Find Out What Has Made Eric Pulier Successful In His Ventures

Eric Pulier was creative and innovative even from a young age when he was in fourth grade; he began programming computers. He started a database computer firm In high school,. He is known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, technologist, public speaker, published author, and a columnist. In 1991, Eric Pulier moved from Teaneck, New Jersey where he was born and raised, to Los Angeles where he founded People Doing Things which is a company that issues technology to address the healthcare and education. He founded interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1994; the firm later merged with Us Interactive in 1998. Pulier was also an active member of the making of the Starbright World, which is an online platform for the children who are chronically ill. Over the years, he has founded and been a co-founder of over fifteen companies which included US interactive media platform, Deskstone, Digital evolution, and ServiceMesh. These companies have seen him raise hundreds of millions of dollars.


In 1984, Pulier completed his high school studies, and from there he joined Harvard University where he attained his Bachelors of Art in 1988. When he was in his collegiate career, Pulier studied Computer Science, Environmental studies,English, and American Literature, and Visual studies. He is also a writer and editor of PulierLeg.


Among his many achievements, the one company that has made him be recognized is the vAromic Systems. The firm is born under the idea concept that macro elements like the game mechanics, GPS, blockchain technology and the rise of digital goods trading are there to impact the economy by bringing digital goods in games.


Pulier brings his idea to life by writing down any ideas, inspirations, or keyword that they get. Writing down helps him reproduce the idea later and expound on it. He does not rush any ideas that he gets, rather, he lets it sit until the idea has fully grown and can be implemented. It is no wonder that most of his investments are doing well.


Pulier acknowledges that the one thing that has helped him with the business is resistance. He understands that not everything will work when one give sit the first attempt. However, giving up is not an choice for those who want to make it, and that is the reason Pulier pushes through the hard times, making change when necessary.

Talk Fusion – Providing Simple Yet Sophisticated Video Marketing and Communication Applications

Talk Fusion has made a name for itself in the video marketing and video communication sector in a short period since the time of its inception in 2007. The company provides highly sophisticated, useful, and innovative video marketing and communication applications that help the individuals as well as the corporations to use it for the communication as well as the marketing purposes.



Talk Fusion provides a personalized way of communication and marketing, which helps the enterprises to reach out to its target audience in a much more focused manner. It helps in getting a competitive advantage over the competitors, and needless to mention, these products are meant to impress. Talk Fusion provides applications such as video email, video chat, video newsletter, and more. From the very beginning, the company has emphasized the importance of video in the field of marketing and believes that only words cannot make the kind of impact a personalized video can.



The video marketing solutions and applications offered by Talk Fusion varies as per the need of the end users, and since these applications are highly customizable, the companies, as well as the individual users, can use the features of the applications to scale up or down the application as per their requirements. Bob Reina, Founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion says that Talk Fusion aims to change and revolutionize the way the companies market their products and interact with their clients by equipping them with the technology that makes communication much interactive and personalized.



The concept of video email is used by many companies today and most of the companies that have used the products of Talk Fusion say that it is very difficult to switch back to the conventional mode of e-mail communication as video email or video chat offered by Talk Fusion is so much more useful, interactive, and descriptive. The company recently launched the Video chat application that is available for the iOS and Android users on their respective application marketplace. Bob Reina says that the company is constantly in the process of developing new products that are more innovative and would create benchmarks in the video communication and marketing space.

Results Released by Norman J. Pattiz of Podcast One

Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, has been in the PodCast company since June 2016. He has served as the CEO. Norman is the owner of Westwood One Incorporation that was founded in 1974 and acted as the CEO there too. He was the president of Broadcast Education Association and is lately a board member in several other organizations in the industrial sector.

Norman released the results of 5 main national consumer brands having five products and services in their categories. The study that was done came to a conclusion that podcast advertising made a great impact on influencing buyers and getting more customers.

It made a big difference in marketing and promoting products mostly brand recall and involves urge of purchasing of particular messaging.

