Mike Baur, the man who bets on early stage start-ups in Switzerland

Today, start-up owners in Switzerland will tell you that it’s hard to convince investors to bet on them and fund them. For this reason, even the most promising start-ups are crushing and are hitting rock bottoms. It’s true that early stage start-ups are hard to wager on, mostly because they are tenuous and have an uncertain future. Most investors prefer putting their money on investments that have been tested and have cast-iron certainty. For a long time, Swiss start-ups owners have been watching powerlessly as their businesses crumble for lack of mentorship, seed capital and someone to guide them. However, that changed when Mike Baur started the Swiss start-up factory.

For three years, Swiss start-up factory has been supportive of ICT-based start-ups in Switzerland. The ICT accelerator has been providing financial and mentorship help to Swiss start-ups. What’s the drive behind Swiss start-up factory? The team that started it had a dream and ambition to propel start-ups that were distinctive and had the capability of changing the world. Mike wanted to support start-ups that promised to shake conventional norms, products, and business models to become global companies. Undeniably, Mike understood the challenges that most start-up owners face when coming up with what he has now become a haven for Swiss start-ups.

Swiss start-up factory is a one of a kind accelerator; the team behind it has rich resumes and vast knowledge and experience that come in handy during mentorship programs. What’s more, the team is brilliant and has unique capabilities of pinpointing exceptional start-ups even in their idea stage. Once a start-up qualifies to join Swiss start-ups factory, they are taken through a three months program. Throughout the three months, the start-ups are provided with seed capital, office space, coaching and also enormous entrepreneurial and investors network.

We all know how banks tend to stiffen their lending policies when it comes to start-ups, right? Well, Mike was once a banker and even those policies didn’t change his willpower and ambition to support upcoming start-ups. Mike has worked for almost 20 years in Swiss private banking and propelled to be an executive board member in one of the Swiss private banks. He is known for his fortitude and unwavering will to change the world. Mike believes that the youths have the power to modify the world. For this reason, he has invested a lot of time and money in youth mentorship and entrepreneurship. Without question, with people like Mike Baur, the future of Swiss start-ups is now brighter than ever.



Troy McQuagge Is The Winner At The 2016 One Planet Business And Professional Excellence Awards

USHEALTH Group, Inc. CEO is Troy McQuagge. Everyone in the company is delighted about the fact that he has been named as the Gold Winner. This means that he is CEO of the Year and has been nominated for the prestigious One Planet℠ Awards. These are global premier awards program that honors professional excellence in general. This is not limited to any industry as such. In fact, anybody from any industry can be nominated and win this award. In the same way, it is not limited to any country or any area specifically. Anybody belonging to any place around the world can apply for these awards. Any kind of organizations from anywhere in the world is eligible to submit their nominations. Hence they can be public or private, or even for-profit or non-profit firm. It can be a large company or a small one or just a start-up.

Troy McQuagge has been with USHEALTH since 2010. He started his work here by re-building its distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. He was able to achieve a lot of success here as he could re-tool the Advisors. This led to the election of Troy McQuagge as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. This happened in 2014. It was during his tenure that USHEALTH Group, Inc. managed to register exceptional growth and success.This is why this award cannot belong to Troy McQuagge alone. It has to belong to everyone in the company. After all, the growth and profitability that has been achieved in the highly competitive individual health insurance market cannot be contributed to one person alone. Each person in the company is responsible for this unique achievement.

Troy McQuagge stated that this award would motivate them to work harder and strive to provide better services to their esteemed clients. Presently the One Planet Awards are recognizing companies for their excellence in business and professional achievements. The categories include sections for executives, teams, as well as new products besides services. Next are categories that include PR, Marketing, along with Corporate Communications. Hence these are highly coveted awards for anybody, anywhere in any industry.

Vijay Eswaran, The Most Accomplished Person Of Malaysia Origin

Vijay Eswaran is more so like a superhuman. At the age of fifty-six, Vijay has had more success in life as compared to other people of his age group. Besides, Eswaran is a highly educated person with a degree in socio-economics. Other education accolades that Vijay holds include a certificate in Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and an MBA.

It is after many years of service in many companies that Eswaran decided to open his institution. In 1998, QI Group came to fruition, and Vijay became its founder and executive chairman.

The QI firm mainly centers in direct selling especially in sectors like lifestyle and leisure, luxury, real estate, transport, communication, logistics, and training and education.

A decade after its inception, QI Group has been able to open many branches all over Asia, and thirty more countries across the globe. Vijay Eswaran has also been responsible for the integration of e-commerce into marketing strategies, a move that has seen IQ Group greatly succeed and expand.  Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/eswaranvijay

The huge success experienced in this company has raised the profit margins to about seven hundred and fifty million dollars per year.

