Betsy Devos is a woman of steel

Betsy Devos is the wife to Dick Devos and together they have channeled millions of dollars to charity organizations. They began a foundation aimed towards philanthropy in their community in 1989 known as the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. In 2015 alone, they gave out more than 10 million dollars for different charity events and had pledged about 3.2 million dollars to be paid in the later years. Betsy was brought up in Michigan and after she was born in 1958. She has a BA in business economics from the Calvin College. She has been active in politics as a member of the Republican Party since 1982. Betsy DeVos has held different positions in the party such as the Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman. She was elected and appointed as the Secretary of Education in the United States of America since 2016.



Most of their charities are geared towards the education of children. A good example is the 400,000 dollars they gave to Loudspeaker Media Inc. to assist Campbell Brown anchor the education site she was advocating for. They later funded Campbell with another 400,000 dollars to boost the Partnership for Educational Justice. 150,000 dollars has been given to Success Academy Charter Schools with a pending approved pledge of the same amount for a later date. The nonprofit organization – GREAT Schools and the Christian school -The Potter’s House have also been beneficiaries of these grants and funding’s from the foundation. The Alliance for School Choice received 100, 000 dollars from the Foundation. Betsy previously worked as a chair at the American Federation for Children, which relates closely with The Alliance for School Choice before stepping down. Another beneficiary of the Foundation is the Foundation for Excellence in Education which received 50,000 dollars. The management of Art Institute that took up the DeVos name at the University of Maryland College Park Foundation was given half a million dollars. Davenport University, Rollins College, Ferris State University, The School of Missionary Aviation Technology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical Center among others have been part of the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation’s beneficiaries over the years.



The Foundation is also focused on funding organizations that are conservative in nature. Betsy as a member of the America Enterprise Institute for Public Policy board used her family foundation to donate 750, 000 dollars to the think-tank in Washington D.C. They have also approved a pledge of 1 million to be granted to the same organization in the near future. Apart from that, a funding of 10, 000 dollars has been donated to the Institute for Justice to continue funding lawsuits related to schools. A further 6,500 dollars was given to Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc. to proceed with their good work of promoting college viewpoints that are conservative in nature.


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