US Money Reserve Reveals New Information In Emergency Gold Conference

US Reserve constantly keeps customers up to date on current world affairs and how they affect the price of gold. They decided recently to host a conference on the emergencies of owning gold as it relates to current world political and economic affairs. This conference is taking place at an undisclosed location and guests must have a special invite to attend. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook

Delivering a keynote address at this event will be US Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl who has many years of experience in the numismatics field. Diehl will deliver a new report on gold that includes three reasons to purchase it.

US Money Reserve has a fully-interactive website recently redesigned to allow mobile and tablet users easier access to its information. They sell gold, silver and platinum bullion of all denominations and many different values. Customers can see rare WWII commemorative coins, purchase foreign dignitary coins, gold bars and many other products at the US Money Reserve website.

US Money Reserve has put forth booklets on how world issues such as trade wars, political turmoil, national debt and cyber terrorists can disrupt the US economy, and how gold can be a hedge against these kind of economic downfalls.

What makes US Money Reserve a highly reputable company is the leaders that comprise its board including Philip N. Diehl. Diehl holds degrees from the University of Texas and Stanford in government and political science, and his business experience was well-documented as leader in the Texas Comptrollers Office, the Public Utility Commission and eventually as 35th Director of the US Mint.

Diehl turned the Mint into the second-highest rating in customer satisfaction out of many companies listed in a famous publication. The Mint went from operating at a loss to operating at a profit in returning over $2.6 billion to the American taxpayers.

Diehl left the Mint in 2000 but as a consultant for private companies in the precious metal sales industry, he became most impressed by US Reserve because of their commitment to delivering the highest quality products and service in the industry.

US Money Reserve strives to make sure customers are kept in the loop with every important facet of purchasing gold and silver, and they’ve compiled a free information kit that also includes how to transfer an IRA into gold. They also recently compiled an ebook as part of a limited gold coin sales offer on protecting wealth the way the Wall Street elites do.

Susan McGalla-A Role Model to Women Everywhere

Women everywhere struggle to reach the high level positons in organizations all over the world. Women, such as Susan McGalla, have helped to make the way easier for other women leaders. McGalla has to work for what she wanted all her life and she was toughened by growing up with her two brothers and football coach dad.

McGalla has to work her way up the ladder of American Eagle Outfitters and when she started her career, she was the only women among many male executives. She ended up founding P3 Executive Consulting and is now in the position of Vice President of the Business and Creative aspect of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although the industry is primarily dominated by men, McGalla has made her place high in the ranks of the business world.

McGalla is very confident and has become successful because of her fearless nature. Many women struggle to get the opportunities to become truly successful and there is certainly no shortage of networks for women. There are now many groups that help to provide women leaders with the support and platforms they need in order to succeed. Women have proven that they are just as capable as men to succeed. However, change is slow to happen and women only fill just a quarter of the senior rolls in worldwide companies.

Statistics have proven that businesses that are diversified by gender are 15% more likely to outperform companies that are not. The theory is that because they are more open to new ideas such as diversification, they are able to become much more successful.

Susan McGalla is a very successful executive consultant. She began her career at Jason Horne Company before she joined the American Eagle Outfitters team where she was president and CMO. McGalla moved on and became a private consultant for financial and retail industries that were in the business of investing.

McGalla obtained her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing form Mount Union College. She also serves on the Board of Advisors at the College as well.

Rick Smith: One of the Top Brains in Electrical Engineering in the US Telecom Industry

In July, 2008 Richard Smith became the chief executive officer of Securus technology. After serving many corporations in the telecoms industry for many years, he is presently the most suitable person to lead the technology firm. Commonly known by friends in the industry as Rick, he has had a successful career that has set the company on an upward spiral of growth and innovations though policies of strategic expansion. Apart from being the CEO he is also the chairman, and his efforts have largely contributed to the strength and stability that the organization enjoys.

