The Good Side of the Devos Family

According to a report released recently, Dick and Betsy DeVos have become acquainted with criticism and attention especially for the large political donations they make to the Republican Party. Over their entire life, the Devos family has given over $139 million to charitable causes. This makes their political contributions pocket change. According to a report by the federal government, Betsy and Dick DeVos made a donation of $5.3 million in the form of campaign donations in the year 2015. On the other hand, the family made a donation of $11.5 million to charity organizations in the year 2015.


The Family has been involved in the Republican Party politics for a while. In the year 2015, the larger Devos family made a contribution of $104 million to charity donations. This meant that the family became the 24th most generous family by the Forbes Magazine. This also meant that the family had spent a quarter of their wealth on donation. The family has an estimated wealth of $5.2 billion, and it is estimated that they have donated more than $1.33 billion. Betsy DeVos has a Dutch descent as his father was Edgar Prince who was also a notable philanthropist.


A recent report showed that the family allocated over $3 billion to educational causes in the year 2015. This meant that the family used 26 percent of their donations to education. At the same time, 3 percent of their donations was driven towards education reforms. The family said that they made this donation as they felt that the current system was underachieving in the fulfillment of the American Dream. The family feels that despite some teachers and administrators dedicating their life to children’s education, there is still room for improvement.


Some of the beneficiaries of this fund include the Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids that received 50 grand, the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning that received 25 grand, the Ferris State University Big Rapids that received 100 grand as well as West Michigan Aviation College that received 315 grand and Northwood University Midland that benefited with 200 grand. Other than education, the couple also supports art and culture. In the year 2015, they spent over $2. 4 million on the agenda. This makes it 21 percent of their donations. The good thing about their donations is that there are no strings attached. There is no specification on how their money should be spent.


Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan 67 years ago. He holds a degree from Northwood University where he majored in business administration. He also holds honorary doctorates from several institutions such as Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University.


He has been involved with Amway Corporation since the year 1974. During this period, he has held several positions such as president, chief executive officer, and senior vice president. He has also worked with the Orlando Magic.

Hussain Sajwani- A renowned Businessman and CEO DAMAC Properties

The road to success is always met with some obstacles on the way. Fortunately, some people have always lived to tell the tale. Hussain Sajwani is an excellent example of an individual who started from scratch. To start with, Mr. Sajwani was quite ambitious, and he had a keen interest in business. Hence, during his tender age, Mr. Hussain decided to venture into the food business.

Mr. Sajwani ventured into the food business during the 1980’s. Luckily, his food company was blessed with two broad categories of clients. His primary clients were among the corporate individuals in the United Arab Emirates as well as the United States Army. The United States Army was served by Mr. Sajwani’s company during the operation known as a desert storm. By operating with clients such as the United States Army, Mr. Sajwani’s business portfolio became more admirable.

As a freshman in the field of business, Mr. Sajwani had always declared that in the food business, one could only make millions but not billions. But as for Mr. Sajwani, he was ambitious and always dreamt of being a billionaire one day. Hence, as intelligent as he was, he seized the opportunity of always dealing with corporate clients. Through establishing a form of friendship with corporate clients, he was able to gain many important friends and also on an international basis.

In his pursuit of making famous friends, he luckily came across Mr. Donald Trump, the new US President-elect. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Hence, since both Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani were both ambitious, they became good friends. As for Hussain Sajwani, apart from dealing in the food business, he also decided to venture into the real estate business. As a result of venturing into the real estate business, Mr. Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties. By launching DAMAC Properties, Mr. Sajwani now had something in common with Mr. Trump-they were now both dealing in the real estate business.

Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani have been friends since time immemorial. As of now, Trump is now in office, and his service is to the American citizens. Hence, Mr. Sajwani will now be venturing into business with Trump’s children. Besides, the relationship between Mr. Sajwani and Mr. Trump has revolutionized the real estate industry. The two have partnered in projects such as building a golf resort.

Truly, when it comes to the utilization of resources as well as practical skills, Mr. Hussain Sajwani has been able to achieve a lot. Besides, his relationship with corporate people such as Donald Trump has helped him thrive in sectors such as real estate.

