A New Award Winning Series Sheds Light on American History

Recently, the 2017 Critics Choice Documentary Awards judges selected a lengthy documentary series broadcast on PBS as the winner of its second annual Best Documentary Series Award. The Vietnam War (2017) explores one of the watershed conflicts in U.S. history during multiple episodes. It garnered the recent honor for its intensive examination of the divisive conflict.


Extensive Research


The documentary created by a team including Ken Burns and Lynn Novick relies upon narration by Peter Coyote. It includes accounts from Americans and Vietnamese participants. The production staff interviewed more than 80 people while researching the series. Viewers can consider information supplied by both military and civilian sources; the series offers the perspectives of both supporters and opponents of the war. It traces the history of Vietnam from 1858 to 1961, and then spends extensive time documenting accounts of the Vietnam War during the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon Administrations.


A Polarizing Period in U.S. History


President Kennedy initially committed military resources to fight the spread of Communism in Indochina while promoting a Cold War-era “Domino Theory” policy. He feared governments in the region might succumb to Communist takeovers like pieces in a global board game. As American involvement in the Vietnam conflict increased, and casualties mounted, criticism of the fighting gradually grew within the United States. The events occurring overseas ultimately spawned a very vocal domestic Antiwar Movement during the Johnson and Nixon Administrations.


A Costly Conflict For Americans


Several Communists nations (including the Soviet Union, the PCR, Cuba and North Korea) ultimately contributed support to forces fighting to unify North and South Vietnam under a single Communist regime. While South Vietnam received generous assistance from many allies, the provision of military support from the USA stood out. The United States spent vast sums prosecuting the conflict. The effort eventually cost the lives of more than 58,000 Americans and produced well over 150,000 U.S. casualties.

Events in the American History

The narrative that shared experiences often shape the Americas’ identities is true. Many notable historical happenings cannot go down the drain just like that. Among them are those that seem to be of more significance than others among the Americans. Below are only a few of examples.



The Gulf War – August 1990 to the 28 February 1991



A survey by the Pew Research Center and A+E Networks’ History channel found that about 10% of respondents in this survey put this experience among the top 10 experiences that shape America’s history. The war happened during President George H.W. Bush presidency. The study revealed that up to 10% of men placed this historic event on their top 10 list as compared to their female counterparts, which was 8%.



The Orlando shooting June 12, 2016



This was an organized mass shooting where 49 people lost their lives and more than 50 maimed. Millennials and Latinos are reported to have been among the highest population that ranked this event high. This attack happened in Pulse nightclub in Orlando during the Latin Night and is said to have targeted the Latinos, since 90% of those killed were the Latinos.



The Iraq Invasion



Also termed as the Second Gulf War, the war begun in 2013 when the US-led coalition invaded Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein. The battle then lasted for about a decade, as an insurgency cropped up which seemed to oppose the occupying force. It is estimated that more 600,000 got killed within the first four years of war.



Afghanistan War



As a result of the 9/11 attacks, the then US president George W. Bush demanded Taliban to arrest Osama Bin Laden and immediately dismiss Al-Qaeda. Initially, the US forces had been backed by Canada and the UK in the Afghanistan invasion, and later 40 more nations and all NATO member states joined the fight.


Copies of Two Important Historical Documents Were Up For Auction

For history buffs with a few million dollars in their pockets, there was good news in 2016. Two documents, the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment, were up for auction.



The auction happened at Sotheby’s in New York City. It was estimated that the Emancipation Proclamation would sell for about $1.5 million to $2 million, while the 13th Amendment would sell for about $2 million to $3 million.


There are 27 copies of the Emancipation Proclamation that exist. Twenty of the copies are framed and owned by institutions. The remaining 7, including the one that is up for auction, are privately owned.





There are only 14 original copies of the 13th Amendment. Most of these copies are located in institutions and museums. The 13th Amendment was signed by Abraham Lincoln on February 1st, 1865. The copy of the 13th Amendment that was up for auction was owned by The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. This institute is a nonprofit. They were selling their copy of the 13th Amendment in order to raise money for much needed resources.



