Is this the best rally driver in Brazil?

When Michel Terpins left The cross country championship where he was the reigning champion many would not have anticipated that he would join his brother Rodrigo Terpins to form the Bull Sertões Rally Team. This was to mark the beginning of the brother’s partnership as a team competing in the dynamic yet challenging Brazilian rallying arena. The brothers would soon prove to be a very formidable team drawing from Rodrigo’s experience as a driver he was able to teach his brother quite fast on what to expect as well as how to handle navigation. This combination would prove effective as they were soon getting attention from potential sponsors and developers. The team eventually brought onboard MEM who were responsible for developing the T-Rex which would be their vehicle of choice while competing in the T1 prototype category. The developer would provide the first racing vehicle during the 22nd edition of the Sertões Rally. During this edition, Michel Terpins and Sven von Borries had joined to form one half of the Bull Sertões Rally team. They were onboard the T-Rex #322 while his brother Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini his navigator were onboard T-Rex #326. Despite the T-rex being new to the competition, it was able to handle exceptionally well, and this saw them take position six and seven respectively.

The vehicle had proved itself to be reliable but would need to undergo some modifications to improve their chances of winning future competitions. MEM would develop better suspension for the car before upgrading its braking, transmission, and roll over handling capabilities. These improvements were very vital as the Bull Sertões Rally Team entered the 24th edition of the Sertões Rally. The edition would prove to be challenging, but Michel Terpins and his new navigator Maykel Justo were up to the challenge. Maykel, an experienced navigator, had been brought onboard to assist Michel as he had over the years proved to be very vital for any team that he worked with. The pair would then go on to win the second stage of the edition and emerge position five overall despite developing mechanical problems in the third stage.

Troy McQuagge’s HOPE Program Exceeds Expectations

Troy McQuagge created the Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) program in 2010. It was one of his first acts as President and CEO of USHEALTH Group. The purpose of the program was to re-align the message of the company—to become more focused on communities. The program has attained a number of concrete successes since its inception.

HOPE is much more than a philanthropic effort. It is a serious and sustained effort to partner with and support institutions and agencies that are embedded in local communities. Indeed, one of Hope’s greatest moments came in 2011 when HOPE executive provided funds for the Phoenix-based Crisis Charity to buy shoes, formula, and other needful things.

Troy and other corporate leaders joined forces with Phoenix of New Orleans to help people still reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Through the HOPE program, a number of USHEALTH members re-build homes and took the lead in other restoration projects that gave storm survivors safe and secure housing.

In 2012, USHEALTH executives gave a $25,000 check to HOPEkids of Phoenix, Arizona. The charity supports children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The plight and suffering of such children has become a special focus for company leaders. And through the HOPE program, they are able to do more than they ever have for them.

Troy McQuagge son refused to let the HOPE program become just another corporate PR ploy. From the moment he created the program, he took a personal interest in seeing it play a vital role in changing the direction and focus of USHEALTH. He has succeeded beyond all expectations. The HOPE program is increasingly defining the soul and spirit of the company. It has acted as a call-to-service for its employees, and individuals are beginning to take the initiative in setting up their own partnerships and affiliations in support of HOPE. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

As the HOPE program continues to grow and to accumulate concrete successes, it has given USHEALTH a greater insight into the problems, challenges, and difficulties faced by ordinary people. That in turn has made the company much more responsive to the health needs of communities throughout the country.

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Rocketship Education, The Family Within A School.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit school system that has and still is establishing stellar schools in communities with low income and low standard of living that can not afford expensive private schools with high standard education. The Rocketship Schools are, therefore, trying to bridge the education gap that exists between the poor and the rich in the society. They are doing this by providing the high standard of education to their students, to ensure that they are just as successful as their counterparts in private schools.

To achieve the longed-for success for the students, Rocketship Education have ensured that the parent, is a key player in the student’s education, something that has been largely disregarded. Through that, an inbuilt community is created between the teacher, parent, and the student, which helps provide the necessary support to the student to succeed.

The prioritized parent-teacher partnership enables the two parties to share important information about the student’s experience in the class setting and outside. In case of any struggle that the child may be facing either academically or socially, the two works of togetherness to help the child. It also encourages the teacher, parent and student, understand their unique roles and contribute accordingly to the student’s utmost potential.