Securus is the leading provider of innovative and advanced technological solutions that help to improve the security situations in many incarceration facilities in the US. The services the company offers are continuously modified and scaled up almost on a weekly basis to keep pace with the changing trends in the security sector. Under the guidance of Mr. Rick Smith, the organization plays a prominent role in developing new services and products that address the changing needs the security industry constantly faces.

Through hard work, insightful leadership and skillful implementation of strategic plans, Mr. Smith became the chairman of Securus technology in 2009. Before that, he had served in several high-profile managerial roles, for instance, between 2000 and 2003 he was the President and Chairman at Eschelon Telecom Inc., and apart from that he has held the position of director in several other organizations. The crime prevention techniques and the monitoring capacity that the company constantly brings to the industry has helped to make the security situation for the general public better. Some of the greatest achievements associated with Rick include the introduction of communication devices that help in solving complicated crimes because of their ability to help in monitoring and investigating criminal activities before they take place

From Rochester Institute of Technology, Mr. Richard Smith obtained an Associate in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. At Buffalo College of the New York State University, he received many honors as a leading scholar and researcher. He acquired a Bachelor of Science in electrical from the same institution. Other institutions from which he has received degrees include the University of Rochester’s Simon School from where he obtained a Master’s in Business Administration and from Brockport at the New York State University he also had a Masters in Mathematics. In the telecom industry, he is undoubtedly one of the best brains in engineering. As an administrator, he is accomplished in managing various aspects of business operations, IT system installations, and financial management.The dedication and skillful managerial abilities of Mr. Smith has earned him recognition throughout the Security and the telecom sectors.

Philip N. Diehl Releases Report At US Money Reserve Conference

It was announced on PRNewswire that US Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl would be releasing a new report on gold at a special conference hosted in Austin, TX. This conference was very exclusive and required attendees to have an invitation to get to the undisclosed location. The meeting discussed the current world events and why owning gold is becoming more important than ever. Diehl’s report featured information on the recent national headlines and the top reasons why people should buy gold. US Money Reserve has hosted many events on buying gold including the “2016 Gold Summit” that was shown on national TV.


US Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and has taken the lead in the precious metals market. Their goal is for every person to have the knowledge of what owning gold can do for them. When events such as war, terrorist attacks, cyber attacks on financial institutions and even national debts become out of control, paper currency and the stock market can suffer major hits. But gold and silver have continued to be valuable during times of crisis through the history of the world, so US Money Reserve explains the benefits and risks of owning precious metals in your portfolio. It’s not hard to find this information as US Money Reserve had their website renovated to make it compatible for smartphones and tablets now.


US Money Reserve has an expert in both coins and business marketing in Philip N. Diehl who turned the US Mint into one of the top sellers of precious metals in his time as 35th Director. Diehl had one of the first major ecommerce websites built for the Mint in the late 1990s and turned the agency into a $2.6 billion profitable enterprise yielding high returns to taxpayers. Diehl also led the research and eventually the bringing to reality minting of the US’s first platinum coin in 1997.


Diehl decided US Money Reserve was the best fit for him not only because he’s a native Texan where the company is based, but also because he was impressed by their philosophy and commitment to transparency and strong business ethics. Diehl has helped put together booklets on how to buy gold and how to store and transfer funds into it at the US Money Reserve’s free information kit on their website. US Money Reserve wants to make sure everyone’s experience is as free of hassles as possible, so they’ve included Client-Connect Advantage so live assistants can help with purchases and returns. You can find out more about their services by going to

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Livio Bisterzo: New Snacking Expert

Chick peas are big right now and many people are using them to get rid of their snacking cravings. While chick peas are a great snack to roast yourself, it can sometimes be hard for people to be able to try all of the different methods. It can also be hard for people to take the time to get the results that they need so that their chick peas are completely dehydrated and ready for snacking.

Livio Bisterzo is changing all of that with his brand. He is using Hippeas to make it easier for people to get the snacking options that they deserve. These small packs of snacks are full of the different things that people may want with their snack. Chick peas have a lot of fiber and that allows them to be able to make things easier when they are snacking. Hippeas are much more nutritious than some of the other snacks that people have available to them.


