An Overview of Events in American History

Americans derive their identities from their shared history and experiences. According to A+ E Networks’ History Channel and Pew Research Center, Americans have several historically important moments that outdo the rest. The survey included over 2000 adults of varying income and education levels, political views, races, and ages. The respondents listed the moments in their lifetimes that they felt had a significant impact on the country. Here are some of the events mentioned as follows:


  • The Afghanistan and Iraq Wars


The Afghanistan and Iraq wars appeared on the list of historical events. These two moments indicated a generational difference, as Gen Xers and Millennials were not likely to mention them. Nonetheless, about 17% of the individuals named the wars on their lists.


  • The Vietnam War


The Vietnam War featured on the list of 20% of the respondents despite being a defining moment for most Baby Boomers.


  • Technology Revolution


Technological advancement is one of the few events in history that seemed to cut across the generation boundaries. In fact, 22% of the respondents acknowledged it as a vital event on their lifetimes.


  • The Election of Barrack Obama


The 2008 Obama’s election victory made it to the list of significant historical moments in American lives. The event appeared on 40% of all respondents’ lists. About 60% Black Americans indicated the moment on their list compared to 36% of the whites.


  • The Bombing of the World Trade Center


A large number of Americans regardless of their political affiliations, race, generation or gender noted the September 11, 2011, attack as a key moment for them and the nation. Over three-quarters of Americans who took part in the survey listed the bombing on their lists, while only Black American respondents included other events as highly on their list such as the election of Obama.


  • The Apollo 11 Moon Landing


The Apollo 11 moon landing is a popular moment for most Americans. The event, executed by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in 1969, was listed by 17% of the respondents.