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As President Trump was celebrating his victory at his resort; mar-a-Lago in Florida, one of the people he acknowledged was Hussain Sajwani and his family. In his speech, Trump said, “Hussain and the whole family, the most beautiful people, are here from Dubai tonight. And they’re seeing it and they’re loving it.” For those not aware, Hussain Sajwani is one of the people who have extensively engaged with President Trump in business. Particularly his company DAMAC properties has dealt with Trump’s company; Trump organization. For example, the two organizations worked together to build the Trump International Course in Dubai. This is one of the largest and most beautiful golf clubs in the world.



As the new president, Trump’s glorious business may pose a conflict of interest for him. However, his partners such as Hussain Sajwani feel that Trump’s presidency is a good thing for Trump Organization and for his business associates. Hussain Sajwani hopes to continue doing business with Trump’s family despite the fact that they have not had any talks about the matter so far. He has interacted with Trump’s children Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric all of who have adequately represented the company at various international business ventures.



Hussain Sajwani is one of the richest and most influential businessmen in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Middle East at large. He founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 with its headquarters in Dubai. This was after working in the food industry for quite a long time. Since its inception, DAMAC Properties has grown to be one of the largest real estate companies in the Middle East. Through extensive research, creativity and innovation, DAMAC Properties has managed to come up with impressive, unique and high quality private and commercial properties. Being a jovial and outgoing person, Hussain Sajwani has made friends with prominent people which is one of the reasons why he has managed to grow his company that much.



Hussain is a major supporter of government projects in the UAE. He was one of the major donor during the Ramadhan initiative to feed and clothe needy children where he made a contribution of AED two million. His company has also launched an initiative to house the homeless people in his country. He is not only a good businessman but also a very generous man.


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How San Diego Business Leader Brian Bonar Proves The City Is A Great Place For Entrepreneurs

Each year something a little strange and wonderful happens in the city of San Diego. People come from many of the country’s corners and many of those people are dressed in elaborate costumes that are meant to call to mind of some of the world’s most celebrated and imaginary icons.

These people, known as cosplayers, spend time designing, sewing, embroidering and painting their costumes and themselves to look like characters as commonplace as Superman and Batman.

Many other cosplayers create costumes that are meant to pay homage to characters like Marvel comic book superhero Storm, the ring-wielding guardian Green Lantern and the zombie-fighting and apocalypse-surviving sword fighter Michonne of the Walking Dead. Cosplayers also come to the world-renown convention to pay homage to the sorts of characters that many comic book and film enthusiasts love to hate: villains.

There are people who have learned to perfect the vivid red manic smile of Batman’s arch-nemesis The Joker and the pigtails of his accomplice Harley Quinn who both recently starred in the DC film Suicide Squad.

Oftentimes many people can be seen walking through the halls of the large comic convention dressed as the icon villain Darth Vader from the film franchise Star Wars. They can also be seen dressed in the distinctive green dress and pink rabbit-eared hat of the lovable antagonist of the wildly popular family cartoon comedy Bob’s Burgers who is known as Louise Belcher.

San Diego is not just a home for people who have a deep affinity for comic books though. It is also a place where people who have a wide range of business interests can find a community of welcoming enthusiasts that they can learn from and grow with.

San Diego local Bonar is one of these people. While it is not certain that you will run into Bonar if you attend the San Diego Comic Con, you will definitely come to know him if you are involved the city’s flourishing business services sector or its restaurant sector. Brian Bonar is a member of the senior leadership of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

He also lends his many years of experience to the company Truecept where he is the company’s most senior leadership officer. Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept are both involved in delivering crucial services to other businesses.

Some of these services involve offering the kinds of insurance that companies offer to the people that they hire, the technologies that they depend on to be able to get the paychecks that their staff have earned from their work into their hands in a timely manner and the capacity to help companies that need qualified professionals to fill an opening while they spend time looking for a long-term team member to fill the role permanently. Bonar has also invested in a local restaurant known as Bellamy’s.

Targeting Higher Investment Banking with Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a tactic for one to become successful. The bank has particular sections that simply deal with investment banking. Obtaining adequate capital to fund other organization so as to start a better business set is investment banking. Through expertise, professional consultants and strategic plans us needed if one wants to start investment banking.

Investment banking also includes buying, rebuilding and bonding companies. The banking must have the investor and the association when having meetings. If one is set on taking the trail of investment he or she requires an expertise on banking strategies. Their main job is to show the market environs also to counsel you where to begin.

Martin Lustgarten has adequate knowledge on banking due to the years he has spent working in the industry. He is the founder and the CEO of Investment Banking Firm. Through international banking it what’s inspires him mostly, the desire he had in exploring his wealth in many countries all over through investment. Separately from international banking he as well listens to small companies from place to place. Martin Lustgarten is situated in Austria and also Venezuela.