With an accurate analysis of results, some lessons were learned from it, more than 60 percent of the podcast listeners knew of a particular grocery brand, and that was an increase from 7 percent. The unaided product awareness rose.

A third of respondents have a positive opinion on automobile aftermath product that increased from 18 percent. 22 percent had an opinion that they could use a lawn and garden product an improvement on awareness in a particular campaign for automobile aftermath product. Casual dining rose by 76%. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Edison Research did the research in 2016 for PodcastOne 3. They had an objective of looking into how effective podcast advertising was. Brands were well known, but new arrival products had not been disclosed. The new brands wanted to be established by penetrating the market and become publicized.

The results of a survey of using the Podcast method was weak, but after using the PodCast method of advertising for 4 to 6 weeks, the results rose. The audience had a positive reception of the brand messages and increased the consideration of the customers to buy the products from the brands.

Norman Pattiz wanted to see how podcast advertisement affected the marketing of brands. When the adverts were run and researched, the results showed that there were significant impacts on the measures. It is now certain that there was an increase in demand for products and brands after the podcast were used. This provides a new way and means of advertising.

Giertz Advises the Advisors From His Post in Ohio

David Giertz recently went on record in an interview to publicly address an issue he feels is hindering the relationships between clients and their financial advisors. Giertz believes that financial advisors need to talk to their clients about the importance of social security on While the subject of social security seems to self-explanatory in regards to its obvious importance, according to a recent survey done by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, many financial advisors are not stressing the importance of social security on their clients’ overall financial outlook during retirement.

This recent survey polled retiree’s and those looking to retire within the next ten years and found that many clients that are cognizant of the importance of social security, would be likely to switch advisors should they fail to talk about social security on Facebook. Due to the scope of the social security handbook, with it totaling 2,700 rules, Giertz believes that many financial advisors may shy away from heavily discussing social security. This issue not only has economic implications for clients seeking financial stability in retirement, it also affects the rate of client retention with financial advisors. The survey at also showed that social security may equal up to 40 percent of a client’s retirement fund and over the course of 25 years, if social security is drawn early, they can lose in excess of $300,000.

Since 2001, David Giertz has been a financial investor for Nationwide Investment Service Corporation. With 31 years of experience in the world of financial investing, David Giertz has garnered several professional awards. As a registered broker with the FINRA, Giertz has worked for several major investment corporations including, Citicorp Investment Services and The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.

Sawyer Howitt Steps Into Large Shoes

David Howitt is the head of the Meriwether Group. He has worked hard for that position and this has helped him to make the right decisions for the company. David Howitt has been working to help his son learn more about the business and prime him to become a major part of the company. This has set Sawyer Howitt up for success and has given him the chance to truly see the way that the Meriwether Group is able to function for the people that it serves. Sawyer Howitt is planning on making the company better than what it was in the past but he also needs to know the history of the company and the way that it is able to perform so that he has the best experience possible. Sawyer is aware of all of the different aspects of the company already but has recently been able to get more out of the options that he has for working at the company.

As an entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt is able to provide people with more options than what they have had in the past. Sawyer works to make sure that he is doing everything that he can to make the business better and to even come up with new ideas for business. He is an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word and has seen a lot of success in the past thanks to the entrepreneurship opportunities that he has had. Sawyer knows the right way to reach different goals and become better at what he does.

Sawyer Howitt has seen major changes in the Meriwether Group but the change that he is going to make while joining the company is something that he is prepared for. While many may not think that he is prepared for what the company does, Sawyer Howitt has the experience that he needs as an entrepreneur. Since the company works primarily with those who are entrepreneurs, Sawyer Howitt feels that he can connect with them on many different levels to make sure that he is doing everything he can for the Meriwether Group.


This Is How Securus Technologies Reduces Crime

Securus Technologies, founded in 1986, provides solutions to prisons and other correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies to help them do their job. It is based in Texas and Georgia. It employs over two thousand people.


They serve over twenty six hundred correctional facilities from all over the United States. They have invested over six hundred million dollars in order to improve technologies for law enforcement. For example, one of their technologies is a system that is designed to control contraband cell phones.


