Brazil and Upcoming Infrastructure Auctions

Felipe Montoro Jens states that the government is planning on going through with 18 infrastructure auctions in total prior to 2017 coming to a close. The latter portion of 2017 is going to be extremely action-packed. Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas works as the project coordination secretary for the PPI (Investment Partnerships Program). Freita indicates that the final four months of 2017 are going to be all about infrastructure auctions. Felipe Montoro Jens says that there will be no adjustments to the auction schedule. This is in spite of the political conversations that are taking place within the government in Brazil. Freitas indicates that his organization is willing to accept suggestions that come from the private division. It’s more than willing to accept them than ever before. The program aims to promote the introduction of brand new participants.

Freita regularly talks about Brazilian productivity boosts and how to achieve them. Freita believes that enhancing productivity in the large South American nation may prove to be a sizable dilemma. A productivity spike entails a big change within the infrastructure realm. The infrastructure realm requires a significant update. It needs to be a lot more contemporary and modern than it has been in the past. Freitas believes that the people in Brazil need to escape the stresses of unemployment. Unemployment is an issue due to the fact that it regularly forces potential investors to look elsewhere.

The objective should be to assess errors that occurred in history. Immoderate state participation brought on a vast array of diverse mistakes before. People need to evaluate any and all of these errors. They need to figure out why they happened in the first place. They then need to take action and assess how they can fix them for good and stop them from occurring yet again.

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