He believes that for businesses to succeed in today’s markets, they ought to synchronize modern technological advancements in their daily operations.

One of the things that have set IQ Group apart from other firms of its caliber is its ability to deliver services in a way that is unique to it. It is by applying these principles in life that we, also can become successful.

According to QBuzz, to give back to society, Vijay Eswaran helps people struggling with life reach a place of financial fulfillment. He does this through global lectures. Besides, he has also authored many books that educate people on how to become successful in life.

Eswaran has also been on the forefront to help humanity through his philanthropic works. Charities that have come up under his Vijay’s legacy include the Rhythm Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

These foundations advocate for human empowerment through education, success through arts and culture, and environmental protection.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Corporate Leader with a Keen Interest in Real Estate Investments

Felipe Montoro Jens is a business manager and the current chief executive of Odebrecht Properties, a company that specializes in real estate market. This company is a subsidiary of Odebrecht Infrastructure. Odebrecht Properties opened its doors in 2012. The firm on findthecompany.com focuses on the mobilization of capital, project development, and management of public and private assets.

Jens’ work history

Odebrecht Properties provides services such as maintenance, security, and hospitality to clients. Jens is also the CEO of Energipar Captacao S.A. He is also the senior finance officer and the head of investments at Odebrecht Company. Jens is the president of Concessionaria do Centro. He also worked as the director of Braskem S.A, Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos, and Santo Antonio Energia. Throughout his career, he has worked with professionals, such as Luciano Nitrini Guidolin, Paulo Alan Ma, Adriana Chaves Juca Rolim, and Oliveira Lacerda De Melo. Working with these professionals has enabled him to garner significant professional experience on checkdirector.co.uk.

Jens’ educational background and board membership

Felipe Montoro Jens graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in history and Spanish. Later on, Jens obtained a master’s degree in Health Promotion. Jens has a BA degree from Fundao Getlio Vargas and a master’s degree in international management. He is also a graduate of Thunderbird business school.

Jens serves on various boards of the Odebrecht Group of companies. He is a longstanding board member of Odebrecht Infra Estrutura and the Arboreoland Empreendimentos at http://relationshipscience.com/felipe-montoro-jens-p24643181. Additionally, Jens is also a member of the board of Odebrecht Energia, Odebrecht Transport, and Odebrecht Ambiental. He is a vocal corporate leader, and he has spoken on various forums in Rio de Janeiro. Jens attended the 2011 World Economic Forum on Latin America as a guest speaker. He is a renowned philanthropist and serves on the board of Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo.

Traveling Vineyard – Make Money By Tasting Wine

Would you like to work from home? Maybe you would like to fulfill your family obligations or you are just tired with the normal routine of 9-5 job.

Obviously starting a home based business is not a walk in the park but with Traveling Vineyard, you will never regret the day that you handed over you resignation letter so as to venture into home-based business. You love wine? You can be a good taster? Then Traveling Vineyard is the perfect business for you.

Read more on Crunchbase and PRNewsWire.com.

Business model

The business model of the company is quite simple and can be managed by anyone who is has the zeal and passion of becoming a wine taster. The model emphasizes on providing adequate support to new members who express their interest in the business. Once you make an application to be part of the business, a regional leader will be assigned to you. The leader will take you through everything that you need to know about the business and you will be free to ask any questions which will be answered.

After you have acquired enough information about the pillars of this business, you will now get into the Tasting Room. This is an online training platform that covers everything about the company. You will learn about the company’s wines, how to do tasting and how to grow your business. The training does not end there, Traveling Vineyard organizes other events such as an annual Harvest conference and regional events. These events provide chance for Wine Guides to meet so that they can get further training, address their challenges and also have some fun.


Traveling Vineyard has a number of benefits that members can enjoy. You will be getting good financial returns by having fun with your business. With tends to bring happiness meaning that that all through the business, you will never have a dull moment. Given that it is a home business, you will be free to plan and arrange for your day. Wine Guides never walk alone! They get immense support from the company. The company is active on major social media platforms where thousands of followers share their experiences. These social media pages also provide a communication platform between the company and other people.

Reference: http://www.slideshare.net/ricklibby

The Good Side of the Devos Family

According to a report released recently, Dick and Betsy DeVos have become acquainted with criticism and attention especially for the large political donations they make to the Republican Party. Over their entire life, the Devos family has given over $139 million to charitable causes. This makes their political contributions pocket change. According to a report by the federal government, Betsy and Dick DeVos made a donation of $5.3 million in the form of campaign donations in the year 2015. On the other hand, the family made a donation of $11.5 million to charity organizations in the year 2015.