He constantly has desires to recognize new market styles that enable him to obtain a lot of chances in the field of investment. Separately from concentrating on his business, he also devotes his time to counsel young upcoming investors and clients who see him as their role model. Various customers in his company are entrepreneurs, huge companies, prominent people and investors. Assisting people to attain their goals in business enables him to target high in attaining them.

He precisely gives vital guidance and assistance to his customers. He makes sure that his customers’ needs come first and served well. Through conducting his clients and treating them well they constantly come back for more advice.

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Compounding Life Advice to Achieve Success

Josh Verne shares some of the ways one can be successful in life and business. He is the founder and CEO of According to him, one should seek to be a leader and not a boss. He describes a leader as someone who accomplishes his goals by using his title. A leader puts his people first then seeks to earn respect. He adds that leaders truly succeed in their lives and businesses by putting other people before themselves.


Josh Verne also points out that to be successful one needs to create a win-win situation in every circumstance. In a business scenario, a win-win situation may entail a win for everyone. That refers to you, clients, employees, and the society as a whole. Verne maintains that one should never settle for a win-lose situation regardless of the situation. Every challenge always presents itself with an opportunity where everybody can win.


Verne emphasizes the need to speak less and listen more. He advises that to have more power, more authority, and more people listen to you, one needs always to speak less. Verne also urges people to find what they are passionate about to be truly successful. Though most passionate people are unsuccessful, most successful individuals are passionate. He says that passion is the key to a good life as it motivates people to wake up with self-drive every single day.


Verne highlights the importance of one to have a balanced life. One needs to ensure his business, health, and relationships are in order. He stresses that this does not necessarily imply putting same hours into these areas of your life. It’s about making progress and making sure one improves in these sectors.


Verne is an entrepreneur and a co-founder of alongside Dorfman. The company provides a broad range of products to its clients at reasonable prices aimed at promoting their financial well-being. Global Analytics bought in 2014. is in Pennsylvania. It offers a platform for the exchange of content for students.

How Does USHealth Group Help Insurance Customers?

There are quite a few people who need health insurance, and they are looking for the place that will be most helpful for them. They have no idea how they will find insurance, and they must ensure they have sought out all the possible options before making a purchase. This article explains how the USHealth Group will serve every customer who needs it, and they will write up policies to protect every new customer. Brokers sell USHealth Group insurance every day, and they trust the power of the company’s promises.

#1: How Are The Policies Written?

Health insurance services from USHealth Group are full-service plans that will protect customers when they go to the doctor, make their way to the emergency room or fill prescriptions. The company has committed quite a lot time and energy to building policies that are quite broad, and they have helped many customers protect their families using simplified policies that are useful every day.

#2: They Are Present Online

USHealth Group is quite present online, and they maintain social media pages that reach out to customers every day. They have listed information for customers that helps with the management of accounts, and they have saved quite a lot of money for customers by posting money-saving tips. The company is a strong player on the Internet insurance market as they know their customers are more plugged in than ever before.

#3: Group Insurance Options

The group insurance offered by USHealth Group is powerful in that it will serve a large or small company with insurance, and they company has chosen services that will help companies offer reduced rates to their customers. They pass savings one to their clients, and their group insurance plans are administered as any other. They do not waste time with red tape, and they allow their customers to order any insurance plans they like.

USHelath Group offers a service that other companies simply will not. They are willing to offer equal policies for group and family coverage. They know how to help their customers with products that will protect them in the worst of times, and they will offer customer support for simple policy matters where necessary. They have a strong presence online, and they understand how to reach out to customers where necessary. There is quite a lot of power in a policy from USHealth Group that will protect all from illness.


Internet of Things: Opportunities for Apple, Startups, and More

It is time to appreciate the great benefits which have come as a result of the internet of things. The future is here. Before the web evolves to take over the lives of the people, we must appreciate that it has done a great job so far. For this reason, we are here taking on the goodness associated with the comprehension of this fact to do better business.

According to Jason Hope, the internet has done business and lives better in many ways. For those who are looking for services and products and they have no idea where they can get them, they must also work to take the significant benefits associated with its use. For this reason, the businesses themselves have many things to get through their assistance and integration.