These documents are a really big deal due to the fact that they struck down the practice of slavery in the United States of America. The Emancipation Proclamation was a presidential proclamation by Abraham Lincoln that stated that the slaves would be free once the union won the war. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery from the Union.


These documents obviously have a lot of social significance, because they changed millions of people lives for generations to come. Slaves were set free and left to pick up from there.



We learn about history all throughout school, but most of us never really know where the documents are or what ever happened to them. It’s fascinating to hear about what actually happened to the documents, and how many copies exist in the world.


An Overview of Events in American History

Americans derive their identities from their shared history and experiences. According to A+ E Networks’ History Channel and Pew Research Center, Americans have several historically important moments that outdo the rest. The survey included over 2000 adults of varying income and education levels, political views, races, and ages. The respondents listed the moments in their lifetimes that they felt had a significant impact on the country. Here are some of the events mentioned as follows:


  • The Afghanistan and Iraq Wars


The Afghanistan and Iraq wars appeared on the list of historical events. These two moments indicated a generational difference, as Gen Xers and Millennials were not likely to mention them. Nonetheless, about 17% of the individuals named the wars on their lists.


  • The Vietnam War


The Vietnam War featured on the list of 20% of the respondents despite being a defining moment for most Baby Boomers.


  • Technology Revolution


Technological advancement is one of the few events in history that seemed to cut across the generation boundaries. In fact, 22% of the respondents acknowledged it as a vital event on their lifetimes.


  • The Election of Barrack Obama


The 2008 Obama’s election victory made it to the list of significant historical moments in American lives. The event appeared on 40% of all respondents’ lists. About 60% Black Americans indicated the moment on their list compared to 36% of the whites.


  • The Bombing of the World Trade Center


A large number of Americans regardless of their political affiliations, race, generation or gender noted the September 11, 2011, attack as a key moment for them and the nation. Over three-quarters of Americans who took part in the survey listed the bombing on their lists, while only Black American respondents included other events as highly on their list such as the election of Obama.


  • The Apollo 11 Moon Landing


The Apollo 11 moon landing is a popular moment for most Americans. The event, executed by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in 1969, was listed by 17% of the respondents.

5 Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom into a Luxe Den

Who does not want to sleep in a bedroom the looks like a thousand dollar hotel suite or a picture featured on the glossy page of a home décor magazine? However, the budget is a problem for most people. Besides, spending a fortune on expensive items doesn’t necessarily guarantee a sophisticated look. Without a proper plan, your room can end up looking like a luxurious mess!

If you want to give your bedroom a luxe makeover, you have to be thoughtful with the details. Follow these five ideas as they can make your sleeping den look expensive and feel more inviting.

Create a Hotel-at-Home Luxe with Glossy Materials 

Have you ever thought how the big hotel rooms look luxurious so effortlessly? Well, there’s no big secret except for oversized furniture and incorporating some materials that look glamorous. If you have a big bedroom, furnish it with large furniture pieces in fine finishes such as leather and velvet. You can also choose the fabrics in silk and satin to add more layers and create a plushy feeling.

An Oversized Headboard

Upholstered headboard has long replaced the freestanding versions in an attempt to make the sleeping place more glamorous and comfortable. A large headboard covered with a plush fabric is a typical hotel device and is an indicator of the height of extravagance.

A bit of good upholstery goes a long way to making the room look luxurious. However, it won’t cost you a significant amount of money if you are a nifty DIY-er. Just keep in mind the overall scale of the space while determining the upholstery size, and then complement it with a big bedside table, beddings, and matching lamps.

 Smarten up with Wainscoting 

Modern wainscoting can bring up a laid-back luxe style that is smart to look and easy to live with. You can choose it to create an accent wall just behind the headboard so that it gives the impression of a boutique hotel style.

Install raised panel wainscoting on the entire wall, and paint it in a slightly darker tone than the bedding. Complete the look with matt satin and Egyptian cotton sheets and a plush wool blanket so that the room looks elegant and sophisticated.

If you instead want to install the wainscoting on the lower half of the surrounding walls, try to give them a deluxe paint job in silver or gray color. These hues have the magical power of transforming even a quite simple place into something upscale and beautiful.

