American Sport’s Legend OJ’s Fall From Grace

America is waiting for the results of OJ’s parole hearing. OJ is now 70 years of age and considered to be just a washed up has-been who killed his wife and a friend of hers, he perhaps thought was a boyfriend. It didn’t always use to be this way for OJ. There was a time when he was a shining star and adored by the American public.

OJ began his career in football, receiving a variety of accolades, including the Heisman Trophy in 1968. After being the first pick of the pro draft in 1969, he served nine seasons with the Buffalo Bills. He would then go on to break records, and finally, found himself inducted into 1985’s Pro Football Hall of Fame. Other accomplishments can be found in The New York Time’s article, “Key Events in OJ Simpson’s Fall From Sports Hero, Movie Star.” OJ was more than just a football hero. OJ came across as a likable guy, many Americans could relate to. He would go on to fill a cameo role in Hollywood’s classic comedy movie, “The Naked Gun.”

In 1995, after what can only be described as the trial of the century, OJ was shockingly found not guilty in the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. He would live free until 2007 when he and five others would be charged with robbery. They claimed the memorabilia they were trying to take was originally stolen from OJ.

Whatever happens to OJ, his legacy will never be that once great football player and all around, fun American guy. Instead, he will be remembered as a heartless killer and selfish criminal.