The Family has been involved in the Republican Party politics for a while. In the year 2015, the larger Devos family made a contribution of $104 million to charity donations. This meant that the family became the 24th most generous family by the Forbes Magazine. This also meant that the family had spent a quarter of their wealth on donation. The family has an estimated wealth of $5.2 billion, and it is estimated that they have donated more than $1.33 billion. Betsy DeVos has a Dutch descent as his father was Edgar Prince who was also a notable philanthropist.


A recent report showed that the family allocated over $3 billion to educational causes in the year 2015. This meant that the family used 26 percent of their donations to education. At the same time, 3 percent of their donations was driven towards education reforms. The family said that they made this donation as they felt that the current system was underachieving in the fulfillment of the American Dream. The family feels that despite some teachers and administrators dedicating their life to children’s education, there is still room for improvement.


Some of the beneficiaries of this fund include the Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids that received 50 grand, the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning that received 25 grand, the Ferris State University Big Rapids that received 100 grand as well as West Michigan Aviation College that received 315 grand and Northwood University Midland that benefited with 200 grand. Other than education, the couple also supports art and culture. In the year 2015, they spent over $2. 4 million on the agenda. This makes it 21 percent of their donations. The good thing about their donations is that there are no strings attached. There is no specification on how their money should be spent.


Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan 67 years ago. He holds a degree from Northwood University where he majored in business administration. He also holds honorary doctorates from several institutions such as Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University.


He has been involved with Amway Corporation since the year 1974. During this period, he has held several positions such as president, chief executive officer, and senior vice president. He has also worked with the Orlando Magic.

Hussain Sajwani- A renowned Businessman and CEO DAMAC Properties

The road to success is always met with some obstacles on the way. Fortunately, some people have always lived to tell the tale. Hussain Sajwani is an excellent example of an individual who started from scratch. To start with, Mr. Sajwani was quite ambitious, and he had a keen interest in business. Hence, during his tender age, Mr. Hussain decided to venture into the food business.

Mr. Sajwani ventured into the food business during the 1980’s. Luckily, his food company was blessed with two broad categories of clients. His primary clients were among the corporate individuals in the United Arab Emirates as well as the United States Army. The United States Army was served by Mr. Sajwani’s company during the operation known as a desert storm. By operating with clients such as the United States Army, Mr. Sajwani’s business portfolio became more admirable.

As a freshman in the field of business, Mr. Sajwani had always declared that in the food business, one could only make millions but not billions. But as for Mr. Sajwani, he was ambitious and always dreamt of being a billionaire one day. Hence, as intelligent as he was, he seized the opportunity of always dealing with corporate clients. Through establishing a form of friendship with corporate clients, he was able to gain many important friends and also on an international basis.

In his pursuit of making famous friends, he luckily came across Mr. Donald Trump, the new US President-elect. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Hence, since both Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani were both ambitious, they became good friends. As for Hussain Sajwani, apart from dealing in the food business, he also decided to venture into the real estate business. As a result of venturing into the real estate business, Mr. Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties. By launching DAMAC Properties, Mr. Sajwani now had something in common with Mr. Trump-they were now both dealing in the real estate business.

Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani have been friends since time immemorial. As of now, Trump is now in office, and his service is to the American citizens. Hence, Mr. Sajwani will now be venturing into business with Trump’s children. Besides, the relationship between Mr. Sajwani and Mr. Trump has revolutionized the real estate industry. The two have partnered in projects such as building a golf resort.

Truly, when it comes to the utilization of resources as well as practical skills, Mr. Hussain Sajwani has been able to achieve a lot. Besides, his relationship with corporate people such as Donald Trump has helped him thrive in sectors such as real estate.

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As President Trump was celebrating his victory at his resort; mar-a-Lago in Florida, one of the people he acknowledged was Hussain Sajwani and his family. In his speech, Trump said, “Hussain and the whole family, the most beautiful people, are here from Dubai tonight. And they’re seeing it and they’re loving it.” For those not aware, Hussain Sajwani is one of the people who have extensively engaged with President Trump in business. Particularly his company DAMAC properties has dealt with Trump’s company; Trump organization. For example, the two organizations worked together to build the Trump International Course in Dubai. This is one of the largest and most beautiful golf clubs in the world.



As the new president, Trump’s glorious business may pose a conflict of interest for him. However, his partners such as Hussain Sajwani feel that Trump’s presidency is a good thing for Trump Organization and for his business associates. Hussain Sajwani hopes to continue doing business with Trump’s family despite the fact that they have not had any talks about the matter so far. He has interacted with Trump’s children Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric all of who have adequately represented the company at various international business ventures.



