Welcome to the World of Richard Mishaan Designs

According to the article on ReleaseFact.com, Richard Mishaan has built a name as an interior design mix master. He’s recognized for creativity and creating a calm home for families. Mishaan’s work runs from indoor design to luxury hotels and homes. To many, he’s an architect and transformative designer with his line of furniture and lighting. Mishaan arranges disparate elements like a contemporary sculpture and seventeenth-century console into a harmonious juxtaposition. He has blended patterns, power house art, and iconic furniture bringing the area to life.

Mishaan has worked at residences in the Dominica Republic, New York, and Florida, as well as a hotel located in Colombia. Richard Mishaan Design is truly unique. He believes It’s more concerning having an eye instead of having the money. The uniqueness of Richard Mishaan Design can be witnessed in his house. His last home where he stayed for eighteen years together with his wife, daughter, and his son, is a family space. The house shows an affection for beauty as well as art that is rich in color as well as sculpture in a park that is facing the room.

According to the article on the Blogwebpedia, many individuals have been quoted stating that “Richard Mishaan Designs is telling a tale about time continuation. That is quite right and partially one of the numerous reasons why Mishaan is considered among the best architects and interior designers in this design industry that is ever shifting.

Indisputable, very few designers could match the unique taste of Mishaan in architecture and interior designing, if you have probably not yet heard about the Richard Mishaan Design, then most probably you have not been living in a world of top-tier and stylish designs. You should remember that good design doesn’t have to be costly, plus not all high-priced designs are lavish.

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Securus Technology Leads in the Provision of Security Protection Technology

Securus Technology is located in Dallas. The company was founded in 1986, and it has regional offices in America, Texas, and Dallas. The profit-making organization offers technology solutions to correctional facilities. The company has contracts with more than 2600 prisons in the U.S and an estimate of 1000 employees. The firm acquired Syscon Justice Systems in 2007, making its brand stronger.


Securus Technology introduced a system that controls contraband cell phones. Customers have shown specific appreciation for this development through letters and emails. In 2016, the company partnered with Harris Corporation to create the Cell Defender technology, and in 2017, it developed the Wireless Containment Solution that is meant to stop contraband cell phones from connecting to a mobile network.


Securus is recognized as one of the leading providers of technology solutions for security problems in the U.S market. Due to their dedication and commitment to meeting customer needs by always being innovative and leading in the market, the firm has built a brand over the years and largely gained customer loyalty. The competitors in the market cannot match up to Securus Technology because of its large clientele base and the remarkable customer loyalty they have. It is almost as if 99% of the clients of Securus Technology are return customers.


One of the remarks from the customers of Securus Technology that has caught the attention of many people in the market is the client who recognizes Securus for its LBS software. The LBS software together with other resources of law enforcement has enabled the sheriff department to recover millions of illegal money and assets. Thanks to the software, the recovery of lost assets has been made easy. According to the client, the LBS innovation is the best in the market and is a good reason to continue working with Securus Technology.


Betsy Devos is a woman of steel

Betsy Devos is the wife to Dick Devos and together they have channeled millions of dollars to charity organizations. They began a foundation aimed towards philanthropy in their community in 1989 known as the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. In 2015 alone, they gave out more than 10 million dollars for different charity events and had pledged about 3.2 million dollars to be paid in the later years. Betsy was brought up in Michigan and after she was born in 1958. She has a BA in business economics from the Calvin College. She has been active in politics as a member of the Republican Party since 1982. Betsy DeVos has held different positions in the party such as the Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman. She was elected and appointed as the Secretary of Education in the United States of America since 2016.



Most of their charities are geared towards the education of children. A good example is the 400,000 dollars they gave to Loudspeaker Media Inc. to assist Campbell Brown anchor the education site she was advocating for. They later funded Campbell with another 400,000 dollars to boost the Partnership for Educational Justice. 150,000 dollars has been given to Success Academy Charter Schools with a pending approved pledge of the same amount for a later date. The nonprofit organization – GREAT Schools and the Christian school -The Potter’s House have also been beneficiaries of these grants and funding’s from the foundation. The Alliance for School Choice received 100, 000 dollars from the Foundation. Betsy previously worked as a chair at the American Federation for Children, which relates closely with The Alliance for School Choice before stepping down. Another beneficiary of the Foundation is the Foundation for Excellence in Education which received 50,000 dollars. The management of Art Institute that took up the DeVos name at the University of Maryland College Park Foundation was given half a million dollars. Davenport University, Rollins College, Ferris State University, The School of Missionary Aviation Technology, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical Center among others have been part of the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation’s beneficiaries over the years.