However, Rocketship Education is not only a school community but also a real family to their students and their families. This was evident when the Coyote Creek broke its banks and flooded homes in San Jose area, in February 2017. This natural calamity left hundreds of residents in California with no homes, nor properties. Among the affected families, were 30 Rocketship families, one of them being Dolce, Cesar’s mother. Cesar is a student at Rocketship San Jose School.

Life could have never been so uncertain and hopeless for Dolce like after the floods hit them. Though not aware of where to get help from, she couldn’t have imagined that her son’s school would be the on to help. It was so comforting when the school took Dulce’s family in and other Rocketship families, providing them with a place to sleep and hot meals. The Rocketship community went further and raised over $60,000 to help settle the families.

Considering how the situation would have affected the student’s performance, Rocketship Education understood that a student needs to be at peace in order to perform.

Sussex Healthcare – Decades Of Compassion

Sussex Healthcare has been in the business of helping persons who need it most for over a decade. Sussex Healthcare runs 20 homes that provide care and support to older adults with disabilities as well as diseases. They are located in West Sussex in the United Kingdom.This includes assistance for adults with mental or physical disabilities and elderly persons with neurologic deficits or disorders. The various centers of Sussex Healthcare include those at Nutley, Warnham, Henfield, Sharpthorne, Horsham, Purley, East Grinstead and Billingshurst.

Sussex Healthcare has two prominent board members. These are Mr. Shafik Sachedena and Mr. Shiraz Boghani. The Sussex Healthcare mission began as an isolated home. It has now expanded to accommodate over 500 beds. It occupies one of the leading positions in health care for the elderly in its area. Sussex Healthcare emphasizes on care that pivots around specific needs of each individual. It provides tailored services to each person with the help of a large employee base of more than 150-strong full-time and part-time staff.

Sussex Healthcare offers diverse services for its residents. These function round the clock. Advanced facilities such as occupational rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and reflexology for those who require it can also be arranged. Special amenities such as sensory areas, track hoisting, and spa services are also available. Sussex Healthcare offers care and assistance for neurologic deficits such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, mental illness, physical disorders as well as learning impairment conditions.


The work atmosphere at Sussex Homes in welcoming and hospitable. The staff has access to education and training facilities. Ms. Corrine Wallace occupies the position of Head of Operational Care Services. Ms. Carol Dilley runs the education and training services. The employees are allowed to work at a comfortable pace and are trained well in responding to a patient’s needs. Sussex Healthcare is currently recruiting for several positions. One of these posts is that of Carer wellbeing Support Worker. It is expected that a person in this role to pinpoint carers and communicate and support them. Care assistants are also required to help with caring for residents. The Sussex healthcare training unit provides training. Care Home Unit Managers are needed to supervise the care of residents and support the Registered Manager.

Dental receptionists are required at Sussex Healthcare. The job requires excellent communication and organization skills. Another post which needs trained persons is that of a mental health nurse for full-time or part-time work. This position entails keeping a check and providing medication, communication, and networking with other staff. Punctuality and compassion are pre-requisites of all jobs at Sussex healthcare.

The Sussex Healthcare center also provides pension support to employees. Free parking, low-rate accommodation, subsidized food, and bonuses are other advantage staff members enjoy at Sussex Healthcare.

Bob Reina: Live Meeting is a Great Service

Bob Reina is a professional who wants to make a difference in the lives of people in the complicated market. Several years ago, when he was trying to send a marketing email, he realized that he could send a video. This made him start a video marketing company so that investors could get the kind of results they were interested in. Businesses have invested so much in marketing their products. However, there are some people who do not like to show their faces and other body features in marketing videos. Bob Reina introduced a company that would provide the services investors were interested in at very affordable rates.


When Talk Fusion hit the American markets more than ten years ago, Bob Reina and other people who were working in the firm did not know the kind of prosperity that was ahead of them. The market was generous to them, and it gave them the great results they were dreaming of. Talk Fusion has been helpful to many businesses in the world. When the company was starting, it had only few offices in the country. Several years later, the company is doing well, and it has offices in more than ninety nations. Consumers have ranked the services from the company well in the market, increasing the popularity of the firm.


Talk Fusion customers have all the reasons to smile. The organization has started a new service that will embrace the WebRTC technology. According to the company founder, the new service is known as Live Meetings, and it will impact the lives of billions in the world. Bob Reina says that the new product has all the qualities investors have been searching for, and it will be launched into the market in a few days. The founder of the company says that Live Meetings will have better features compared to all the other company products that were introduced in the past.