 Choose a Rich Accent Color

There are no rules about the colors in a bedroom. You can try everything – from a soft pansy to bright yellow or a subtle lavender to screaming red. However, if your intention is to grab attention as well as create an impression of lavishness, jewel tones are the best choices. Sumptuous blues, greens, and reds add an instant extravagant touch to any bedroom. Choose a bright, accent color and spread it evenly into the whole room so that it does not disrupt the harmony of the place. 

Go Neutral for a Royal Elegance

If fancy items, vibrant colors, and wild decorations don’t suit your taste, go for an entirely different take on glamor by decorating the bedroom with shabby chic style furniture and accessories. Exploit a neutral color scheme and stops it from looking too plain with an ornate mirror, glamorous lighting fixtures, and a few pieces of vintage furniture. Your bedroom will exude such a classy elegance that no one can help giving compliments!

These décor ideas will give your bedroom the perfect balance of recreation and luxurious drama. Whether you prefer a dark, moody scheme or find an all-white backdrop quite irresistible, there are numerous ways to translate your personal choices into a glamorous decoration. Don’t spend money on unnecessary, expensive furniture or renovations. Follow these tricks, and they will help you create your dream bedroom!

Forbes Contributer Discusses Retirment Crisis In American History

In a financial article recently published by Forbes Magazine, contributor Ed Swindle discussed several of America’s most famous retirement emergencies and how they correlate to modern hardships. According to the Forbes article, the United States retirement system is set to collapse within the next two decades or so, placing the security of many seniors in jeopardy. For decades, politicians have argued about the necessary steps to implement to ensure that seniors who have paid into the retirement system are able to receive financial benefits during their elder years. This has been to no avail, however, as partisan politics have continued and no long term solution has been implemented.

Several times in American history have made a significant impact on the future of the national retirement system. In the early 1940s, the 401K plan was introduced as a suitable alternative to the traditional pension plans that were in place for the average American worker. Because 401K plans were funded by the employer while pension plans were funded by the employer, these plans became attractive to large corporations and employers. Slowly but surly, 401K plans began to replace traditional pension plans in almost every major American industry. By the time the 1962 fiscal year ended, only 20 percent of the American public was still enrolled in an employer funded retirement pension fund. The majority of the country had moved to 401K plans.

As a result of the combination of a national move to personally funded 401K plans and the ill supported social security system implemented by the federal government in the 1960s, financial predictors began to predict a large scale failure of the American retirement system. Right on schedule, American politicians and legislatures began to attempt to divert the blame for this coming crisis onto the opposite political party, when the fact remains that the last 8 congressional bi-partisan groups have made little to no effort to divert the coming disaster. Ed Swindle, the author of the Forbes article, suggests that families prepare individually for the retirement crisis because reliance on the government, at this stage, would be detrimental.

Facebook and Twitter Will Provide Information on Russian Meddling Claims

The Russian election meddling controversy has refused to go away. In fact, it has now moved from the United States to the United Kingdom. Just like in the US, officials of the UK government feel that there was an unjustified interference by Russia in the Brexit vote and the 2017 general election. In its typical modus operandi, Russia is assumed to have used several social media accounts to spread fake news harmful to UK’s agenda during elections.

Investigations have been opened by the UK’s Election Commission and the House of Commons’ culture, media, and sports committee. The parallel investigations have requested the two social media giants to provide information on the activities of social media accounts originating in Russia or run by Russian affiliates. In

The Chairperson of the House of Commons’ culture, media and sports committee Mr. Damian Collins had last month written to Facebook, Google and Twitter requesting for information on suspicious Russian linked groups. The information Mr. Collin sought was to cover the group’s activities in regard to the two electioneering periods. In a reply, the two social media Giants pledged to cooperate with the two investigating agencies. The agreement to cooperate was revealed today when the House Committee released its correspondence with the two organizations.

