it is estimated that they have donated more than $1.33 billion. Betsy DeVos has a Dutch descent as his father was Edgar Prince who was also a notable philanthropist.


A recent report showed that the family allocated over $3 billion to educational causes in the year 2015. This meant that the family used 26 percent of their donations to education. At the same time, 3 percent of their donations was driven towards education reforms. The family said that they made this donation as they felt that the current system was underachieving in the fulfillment of the American Dream. The family feels that despite some teachers and administrators dedicating their life to children’s education, there is still room for improvement.


Some of the beneficiaries of this fund include the Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids that received 50 grand, the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning that received 25 grand, the Ferris State University Big Rapids that received 100 grand as well as West Michigan Aviation College that received 315 grand and Northwood University Midland that benefited with 200 grand. Other than education, the couple also supports art and culture. In the year 2015, they spent over $2. 4 million on the agenda. This makes it 21 percent of their donations. The good thing about their donations is that there are no strings attached. There is no specification on how their money should be spent.


Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan 67 years ago. He holds a degree from Northwood University where he majored in business administration. He also holds honorary doctorates from several institutions such as Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University.


He has been involved with Amway Corporation since the year 1974. During this period, he has held several positions such as president, chief executive officer, and senior vice president. He has also worked with the Orlando Magic.

How Alexandre Gama Built Up Neogama Into A Top Ad Agency

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian publicist and entrepreneur who founded the marketing agency called Neogama. This firm was created by Mr. Gama in 1999 and is now considered one of the top 20 most influential and powerful advertising firms in all of Brazil. Alexandre led Neogama to a Cannes Festival Lion award for marketing in the first year of Neogama’s existence. This is a record that remains to this day in the world of Brazilian advertising. Neogama was also the fastest growing ad agency for its first three years in Brazil.

In 2002 Alexandre Gama agreed to merge his startup agency with more established global marketing firm based in the UK called BBH. The resulting merging company was called Neogama/BBH and Alexandre became a majority share holder in the new company. After the merger with BBH, Mr. Gama continued to guide the ad agency to bigger heights. The firm he operated, won 2 golden Cannes Festival lion awards in one year, setting another Brazilian record. Neogama/BBH also won an agency of the year award from a highly acclaimed Brazilian newspaper. Recently, Alexandre Gama has gotten back the rights to Neogama and has focused on developing the firm in the Brazilian market instead of a more global approach as before.

Click here view Alexandre Gama’s Wikipedia page.




The Launching of a New and Powerful Application

Davos Real Estate Group, the leading provider of financial advice to the Latino community,m has recently stated that they will launch a new application known as the Davos CAP Calculator for clients to download and use on their Android and Apple devices. This interesting and useful application can be used to estimate the return on real estate investments, furthering the companies ability to offer their services of advice without actually having to directly communicate with their clientele. This application will not only make services easier for their customers to understand and handle, but it also means that the founder of the company, David Osio, will be able to rest easier at night knowing that he has once again proven himself as a fighter for the people and their rights in the United States and beyond.


David Osio is a dedicated and humanitarian minded man who calls the South American country of Venezuela his home. Born and raised in Venezuela, Osio began his professional career as a lawyer publicly defending the rights of clients who may not have been able to defend themselves. His life had been based on the concept of assisting others and offering advice for the decisions they should make, an idea that led Osio to the United States and to the birth of his conglomerate corporation, Davos Financial Group.


Osio created Davos Financial Group as a way to provide high levels of quality financial advice to the Latin American community. Many individuals with Latin American backgrounds in the United States do not speak English or know how the market works correctly, meaning that Davos Financial can step in and provide the level of support that they need. Osio and his company offer advice such as whether or not a client should invest in starting their own business, what housing prices are fair when it comes to family planning, and what sort of investment opportunities their clients should take advantage of and way. This not only builds trust in Davos Financial, but also allows customers to feel like they have more decision making abilities and control of their financial lives.


Davis Osio, through his actions and the forming of his company, seek to become the main support structure for their Latino American customers. By providing high levels of trustworthy and reliable service to their clients they form a more cohesive society where everyone involved can smile and flourish.

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Swiss Startup Factory by Mike Baur Gets new investor

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who focuses on the role that IT can play in the improvement of the Swiss banking sector. When he started his company, The Swiss Startup Factory, his main aim was to reach all the small businesses trying to make it in the world of banking but do not have the mentorship and finances needed to make it big in the industry. He has been getting the funding needed to help these startups by getting other business leaders to invest in his programs.

One of the newest additions that he has made to his company is Michael Hartweg. Before Hartweg became part of Mike Baur’s program, he was working with Leonteq. He stopped working with them two years ago to concentrate on other initiatives. The role that he will be playing is that of investor and also mentor. This means that he will get to choose the programs that he will be funding, and then, he will mentor them through the growth process to a point where they understand the workings of the business community. He is one of the many investors that are helping Fintech businesses, all thanks to Mike Baur and his company.

The other program that is part of Baur’s initiative is the accelerator program. The program will also focus on Fintech companies. Through the program, startups that need a boost in getting their business going will get the finances and mentorship they need.

About Mike Baur

Mike founded the SSF and the accelerator program in 2014. The company, which is based in Zurich, has been helping people who have Fintech inventions make it to the business community. Being the owner and CEO, he takes time and finds the investors that will contribute positively to the startups and brings them on board.

It is also his responsibility to make sure that the companies have the funding they need for the accelerator program to remain operational. Mike has been working in the Swiss banking sector for close to two decades now. The experiences he has had during the period have helped him understand the business growth models that work and the ones that do not. As a result, he has fine-tuned everything in the programs he runs to suit the demands of the banking and IT industry. He states that even though there are many people working in the Swiss banking sector, not many of them have fully incorporated IT in their operations, a weakness that leaves them disadvantaged.


Marc Sparks Launches Spark Tank to Develop New Businesses

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. He starts businesses and soon hands over the reins to others to keep the new business going. He has been very successful at what he does and now wants to offer a platform for young entrepreneurs to receive funding from him for their business ideas.

This revolutionary and philanthropic endeavor by Marc Sparks is indicative of his philanthropic nature. Sparks deeply cares for the less fortunate and homeless and has charities in place to help those less fortunate.

What he is offering is similar to a project founded in Switzerland by a group of intrepid investors with financial experience who offer startup funding, counseling, office space, and networking for a ten percent share in the fledgling business.

Spark’s idea offers a prize for innovation and a possible future relationship with Sparks himself, a very competent businessman. Of special interest would be any entrepreneur in the central Texas area where a hands on arrangement with Sparks could be accomplished.

According to Crunchbase, Marc Sparks is offering much more that a $5000. award for a good idea; he is offering his interest in the development of the conceived project itself. Ideas are wonderful but to see them come to fruition is even better. Consider an architectural project aimed at Section 8 or low-income residents. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

If a designer has a series of plans for stylish but simple, energy efficient housing with a small carbon footprint and fully furnished and decorated situated within a gated community with a soccer field and sports courts, who would not want to become a resident.

Whether in Switzerland or Texas business people reaching out to help those with new ideas can have a transformational impact on the society we live in. Marc Sparks is doing a great service to the state of Texas and to the larger world we all live in. His efforts are to be applauded by everyone.