Hussain Sajwani is one of the richest and most influential businessmen in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Middle East at large. He founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 with its headquarters in Dubai. This was after working in the food industry for quite a long time. Since its inception, DAMAC Properties has grown to be one of the largest real estate companies in the Middle East. Through extensive research, creativity and innovation, DAMAC Properties has managed to come up with impressive, unique and high quality private and commercial properties. Being a jovial and outgoing person, Hussain Sajwani has made friends with prominent people which is one of the reasons why he has managed to grow his company that much.



Hussain is a major supporter of government projects in the UAE. He was one of the major donor during the Ramadhan initiative to feed and clothe needy children where he made a contribution of AED two million. His company has also launched an initiative to house the homeless people in his country. He is not only a good businessman but also a very generous man.


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How San Diego Business Leader Brian Bonar Proves The City Is A Great Place For Entrepreneurs

Each year something a little strange and wonderful happens in the city of San Diego. People come from many of the country’s corners and many of those people are dressed in elaborate costumes that are meant to call to mind of some of the world’s most celebrated and imaginary icons.

These people, known as cosplayers, spend time designing, sewing, embroidering and painting their costumes and themselves to look like characters as commonplace as Superman and Batman.

Many other cosplayers create costumes that are meant to pay homage to characters like Marvel comic book superhero Storm, the ring-wielding guardian Green Lantern and the zombie-fighting and apocalypse-surviving sword fighter Michonne of the Walking Dead. Cosplayers also come to the world-renown convention to pay homage to the sorts of characters that many comic book and film enthusiasts love to hate: villains.

There are people who have learned to perfect the vivid red manic smile of Batman’s arch-nemesis The Joker and the pigtails of his accomplice Harley Quinn who both recently starred in the DC film Suicide Squad.

Oftentimes many people can be seen walking through the halls of the large comic convention dressed as the icon villain Darth Vader from the film franchise Star Wars. They can also be seen dressed in the distinctive green dress and pink rabbit-eared hat of the lovable antagonist of the wildly popular family cartoon comedy Bob’s Burgers who is known as Louise Belcher.

San Diego is not just a home for people who have a deep affinity for comic books though. It is also a place where people who have a wide range of business interests can find a community of welcoming enthusiasts that they can learn from and grow with.

San Diego local Bonar is one of these people. While it is not certain that you will run into Bonar if you attend the San Diego Comic Con, you will definitely come to know him if you are involved the city’s flourishing business services sector or its restaurant sector. Brian Bonar is a member of the senior leadership of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

He also lends his many years of experience to the company Truecept where he is the company’s most senior leadership officer. Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept are both involved in delivering crucial services to other businesses.

Some of these services involve offering the kinds of insurance that companies offer to the people that they hire, the technologies that they depend on to be able to get the paychecks that their staff have earned from their work into their hands in a timely manner and the capacity to help companies that need qualified professionals to fill an opening while they spend time looking for a long-term team member to fill the role permanently. Bonar has also invested in a local restaurant known as Bellamy’s.

Targeting Higher Investment Banking with Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a tactic for one to become successful. The bank has particular sections that simply deal with investment banking. Obtaining adequate capital to fund other organization so as to start a better business set is investment banking. Through expertise, professional consultants and strategic plans us needed if one wants to start investment banking.

Investment banking also includes buying, rebuilding and bonding companies. The banking must have the investor and the association when having meetings. If one is set on taking the trail of investment he or she requires an expertise on banking strategies. Their main job is to show the market environs also to counsel you where to begin.

Martin Lustgarten has adequate knowledge on banking due to the years he has spent working in the industry. He is the founder and the CEO of Investment Banking Firm. Through international banking it what’s inspires him mostly, the desire he had in exploring his wealth in many countries all over through investment. Separately from international banking he as well listens to small companies from place to place. Martin Lustgarten is situated in Austria and also Venezuela.

He constantly has desires to recognize new market styles that enable him to obtain a lot of chances in the field of investment. Separately from concentrating on his business, he also devotes his time to counsel young upcoming investors and clients who see him as their role model. Various customers in his company are entrepreneurs, huge companies, prominent people and investors. Assisting people to attain their goals in business enables him to target high in attaining them.

He precisely gives vital guidance and assistance to his customers. He makes sure that his customers’ needs come first and served well. Through conducting his clients and treating them well they constantly come back for more advice.

More visit: https://twitter.com/mlustgarten2