Jason Hope says that the internet of things was first developed to have two or more computers communicate in a way which was determined as seamless. For this reason, the internet developed through its innovation and strategic moves to have it better and more intense in innovation. Its use, which was seen through the 90s, became one of the fastest-growing and adopted the business idea. Any people sought to purchase computers for home and office use in various departments of state and companies in the country. They all worked to have a better way to conduct their business without having to do anything manually. When the world was enlightened about the use of the internet to become a source of all things you need, businesses and companies began working to improve their online management portfolios.

In the later times, everyone was acquainted with its use. For all daily businesses, everyone has a way to achieve internet connection. If you have a watch which accesses the internet, it becomes a smart watch. For this reason, there are many more devices in the world which have adopted to take on the use of the internet to make lives better. A smartwatch is capable of locating you at any time. I have access to your location using its in-built techniques. The internet of things has indeed worked for the benefit of the people.

How Alexandre Gama Built Up Neogama Into A Top Ad Agency

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian publicist and entrepreneur who founded the marketing agency called Neogama. This firm was created by Mr. Gama in 1999 and is now considered one of the top 20 most influential and powerful advertising firms in all of Brazil. Alexandre led Neogama to a Cannes Festival Lion award for marketing in the first year of Neogama’s existence. This is a record that remains to this day in the world of Brazilian advertising. Neogama was also the fastest growing ad agency for its first three years in Brazil.

In 2002 Alexandre Gama agreed to merge his startup agency with more established global marketing firm based in the UK called BBH. The resulting merging company was called Neogama/BBH and Alexandre became a majority share holder in the new company. After the merger with BBH, Mr. Gama continued to guide the ad agency to bigger heights. The firm he operated, won 2 golden Cannes Festival lion awards in one year, setting another Brazilian record. Neogama/BBH also won an agency of the year award from a highly acclaimed Brazilian newspaper. Recently, Alexandre Gama has gotten back the rights to Neogama and has focused on developing the firm in the Brazilian market instead of a more global approach as before.

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Deutsche Bank Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg Is Attracting New Talent To The Banking Industry

Being an executive recruiter isn’t easy these days. The Baby Boomers are retiring, and a whole new generation is waiting to take over. The Gen-Xers are in control in the business world now, but the Millennial generation is the group that will lead the world over the next three decades. Millennials are an interesting group. Work is not as important as it was for Baby Boomers. Many people in their twenties and thirties believe college did nothing for them but put them in debt. Executive recruiters are employing new strategies to motivate Millennials. Julie Zuckerberg, the lead recruiter for Deutsche Bank, is one of the modern-day recruiters that knows how to deal with and hire Millennials. Zuckerberg has an impressive work and education history. She attended City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studies philosophy. Being an executive recruiter for the banking industry does take some philosophical learning as well as psychological discipline. Julie Zuckerberg has both. Deutsche Bank is a great employer and Zuckerberg is a great recruiter.



Julie didn’t become a great recruiter overnight. She learned how to talk to the people in the new workforce. She got to know the talent and the desires of current bank employees. Employees are the first group she looks at when there is an open position. Zuckerberg believes that promoting and making lateral moves from within build confidence, morale, and appreciation for the company. Julie plays close attention to social media sites. She finds potential new employees from people that do the same job in the banking industry. Trained people usually produce results faster when it comes to increased productivity and performance. At times, Zuckerberg also likes to get employees involved in the hiring process. Employees help identify possible candidates faster, and they can contribute information and details about a prospective employee before the interview process begins. Failing to use employee information during the hiring process can be a mistake, so Zuckerberg likes to have an open dialogue with employees when there is a position available.



Recruiters like Julie Zuckerberg use several different strategies in today’s business world to attract new talent. Julie is very active in several professional organizations. She maintains a close relationship with university placement offices, other recruiters, and executive search firms across the country. Deutsche Bank does have an excellent employment package, so Julie does have an advantage when she searches for outside talent. Plus, Deutsche Bank has an excellent reputation as a great employer, and that helps keep people around longer. Keeping Millennials in entry-level positions is a challenge, but Julie is able to interact with her new hires to keep them motivated and happy. Zuckerberg is busy recruiting even when she’s not officially on the clock, but she still finds time to appreciate art exhibits, good food, and spending time outdoors. Julie is an avid photographer and runner, so when she’s not working she’s running and taking photos for her collection. Zuckerberg is a well-rounded individual. She has to be in order to perform in the high-stress banking industry.