The Foundation is also focused on funding organizations that are conservative in nature. Betsy as a member of the America Enterprise Institute for Public Policy board used her family foundation to donate 750, 000 dollars to the think-tank in Washington D.C. They have also approved a pledge of 1 million to be granted to the same organization in the near future. Apart from that, a funding of 10, 000 dollars has been donated to the Institute for Justice to continue funding lawsuits related to schools. A further 6,500 dollars was given to Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc. to proceed with their good work of promoting college viewpoints that are conservative in nature.


Visit http://www.betsydevos.com/ to learn more.

The Life And Career Of Logan Stout

Logan Stout features a profound desire to help individuals from all ages, educational levels and backgrounds reach real success. Moreover, he has a deep passion for wellness and health, which is evident through his business ventures. Combining Stout’s experience, drive and passion for ameliorating others’ lives, the result is a very young but sustainably booming business.

Logan Stout is an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, business owner, keynote speaker, best-selling author as well as a leadership trainer. Logan’s record of accomplishment in team building, leadership in addition to success principles, not only continue to consistently drive his current ventures, but also turn him into among the most sought after keynote speaker on Earth.

Recently, in 2014, Logan Stout launched IDLife, LLC a business venture in the sector of wellness and health. Since its inception, the entity has grown substantially with partners such as Darwin Deason, Jen Widerstorm, and Troy Aikman. Nationwide recognized fitness ambassadors and authors join these partners on a journey aimed at educating people on the significance of wellness and health in addition to providing the uppermost quality nutritional products. Through its meteoric success, notably, IDLife was named as among the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies in the world in 2016.

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Logan Stout, besides business, features a deep love and passion for baseball. Among his most noted actions, which shows his love for the sport is his profound development of the Dallas Patriots, which is among the biggest existing baseball organizations. Logan formed the team to inspire the youth as well as help them build and sharpen their skills. Moreover, Logan wanted to make training readily available to everyone, in particular to those who required extra encouragement, especially emotional support.

As intensely passionate as he is about helping others to build quality and solid leadership skills, Logan Stout publishes consistently to help individuals. He released Stout Advice in 2013, which encompassed the secrets to building oneself, people and teams. His prime intention was empowering and inspiring readers while leaving a long-lasting impact on those striving and focused on reaching their God given potential. Notably, renowned entrepreneurs such as ABC’s Shark Tank’s Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran endorsed the book. Apart from founding and serving as the CEO of IDLife, Logan Stout has been on CBS Radio, FOX, The Fan, and the Philadelphia Life Magazine named him “Man of the Year.”

The Philosophy Used At Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is a very well-known architect and designer who lives in New York City. He is originally from Columbia and spent his youth there. He had a keen interest in design from an early age and eventually attended the Columbia University School of Architecture. Eventually, he moved to New York and attended New York University where he earned his bachelors of science.

In New York, Richard Mishaan first worked for another designer, Philip Johnson, as his apprentice. He soon opened his own firm he named Richard Mishaan Design. At Richard Mishaan Design he is known for creating an eclectic mix of products which ingeniously work together. He specializes in designing rooms for luxury homes and hotels. He uses a combination of items of different colors, textures, and materials that bring life and curiosity to a room. He also has a line of furniture and lighting that he sells.

One of the things that is different about Richard Mishaan Design is that he thinks it far more important to have an eye for design rather than just spending money to create the look of a room. In his own home, he has a perfectly designed room which incorporates his 20-year-old couch. Richard Mishaan Design often uses bright and bold colors on the walls while painting the ceiling in a warm white color.

Richard Mishaan Design’s work has been featured in two books he has published. His book Artfully Modern shows how to design a room that doesn’t cost nearly as much as it appears. He says you don’t need to spend a lot to create a lavish room which many wealthy people seem to believe.

Richard Mishaan Design incorporates a style and eye that is all its own. He has spent 20 years in the industry and has become one of the most well-regarded professionals in it.

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Dick DeVos, Building Society through Charitable Giving

No man loves to give back to society like the wealthy, mighty, and influential Dick DeVos. Having so generously been blessed by the means, Dick DeVos has become more of a blessing to strangers and friends. Today, Dick DeVos gets celebrated for his role in helping raise funds for the expansion of The John F. Kennedy Center. When complete, The John F. Kennedy Center will host a riverfront pavilion, an extension of the existing center, a pedestrian bridge, office complexes, dining space, educational facilities, and rehearsal spaces.


Initially, the campaign had planned to raise a total of $125 million for the entire project. However, significant design changes called for an additional $19.5 million. Presently, the campaign has raised a total amount of $135.9 million. In four years, the campaign has brought together the American people, a testament to the love that the national community has towards arts and culture. When the facility opens its doors to the world in 2018, it will serve more than three million individuals annually.