They also provide telephone and calling services to inmates around the country. Their cell defender technology was developed in conjunction with Harris Corporation. Its Wireless Containment Solution prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to a network. They serve over one million inmates.


Recently, their customers have come out with comments about their service. The comments happened to be raving reviews about how Securus Technology helped them reduce crime. It has helped one law enforcement agency tap phones in order to catch a rogue employee who was dealing with illegal contraband. Other facilities have been able to crack down on the usage of drugs, alcohol and other forbidden substances.


When there is a threat or a complaint of harassment, customers are able to use the technology to prevent it. In middle of an investigation, one customer was able to use the alert feature to nab and capture the suspect. Using the LBS feature, countless satisfied sheriff officers have been able to nab those who deal with illegal cash, drugs and other substances. Once, an inmate was talking with siblings and they were discussing what the younger sibling should say about a murder case. This helped the particular law enforcement agency crack the case and catch the suspect. It has helped countless other agencies take care of all their inmates and prevent illegal things from happening.


Walk the Earth and Board the Earthship

More and more we are warned about leaving our carbon footprints all over planet Earth. More and more this message resonates with people to the point of influencing their travel destinations. Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, founders of Wild Ark have made it their mission to educate and invigorate ecotourists by offering guided expeditions into areas like Botswana, Kenya, Sabi Sands and Alaska where the eco-conscious vacationer enjoys a sustainable trip that explores the ecosystem of their destination choice.

Imagine tracking zebra herds, bird watching or taking a photography course and not only avoiding a carbon footprint, but also knowing your experience will help fund conservation efforts in the area you’ve chosen to explore. You will return home with a sated conscious and rested soul while your neighbors return home with tales of hours spent waiting on lines on asphalt to get onto a rollercoaster.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Earthship Biotecture? What comes to mind when you hear you’ll be staying in Taos, New Mexico in a structure made from dirt-filled tires and other recycled materials that acts as a passive solar panel? The Earthships were way ahead of their time, designed in the 1970’s by Michael Reynolds, architect and environmentalist. Ecotourists can get a taste of living off the grid, growing their own vegetables and using water collected from rain and snow. Your utilities will be made on site by using solar and wind for electricity which is stored in batteries. After rain falls onto your Earthship, it is used four times over before being filtered into the contained sewage treatment system.

If your stay at the Earthship was Earth-shattering for you, you can consider attending the Earthship Academy, an educational experience which combines hands-on building with classroom and lab time. Most students go on to build their own Earthship homes.

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Mike Baur, the man who bets on early stage start-ups in Switzerland

Today, start-up owners in Switzerland will tell you that it’s hard to convince investors to bet on them and fund them. For this reason, even the most promising start-ups are crushing and are hitting rock bottoms. It’s true that early stage start-ups are hard to wager on, mostly because they are tenuous and have an uncertain future. Most investors prefer putting their money on investments that have been tested and have cast-iron certainty. For a long time, Swiss start-ups owners have been watching powerlessly as their businesses crumble for lack of mentorship, seed capital and someone to guide them. However, that changed when Mike Baur started the Swiss start-up factory.

For three years, Swiss start-up factory has been supportive of ICT-based start-ups in Switzerland. The ICT accelerator has been providing financial and mentorship help to Swiss start-ups. What’s the drive behind Swiss start-up factory? The team that started it had a dream and ambition to propel start-ups that were distinctive and had the capability of changing the world. Mike wanted to support start-ups that promised to shake conventional norms, products, and business models to become global companies. Undeniably, Mike understood the challenges that most start-up owners face when coming up with what he has now become a haven for Swiss start-ups.

Swiss start-up factory is a one of a kind accelerator; the team behind it has rich resumes and vast knowledge and experience that come in handy during mentorship programs. What’s more, the team is brilliant and has unique capabilities of pinpointing exceptional start-ups even in their idea stage. Once a start-up qualifies to join Swiss start-ups factory, they are taken through a three months program. Throughout the three months, the start-ups are provided with seed capital, office space, coaching and also enormous entrepreneurial and investors network.