While Hippeas are still rolling out, people are learning more about the different flavors and options that they have with Hippeas. It is something that has given the people a chance to try a different snack and something that has made it easier for them to try new options. When people used to only have basic items to choose from – chips, corn puffs and cheese puffs – they are now able to choose a snack that is more nutritious while they are on the go.

Livio Bisterzo is hoping that the snack will gain popularity. He is trying to make sure that many people know about Hippeas and that they will be able to enjoy the snack. It is something that he knows will catch on and something that he hopes will be able to make the country healthier. Since Livio Bisterzo first started developing Hippeas, he knew that it would be something that would make a difference in the snacking world. Bisterzo’s company is known as a market disruptor because it has brought change to the snacking industry that has been the same for a long time.

Learn more about Livio Bisterzo:

FDA Quickly Approves Impressive New Cancer Drug

The journal Science recently published a study where 86 patients with various advanced cancers were given an experimental new cancer drug. The drug is pembrolizumab, the brand name of it is Keytruda. Out of the 86, sixy-six of the patients’ tumors shrank and their condition overall became more stable. Eighteen of the patients’ tumors actually shrank to the point of being gone, and they’ve yet to return.


What the drug does is help the immune system to fight the cancer cells because it is a PD-1 blocker. This is a massive step forward in cancer treatment, and although the study was relatively small and there was no control group in the study, the FDA has already approved pembrozilzumab. But, it has only been approved for the patients who have the genetic abnormality that caused the cancer each of the patients in the study had. This means that at this time, it will not be available to all cancer patients, though perhaps through further testing it could prove to be effective with other types of cancer.


In an interview with Yahoo, oncologist Dr. Jack Jacoub points out that it has been thought that the immune system plays an integral role in the development of cancer, and that the study shows that targeting the immune system can be effective. He also pointed out that how quickly the drug is approved is significant, the FDA doesn’t take these things lightly.


This is a breakthrough and perhaps something that could lead to us eventually getting closer to curing cancer. More studies will have to be done on the drug and it will have to be used with other treatments to see how it works in conjunction with other treatments, but it is a big step in the right direction!


Are We Living in Hamilton’s of Jefferson’s America?

Both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were members of George Washington’s cabinet. Hamilton served as Washington’s Treasury Secretary and was tasked with running the nation’s finances at a time when there was neither a federal reserve nor nationwide scheme for collecting and redistributing taxes.


Thomas Jefferson, on the other hand, was the Secretary of State near the turn of the 19th century. Jefferson is perhaps best known today for being America’s third president and, to history buffs, fighting off the Barbary pirates while serving as U.S. Secretary of State. While secretary of state, Thomas Jefferson also greatly expanded America itself by cutting a deal with Napoleon Bonaparte that culminated in the United States leaving with the Louisiana Purchase.


The two men, though, had very different approaches to governance. Hamilton’s vision was one that rings more true to today’s neo-conservative crowd in that Hamilton didn’t shy away from painting a vision for American empire that rivaled the reigning British empire in scope and totality.


Alexander Hamilton was a strong supporter of the federal government and eschewed federalist notions that would have drastically different rules for different states. Instead, Hamilton urged President Washington to think more along national lines; in fact, Hamilton is credited with creating the national bank and pushing the state debts accumulated by the Revolutionary war against the British on to federal balance sheets.


Jefferson had a somewhat different vision for our budding nation. At the time, Jefferson drew a great deal of controversy by lobbying hard to remove vestiges of religion from government activities and, to a lesser extent, public affairs. Jefferson should be regarded as more of a nationalist who thumbed his nose at the anti-meritocratic notion that kings should reign supreme. Unsurprisingly, Jefferson opposed the notion of primogeniture, or handing down rule to one’s heirs.


Jefferson would have been an ardent supported of today’s states’ rights movement, and Jefferson pushed strongly for a federalist government that passionately protected the tenth amendment.