Some of the biggest contributors to The John F. Kennedy Center expansion campaign include the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, David M. Rubenstein, The Boeing Co., Jacqueline Mars, The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, and Iris Smith among many others. As a man who has always inspired confidence among the masses, Dick DeVos also happens to be a devoted entrepreneur and author.


Dick DeVos also has a shared passion with his wife Betsy to participate in active politics. It is at the age of fifty-one years that Dick DeVos tried his hand in contesting for a top government position as the Governor of Michigan. As a staunch Republican, Dick DeVos has since maintained close ties with the national party through philanthropy. Above all, Dick is an active participant in the civic leadership of his country. To date, DeVos has still advocated for the local interests of the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and Grand Action.


Through his time, Dick DeVos has helped the American people rediscover themselves. It is in 1998 that he authored the book, ‘Rediscovering American Values,’ a piece that at the time became a New York Best Seller. Dick DeVos is a man that has withstood the test of time and lived to see another day. As the recipient of the Art of Giving Award, Dick DeVos has stood with the American people, inspiring both old and young people.


Visit http://dickdevos.com/ to learn more.

Learn Business Tips from Doe Deere

Many people have criticized the art of makeup. Many women have been torn in between wearing makeup or going natural. Doe Deere, the founder, and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics has given the art an entirely different meaning. Doe Deere believes that real beauty is the essence of being comfortable under your skin. Her other definition of natural beauty is the art that expresses what one feels.

Doe Deere does not only concentrate on the work she does but also works towards empowering women in the society. This is by assisting and motivating them to live their dreams despite the people’s opinion on their idea. Here are some important factors that contributed to the success of Doe Deere. This factors would also lead to the success of any entrepreneur;

Find what you’re Passionate about

Research shows that many who engage in earning from what they are passionate about, are far much successful to those who work for the sake of gaining. This is because it is this energy that keeps you in hard moments. Learn more: https://theweirdstore.net/blogs/the-weird-store/how-doe-deere-became-queen-of-the-unicorns

Start with what you have

Doe Deere advises entrepreneurs to begin with what they have at hand. This is because it is easier to expand something that you understand at the long run. It is vital that you are ready to learn because you will have to expand your knowledge. Every business is not constant, at the end of the day you got to accommodate new ideas to stay up to date.

Don’t let challenges bring you down

Doe Deere says that many young business persons fail because they let the problems they face kill their dreams. Some of them give up on their dreams and exit the venture. This is not the case with personalities like Doe Deere. She says one should evaluate their solutions, come up with the best path to follow.

Be willing to learn

One of the business boosters is the ability to learn. It is important to let in your employees and welcomes their ideas. The other people you should listen to are your clients because you get to understand what their expectations are. Learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25362-how-controversial-doe-deere-became-successful-entrepreneur

Doe Deere is a great business woman that young entrepreneurs should look up to learn. She has a free spirit that nothing seems to bring down. It is her attitude that has caused her breakthrough in the cosmetic business. She follows her beliefs and lets nothing stop her from success.


How Bernardo Chua Has Elevated Ganoderma-Based Coffee Products to Global Success

Bernardo Chua’s meteoric rise to entrepreneurial excellence is nothing short of spectacular. As one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Pacific Rim, Bernardo has remarkably set the bar high for business prominence locally and beyond.

Mr. Chua’s expertise primarily revolves around the agricultural sales industry, with a keen emphasis on tea and coffee farming by introducing Ganoderma both locally and beyond.

Courtesy of his Chinese heritage, Bernardo familiarized himself with the ganoderma early in life and subsequently used the herb in his coffee and tea products with immense success.

Bernardo’s Biggest Accomplishments

As stated earlier, the introduction of ganoderma into coffee proved to be a monumental step in Chua’s quest to entrepreneurial dominance.

Upon initial tests with customers and obtaining positive feedback, Mr. Chua immediately launched the ganoderma ingrained coffee and tea herbs with unprecedented success both locally and internationally.

Bernardo Chua progressively received acclamation after founding Organ Gold, initially a combination of two companies Coffee Connoisseur and Organo Gold. Such a move proved to be crucial, especially in the backdrop of receiving the Dangal Bayan Award for Business and Industry from the people’s choice awards in 2014.

Since gaining center stage, Bernado Chua has received the Direct Sales Company Award on five impressive different occasions.

Philanthropic Contributions

It is widely known that an entrepreneur’s success is not only measured in his economic gains but also in his charitable foundations.