Live Meetings will be beneficial to individuals who want to hold conferences and other crucial meetings at the workplace without any challenges. The quality pictures that will be presented in the application will make these conferences better and more beneficial to the consumers. Reina is extremely excited about the new company product, and he is looking forward to receiving positive reviews from the clients in many parts of the country. The businessman says that his company put in a lot of effort so that consumers can be happy. Learn more:






Fabletics Is Competing Against Amazon With Shoppers Choosing New Athletic Wear Membership Plans

Have you ever walked into an athletic wear store and looked through all the racks only to find that there is nothing that you like? Have you ever been forced to purchase those plain, black yoga pants in order to hit the gym when asked? If so, you should check out Fabletics.


You have all heard about Fabletics, right? You know the commercials on television where you see actress Kate Hudson practicing a number of yoga poses with beautiful athletic wear. You can have access to those same types of workout gear when you signup for a membership plan with Fabletics.


Are you curious how a membership plan works for clothing? In recent years, many new businesses have learned that by providing a monthly shipment of clothing to their subscribers, just like with a magazine subscription. The difference being is that it is clothing instead of magazines.


You will signup for the membership plan which will then ship you monthly, a new outfit. It will allow you to be able to have sneak peaks at new designs coming up and it will use the lifestyle quiz to determine what future orders you will receive. The lifestyle quiz is just like having your own personal shopping buddy to help you determine what outfits are the best.


Fabletics has learned that it must compete with other virtual showrooms like Amazon. In the recent years, Amazon has been the leader in most sales of shoppers who are looking to purchase items for their home, beauty regimen, furniture and clothing. When the virtual store rooms have taken over, it can be difficult to compete for customers. Fabletics hasn’t had to compete much however.


When the idea came out for creating a workout wear line that would be shipped to members monthly, the idea was brilliant and they knew to pull it off, they would need someone who would be able to reach the target audience. The idea to pull Kate Hudson in was one that was an easy decision to make. Little did they know that when they brought her on, that she would be so actively involved with making sure that the business would be a success.


Fabletics had plenty of time to learn how to compete against other big names who supply customers with much needed retail items. The various levels of retail vary from clothing to electronics. Most major brands are now joining the membership club by allowing their customers to receive monthly shipments of all variety of retail goods.

The Evolution Of The Pledge Of Allegiance

The pledge of allegiance that we are all familiar with has evolved greatly over the years. It was first established back in 1892. This was to celebrate the 400th anniversary since the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus.

When the pledge of allegiance was first founded, people saluted the flag. This was the practice until 1942. Saluting the flag with your arm eventually became viewed as being so similar to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi salute, that the government decided to change the salute to the flag. Instead of saluting the flag, people put their hands over their heart while saying the pledge of allegiance.

Another interesting evolution of the pledge of allegiance is that the first pledge did not mention the United States of America. The pledge was addressed to the flag and not the country. This changed in the 20th century. During this time period, the United States experienced a massive immigration influx. The pledge to the United States of America was added to promote and prove loyalty to the country and not the foreign nations that the immigrants had come from.

A further change came in 1954 when President Dwight Eisenhower signed into law the addition of one nation under god to the pledge of allegiance. A religious minister was the first person credited with adding under god to the pledge, however. The addition of god to the pledge of allegiance was made to help distinguish the United States from the Soviet Union. There has always been a rich religious history and tolerance in the United States said Dwight Eisenhower that the Soviet Union had lacked and prohibited.

An interesting fact about the pledge of allegiance is that it is not mandatory. The United States Supreme Court has decided that someone cannot be forced to recite it. Still, the pledge of allegiance is ingrained into American education. Students get up and recite the pledge at the start of a school day. The pledge is also said during many town meetings across the nation.

A Missouri Woman Made History Re-Creating the Cookbook

An American woman desperate to fight off the misery of death and financial ruin decided to meet her predicament head-on with bold action – and she managed to revolutionize the cookbook publishing industry forever while saving her own bacon.

Her name was Irma S. Rombauer, a St. Louis, Missouri, high-society woman who had scarcely cooked a meal in her life. But that was before the Great Depression swooped down to destroy her family fortune. Just months after the stock market crash of 1929, Irma’s husband Edgar Rombauer committed suicide upon realizing he was wiped out financially.

