American Civil War Made America Better

The United States came to be when the South surrendered to the North, two years after the defeat of the Confederate army. The turning point of the American Civil War came when General Robert Edward Lee decided to directly attack the Cemetary Ridge, the place where the Unions were. Unfortunate for his army, the Union army was well prepared. The ground provided enough cover for the troop to hide and they did some improvising that put them on the upper hand. As much as the Confederate soldiers tried, it was impossible to get the Unions out of their position. The attack back fired on the Confederates as they were the ones who became an easy target for the Union army.

The tactics
One thing that helped the Union army to be the victors in the war is the general understood the geography of the place. He was always keen not to put his soldiers on a clear ground, knowing that could compromise them. The troops used the Blue Ridge Mountains as cover and kept off the flat areas. After the defeat of the Confederate army, General Lee took advantage of the rainy weather to retire his troop using the Potomac River.

Current effect
The end of the civil war must have been a good thing for the modern America as in a survey done showed that a good number of Americans think the State is better than before. According to Max Roser, the Oxford economist, America has come from far to be where it is today. He says it is vital that people keep the faith no matter what. The only way is to understand the state’s history. The end of the war brought freedom and freedom is an important aspect of life. Something that has seen people work hard to have self-improvement as well as look for ways to tackle future challenges.