As a testament to his philanthropic stature, Bernardo designed a valuable program aimed at waving a 25% discount on Organo Coffee and related products. Compared to other accomplishments, giving back to the community tops the list courtesy of its unique ability to uplift the living standards of the community.

Advantages Obtained From Utilizing His Services

Bernardo Chua strives to distribute healthy tea and coffee to his consumers. Despite their global presence, the brand has received positive testimonials from customers who also went out of their way to offer various techniques to improve the product. Read more: Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement and Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

Consumers also lauded the product for boosting their immune system in managing heart-related diseases while also preventing inflammatory disorders.

Bernardo’s Business Model

Bernardo is a firm believer of direct selling as the best technique in dominating the market. Starting and running a company can be a tall order to most entrepreneurs.

However, Mr. Chua has perfected the art of delegating sales duties to an elaborate network of distributors and employees.

Marc Sparks Investing in Companies

Marc Sparks is a leader within the venture capital industry today. He has helped hundreds of companies get started in the business world. He has a great background in the small business industry. From the time he was young, he has always wanted to start and run various companies.


Although it was difficult for him to get started in the business world, he was able to build a great empire of diversified companies. He spends much of his time helping other people get to a new level in their business. He likes to hear ideas from business owners and decide whether to invest his time and capital into the ideas.



Online Content


Marc Sparks produces a lot of great content online for young business owners. He wants to help as many people as possible accomplish their dreams in business. With his track record of success, he is the type of person who business owners want to listen to.


He likes to write articles for potential business owners looking for advice. Having success in business is simple, but the process is not easy. Starting from an idea and developing a profitable business takes hard work.


In the coming years, Marc Sparks is going to continue putting more content online. He has a top-rated podcast that many people love listening to. Learn more: https://twitter.com/msparks5010?lang=en



Venture Capital


Venture capital investing is where a person will invest money into a business in exchange for a piece of the ownership. This is a great way to make money over time. However, it is also a risky process.


Few small companies end up lasting. This is why Marc Sparks works so hard to provide people advice in this area. With his experience, he is a great person to listen to. Many young business owners want to achieve success in business like he has.

Norman Pattiz Announces the Addition of a Legendary Comedian, Norman Lear, to PodcastOne

PodcastOne boss, Norman Pattiz, has announced the addition of the undisputed king of sitcoms, Norman Lear, to PodcastOne. Lear is a respected World War II Veteran, scriptwriter, director, producer, and brains behind legendary situational comedies like One Day at a Time, Maude, All in The Family, the Maude, and The Jeffersons. These sitcoms defined and transformed the American television. Lear will serve as the host of a show called All the Above, which will comprise of interesting conversations about family, comedy, music, current events, social issues, economic trends, and politics. Although the topics will be comprehensive, Norman Lear will interview politicians, musicians, socialites, and everyday folk. Every week, Lear will host the show alongside his great friend Paul Hipp, who is also a seasoned composer and actor. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/norman-pattiz/

Early celebrity guests will comprise of America Ferrera, Amy Poehler, Jerrod Carmichael, and Julia Louis-Drefus. These guests will cover topics, such as basketball talents, race in media, religion, Veep, and training for a triathlon. The podcast debuted on May 1, 2017. Fans can access new episodes of the podcast on iTunes, PodcastOne app, and PodcastOne.com.

About Norman Lear

Turning 95 soon, Norman Lear is a man of several talents. He has been in the forefront in the birth of television. He has written, produced, and created over 100 shows. At one point, he had nine shows on air within the same period. He is the creator of People for the American Way, a renowned liberal advocacy group consisting of 300,000 members.

Norman Pattiz

Norman is one of the leading executives and investors in the broadcasting arena. PodcastOne is one is his creation, and he acts as its executive chairperson. Boasting more than four decades of in-depth and extensive knowledge in Radio Syndication, Norman is the founder of the popular Westwood One. Under his keen leadership, this company turned to become the America’s biggest distributor of sports, news, entertainment, and talk programming to the ever-expanding broadcast sector (https://www.facebook.com/normanpattiz). Westwood One specialized in managing and distributing CNN radio, NCAA Basketball, NBC radio Networks, and many talk shows.

Norman saw a business opportunity in the production and distribution of top-notch programming, and he started Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. In 2012, he learned the untapped opportunities that existed in the Audio on-demand arena and began PodcastOne. Within a short duration, the firm transformed into the largest producer, marketer, and vendor of audio on-demand programming. Currently, PodcastOne has an amazing line-up of prominent brands and media personalities like Adam Carolla, Larry King, Laura Ingraham, and Shaquille O’Neal.