We all know how banks tend to stiffen their lending policies when it comes to start-ups, right? Well, Mike was once a banker and even those policies didn’t change his willpower and ambition to support upcoming start-ups. Mike has worked for almost 20 years in Swiss private banking and propelled to be an executive board member in one of the Swiss private banks. He is known for his fortitude and unwavering will to change the world. Mike believes that the youths have the power to modify the world. For this reason, he has invested a lot of time and money in youth mentorship and entrepreneurship. Without question, with people like Mike Baur, the future of Swiss start-ups is now brighter than ever.



Troy McQuagge Is The Winner At The 2016 One Planet Business And Professional Excellence Awards

USHEALTH Group, Inc. CEO is Troy McQuagge. Everyone in the company is delighted about the fact that he has been named as the Gold Winner. This means that he is CEO of the Year and has been nominated for the prestigious One Planet℠ Awards. These are global premier awards program that honors professional excellence in general. This is not limited to any industry as such. In fact, anybody from any industry can be nominated and win this award. In the same way, it is not limited to any country or any area specifically. Anybody belonging to any place around the world can apply for these awards. Any kind of organizations from anywhere in the world is eligible to submit their nominations. Hence they can be public or private, or even for-profit or non-profit firm. It can be a large company or a small one or just a start-up.

Troy McQuagge has been with USHEALTH since 2010. He started his work here by re-building its distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. He was able to achieve a lot of success here as he could re-tool the Advisors. This led to the election of Troy McQuagge as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. This happened in 2014. It was during his tenure that USHEALTH Group, Inc. managed to register exceptional growth and success.This is why this award cannot belong to Troy McQuagge alone. It has to belong to everyone in the company. After all, the growth and profitability that has been achieved in the highly competitive individual health insurance market cannot be contributed to one person alone. Each person in the company is responsible for this unique achievement.

Troy McQuagge stated that this award would motivate them to work harder and strive to provide better services to their esteemed clients. Presently the One Planet Awards are recognizing companies for their excellence in business and professional achievements. The categories include sections for executives, teams, as well as new products besides services. Next are categories that include PR, Marketing, along with Corporate Communications. Hence these are highly coveted awards for anybody, anywhere in any industry.

Vijay Eswaran, The Most Accomplished Person Of Malaysia Origin

Vijay Eswaran is more so like a superhuman. At the age of fifty-six, Vijay has had more success in life as compared to other people of his age group. Besides, Eswaran is a highly educated person with a degree in socio-economics. Other education accolades that Vijay holds include a certificate in Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and an MBA.

It is after many years of service in many companies that Eswaran decided to open his institution. In 1998, QI Group came to fruition, and Vijay became its founder and executive chairman.

The QI firm mainly centers in direct selling especially in sectors like lifestyle and leisure, luxury, real estate, transport, communication, logistics, and training and education.

A decade after its inception, QI Group has been able to open many branches all over Asia, and thirty more countries across the globe. Vijay Eswaran has also been responsible for the integration of e-commerce into marketing strategies, a move that has seen IQ Group greatly succeed and expand.  Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

The huge success experienced in this company has raised the profit margins to about seven hundred and fifty million dollars per year.

He believes that for businesses to succeed in today’s markets, they ought to synchronize modern technological advancements in their daily operations.

One of the things that have set IQ Group apart from other firms of its caliber is its ability to deliver services in a way that is unique to it. It is by applying these principles in life that we, also can become successful.

According to QBuzz, to give back to society, Vijay Eswaran helps people struggling with life reach a place of financial fulfillment. He does this through global lectures. Besides, he has also authored many books that educate people on how to become successful in life.

Eswaran has also been on the forefront to help humanity through his philanthropic works. Charities that have come up under his Vijay’s legacy include the Rhythm Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

These foundations advocate for human empowerment through education, success through arts and culture, and environmental protection.