Edgar had been a successful attorney and rising political figure when the American economy collapsed. Until then, he had provided his wife with a high-society lifestyle. Irma Rombauer had no need for kitchen skills because she had cooks and kitchen maids to handle it all for her.

But the widowed Mrs. Rombauer quickly realized that she needed to take action or lose what little she had left, including her very home. To everyone’s surprise, she decided to write a cookbook, self-publish it and go selling it door to door. It seemed like a desperate scheme.

The name of her publication was “The Joy of Cooking.” It remains today one of the most successful cookbook titles in history. In fact, The Joy of Cooking was so innovative and different, it powerfully influenced the way all cookbooks would be published from that time forward.

Mrs. Rombauer broke the mold by making her cookbook lighthearted and fun – she truly endeavored to put the “joy” into cooking. Until then, few women considered kitchen work “joyful.” Most cookbooks reflected that sense of scullery drudgery. Cookbooks then read more like grim field manuals than collections of beloved recipes that were fun to make and exciting to serve.

Mrs. Rombauer used her last pennies to print 3,000 copies. Fortunately, they sold so well, The Joy of Cooking was picked up by a major publisher and the rest is history.

Dr. Mark McKenna has Pushed His Enterprise to New Levels

Dr. Mark McKenna is a well-respected businessman and medical practitioner. He has licenses to perform as a surgeon in the states of Florida and Georgia. Dr. McKenna earned his medical education at Tulane University. During this time he also launched McKenna Venture Investments. It was his first taste of being an entrepreneur. McKenna has continued to develop the business and operates it as a small real estate development firm. The company has gone on to acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. It now has more than 50 employees and performs services such as real estate closing, finance and design-build.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a native of New Orleans Louisiana and was directly impacted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The storm created a tremendous amount of devastation throughout the region. Many businesses and individuals suffered great losses including the doctor himself. Mark McKenna decided that this was an opportunity for him to give back to his home city. He committed his own resources towards rebuilding the infrastructure of New Orleans. Dr. McKenna also participated in developing low income housing areas for struggling and needy families.

Dr. Mark McKenna eventually moved his business to Atlanta Georgia where he continued to develop new business concepts. He launched ShapeMed, which is an aesthetics and wellness practice. ShapeMed became very successful and was eventually sold to Lifetime Fitness Inc. Dr. McKenna added to his list of accomplishments with OVME. OVME is a new concept towards elective health care. The company is reshaping the landscape of the industry with medical aesthetics and technology.

Dr. Mark McKenna knows how to balance life between family and business. He cherishes the time that he gets to spend with his wife and daughter above all else. Dr. McKinney even wakes up early in the morning so that he can prepare breakfast for his daughter while his wife is still enjoying her sleep. He uses this time to embrace being a father and reflect on what the upcoming events of the day are going to bring.

Dr. Mark McKenna credits his business success to being able to surround himself with people who are smarter than he is. This allows him to be inspired and gain perspective from other experienced professionals. McKenna is then able to push forward and have confidence in the goals that he has set for his next enterprise.

Memphis Removes Bedford and Davis from City Parks

Memphis Tennessee has written a new page into the U.S. history books this week by finding and successfully carrying out a legal way to remove two prominent confederate statues from two separate city parks after being denied by state government on every previous attempt. Back in October the Tennessee Historical Commission turned down the city’s application to remove the statue of Nathan Bedford Forest from Health Sciences Park, despite that two years prior (amidst the wide-spread confederate flag fiasco in the U.S.) the city council voted to have the graves (of Bedford and his wife) moved back to their original locations (Elmwood Cemetery). Bedford was not only a powerful Confederate General during the American Civil War but also acted as a slave trader and later on ended up becoming the very first Grand Wizard of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan).
The Second statue that was removed wednesday the 20th was none other than that of Jefferson Davis (The one and only Confederate President). An additional smaller statue was attempted to be removed along with the Davis piece from the easement on Fourth Bluff Park. Cranes were brought in a couple of hours after sundown and the statues were rather quickly taken down and loaded onto the backs of trucks to be stored somewhere nearby until further deliberations on what should be done with them takes place.
How did the city find a way to make this all legal and possible? In the end it was pretty simple; after being blocked by miles of red tape from the Tennessee state government the proposition arose to sell the two parks to a non-government third party, a non-profit organization by the name of Greenspace Inc., for the extremely low price of one thousand dollars per property. Once the city council approved, and the Mayor signed off on the paperwork, the deal was done and the actions were made 100% legal.