Key Republican Strategy over Russia Scandal, Impeach Trump and Thwart Foreigners from America

The Intelligence Senate Select Committee, on May 10, subpoenaed papers from the former National Security Presidential Advisor, Michael Flynn. The Security advisor to the president had business transactions with Russia that he earlier failed to divulge on Federal forms. The critical damning report included payments of $67,000 from three Kremlin-related Russian companies.


Flynn also offered to testify on the 2016 elections meddling by the Russians, calling for immunity in exchange for the damning evidence and exonerate himself from any criminal liability. Could Trump have traded a few million bucks to clinch the highest seat of government so that he could continue doing business with the Russians?


Russian pressure on the U.S. federal budget tactically targeted for secretive dealings would be a financial and political revolution in the history of American Politics. To show cause to the seriousness of this matter, Trump ordered compulsory retirement from public office to all the officials engaged in the Russian scandal, including Michael Flynn.


The evidence linking Russia has so far spurred three investigations, mainly the SIC investigation, the FBI investigation, and a Northern Virginia federal grand jury’s subpoena from Mr. Flynn. President Trump may become toxic politically due to these alarming investigations. It could also affect key members of the Republican administration who would otherwise not want to be associated with the scandal that Trump has attracted so far.


Trump has become so lethal that he’s willing to use anyone within his reach as a pawn to save his soul. Guys like Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein threatened to resign over the maligning scandals in the Whitehouse. Republicans had high hopes of reforming key federal policies and the overall government while relying on the president and widespread support in Congress.


The Russia distraction blew out of proportion due to Trump’s hotheaded, perilous, grandstanding, and hasty public acts and utterances. Therefore, an impeachment by 2018 will be in the Republicans interests to win the midterm election seats by distracting Democratic campaigns whose focus is on the Russia scandal. Already there are four grounds to impeach President Trump.



NBC, Kelly under fire for Sandy Hook interview

Families and victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting are expressing anger and outrage over an interview by NBC’s Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones, an InfoWars conspiracy theorist, according to an article on at


Jones admits that some “real kids” were killed in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, while at the same time pushing a theory that the incident that left 26 people, mostly children, dead, was “completely fake with actors.” Jones isn’t alone in pushing conspiracy theories. Ever tine the shooting, victim’s families have had to contend with those who argue that the government was behind the tragedy in order to strengthen anti-gun laws.


In response to the interview, set to air on Father’s Day, June 18, JPMorgan Chase has pulled all of its advertising from NBC until the telecast airs. In addition, Sandy Hook Promise, a group that was formed to protect kids from gun violence, says that Kelly will no longer emcee its June 14 fund raising event.


Unsurprisingly, Kelly has defended the interview. She argues that President Donald J. Trump has appeared on and praised Jones’ show. Interestingly, Jones does not want the interview to air. He says its does not factual represent his views.


Parents of the young victims were quick to express their displeasure whit the interview on social media. Ana Grace Marquez-Greene’s mother tweeted an image of her 6-year-old daughter to NBC and also told the Washington Post that giving Jones a platform on Father’s Day was cruel.


The daughter of the school’s principal, who was killed during the shooting, has also spoken out against the airing of the interview, as have Chelsea Clinton, actor Chris Evans and New York City Mayor Bill Blasio.


Jones has also supported theories that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were an inside job, and to other conspiracy theories around the Oklahoma City Bombing as well as mass shootings in Orlando, Florida and Aurora, Colorado.


Alexandre Gama’s Knowledge

Question your own values and morals to see if there’s anything that needs to change. There, for you’ll find plenty of material to get you started – if you are truly honest with yourself. Alexandre Gama claims that it’s not an option in today’s world world. He claims the same for his own countrymen in Brazil, where he takes his very roots.

Now is the time to get started. Who knows what tomorrow may hold, and if the country will hold for another day? Avoid Telemundo and other similar companies as they are nothing but lies fabricated to look like truth. This has been Gama’s experience.