Facebook’s Simon Milner in his reply acknowledged receipt of UK agencies request for cooperation and pledged that they intended to provide more information in the second week of December. Twitter’s Nick Pickles also pledged to provide more information in the coming weeks. He was however forced to come to the defense of Twitter’s bots whose high ability to actively spread huge chunks of information may have been misused to spread propaganda. Mr. Nick Pickles is however of the opinion that not all robots are bad. Many of them could be used positively to enhance user’s needs. In any case, not all high activity accounts are bots.

BBC Ranks Historical Events in America By Significance

A recent BBC News Outlet post shared interviews with thousands of millennial during which they were asked what they believed the most significant historical event of their lifetime had been. Participants were given options that ranged in significance from the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton 2017 presidential election to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. While events tend to shape history in unique and impact ways, studies show that the citizens alive during those events often do not notice the significance of those changes until much later in life.

The BBC article ranked the average top 10 most significant events in the lives of modern Americans and included the September 11th terrorist attacks, several of the most recent presidential elections, the election of Barack Obama (the first African American President), the beginning of the Iraq War, the Gulf War, World War II, the explosion of the Challenger space craft, and several mass shootings including Columbine, Sandy Hook, and the shooting at the Orlando night club. Each of these events was ranked according to general significance in American history and according to their individual impact on economic output, civilian safety, perceived importance, and cultural and political impacts.

While it recognized that all of the historic events included in the ranking data sheet hold an important place in the collective American psyche, the BBC also recognized the fact that some events held higher places than others according to social groups and cultural status. The election of Barack H. Obama, for instance, was the only event that ranked higher than the September 11th terrorists attacks for African Americans. In every other ethnic group of Americans, the terrorists attacks ranked highest in the list of impactful historic American events. Similarly, the silent generation ranked World War II and the challenger explosion as having a much higher impact on the American economic and political system than events like the Iraq War or the challenger explosion. Generation X was more likely to include events such as the assassination of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Organo Gold Coffee and the Fight Against Illnesses, Diseases

For the longest time, many people were fearful of coffee because all they were hearing about was the negative health effects on their bodies and minds. Turns out, all of that fear might have been for nothing. If you’re a coffee drinker and are thinking of grabbing that second cup of joe, there’s some good news. Coffee could help you live longer. Organo Gold is also available at Amazon.

According to USA Today, new research shows that coffee can help protect against a whole slew of diseases and illnesses which includes heart diseases and stroke. This actually isn’t anything new. For a long time, the effect that coffee has on your life has been studied by researchers all across the globe. One of these studies tested Americans of all different nationalities. It found that those who drank coffee had a lower risk of death due to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, and more.

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Part of the charm of the Organo Gold coffee is that it contains Ganoderma lucidum which is a potent immune system regulator. It provides anti-oxidative effects and further helps protect against a variety of diseases. That’s why coffee and Ganoderma lucidum pair very well together. Organo Gold Coffee knows just how to combine these two in a way that provides the optimal health benefits for drinkers. Organo has a variety of products available including different flavors and types of coffee, teas, and lattes. There’s something for everyone. Shop now at Shopog.com.

David Giertz Advises Young People On Retirement

Are you a young person who is smart enough to care about the future? You may think that retirement is too far away to start preparing for, but the truth is that the earlier you start, the better prepared you will be. It will come eventually, after all.

David Giertz recommends that you use compound interest. This way, your savings will continue to increase every year. When it actually becomes time to retire, you will be left with a lot more money than you ever thought possible.

In addition, you should probably start a side gig. This is something that you can do from home or in your free time, whenever you get a chance. It may not be enough for a full time income, but as long as you have some sort of steady income stream, you will be more secure when you retire.

Finally, you should definitely pay off all your debts as soon as possible. This is such an important step for preparing for retirement. If you are not healthy financially, then how can you be ready to retire? You can not. You need to pay off your student loans and any other debt or credit card debt that you may have.

David Giertz is well known in the financial world. He has years of experience working for companies. He worked for Nationwide Financial, managing their sales and distribution department. He grew it by almost seven billion dollars in revenue. He was also at CitiGroup for ten years. David Giertz started out as a Financial Services Advisor and worked his way up the ranks until he became Executive Vice President of Sales. He has been helping with a number of organizations in the community. He is a certified business coach by WABC.